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    posted a message on A small but efficient use for dead bushes. [We have 100 Supporters!!!] Give those darn things a use!
    I support, because spawning in a desert sucks in minecraft, until you find a forest. at least you can make sticks early.
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    posted a message on Faction Tips and Tricks?
    just don't play factions. it will ruin your life.
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    posted a message on No more need for mods: The Minecraft Custom commands! [Make custom mobs and items with Resource Packs]
    Note the 3 commands are in 1 suggestion because they are related to each other, otherwise this would be a wishlist.

    Custom Minecraft
    Never need your mods again!


    Hey everyone! I have finally got back on the Minecraft Forum, and I have decided to make a new suggestion that I hope many of you will love.

    3 new commands to customize Minecraft to YOUR EXTENT using resource packs!



    this last command doesn't need a resource pack.


    /CustomItem will be able to make an item, you may need some knowledge to make it animate.

    /customitem <name> <PNG File in resource pack you have on> [tool: true or false] [ if true, what type ] [durability if tool] [highest it can mine]

    I forgot to note 2 things, this might have to be like /testfor where it only works with command blocks, due to how long the command can be, that is an example of the syntax. On the other hand, you will need the resource pack on for this to work. let's say I wanted to make a fire pickaxe. I would name the file in the resource pack to "firepickaxe.png". the spaces in the name are _ and also, the <> are required! the [] are not.

    /customitem Fire_Pickaxe firepickaxe.png true pickaxe 100 obsidian

    It will spawn an item called Fire Pickaxe that can mine anything obsidian and below, which means it cannot break bedrock. ( ._. ) and Bedrock is the only thing it cannot break. (except maybe command blocks and barriers...?)

    /CustomMob can spawn a mob to your extent, not Herobrine though, I can get to that.

    /custommob <skin type like Zombie has a different skin format in textures than players, so if I used the Char.png with a zombie skin, the char.png head shows on the zombie's butt.> <PNG file it uses> [hostile: true or false or neutral, neutral means hostile when attacked] [health] [tamed if wolf or ocelot: true or false]

    so if I wanted a Giant that looked like a skeleton, I would do:

    /custommob Giant skeleton.png true 20

    It will spawn a giant skeleton that is hostile and has 20 health. (10 hearts)

    Idea by: JonSM

    Editing Mobs

    /custommob create "Bob" - creates a mob called Bob
    /custommob set health "Bob" 10 - sets Bob's health to 10
    /custommob get health "Bob" - prints Bob's health
    /custommob spawn "Bob" - creates an instance of Bob

    /CustomPlayer is like the NPC plugin, but can have more features.

    /customplayer <name of player, Steve if name is invalid, if name is valid the player will be the player's skin> [health] [boss: true or false] [hostile: true, false, or neutral] [cape: valid names are mc2011 mc2012 mc2013 or mojang. these are if the player should have a cape. the "mc" means MineCon.]

    Well, I'm not sure how all of this would work, but this could add the re-implementation of Humans. this could be something to add with the Name Changing coming up, I know these three commands can be hard to code, and I understand if the idea isn't good, so thank you if support.

    I also understand if this could cause lag. I hate it too. I just thank you guys if you support.

    // ZelefantPlaysMC_22
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    posted a message on Oh no.... not a creeper... *kills creeper* TNT!
    Don't mind the funny title. this thread is suggesting maybe give creepers a Rare chance at dropping TNT?
    I mean there is no pointing going around killing 100 creepers just to explode one thing. I think creepers should have this. if you support, please click that little arrow at the bottom of the screen :)

    if you don't support, please tell me why in the comments. I could get some good feedback from it :D

    EDIT: If you rep this post you get your face pictured down there v

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    posted a message on Minecon Location 2014
    I want it for California, even though I don't live there. many people live on the West Coast (I live on east coast).
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    posted a message on /setblock command help
    Quote from DennisK

    I want to make a zombie with a higher follow distance with the /summon command. Please help!
    Wrong place.

    Welcome to MCF.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Player Skulls -- Secret skulls await!
    Hello everyone! if you have been playing 1.4 + you have probably saw SethBling's "Player Skulls" MCEdit filter.
    In the video, he feature's FVDisco's head and EthosLab's head.

    If you haven't heard, Mojang has kept some secret Players made by them that have Special skins. these skins make a head, but you can make it a mob head. lets just say you want a Villager Head. To do that, the player's name has to be "MHF_Villager" without the quotes. here is a list of the things you can make:


    this makes a wooden plank with an arrow pointing up




    Put cobble around it first!


    Arrow to da right


    Go down that hole....




    Fireballs are not tolerated here.


    No trading right now.



    that's all I know of right now. if you have perms to do /I on a server, you can do /I playerhead 1 player:<Player IGN>. thanks for reading. I hope you use these heads in an adventure map or something! :D
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    posted a message on SkyDoesMinecraft: Fame or Lame?
    Basically SkyDoesMinecraft is a brain-washing device to make people think gold is better than diamond and its what I put in my waffles, and make some stupid retarded mob in the game is the most evil thing in the game. even my friend got brainwashed by him, but he's getting his memory back. another of my friends are saying Herobrine took his gold, which I KNOW isn't true. Herobrine isn't real, unless you have the mod. I'm happy TruMU and Deadlox weren't brainwashed(were they...?). I got brainwashed for about a month, then remembered thething you put on waffles was gold.
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    posted a message on Problem with 1.7 Biome update
    So...? o.O
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    posted a message on Mods can be turned off temporarily!
    SUP PEOPLE! I have been looking through all these really cool mods and then after Im like.... I need to turn this thing off. if your installing the mod manually, it takes 4ever to install, and can mess up yo' Minecraft.

    So I bring you.... the mod switch!

    this can be an option in your "Options" menu that allows you to turn off and turn on mods that you have installed. if you install a mod, no need to delete it if you don't want it.

    Sadly, it won't be able to update any mods... (unless using the new launcher)

    if you support this, please click the green arrow at the bottom of the screen ;)

    Have you just installed a mod? don't want it? just click the mod switch!

    Wait.... too fast... wut

    ok... ill go slower this time. if you have just installed a mod and want to turn it off without having to re-install it, this is for you.

    Uhhhh..... I still don't really hear you....Wut

    ughhhhh... just read my post a trillion times....

    If you support, thank you! :)
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