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    Hey Noppes, I saw the new Furniture in the Custom NPCs, I was wondering if it would be possible to make something where you can sit down in a chair and the guy next to you could start his dialogue a bit later after sitting. That could pretty cool. and I'm not sure how to hide redstone blocks, could you help? all I can see for hiding it would be to place a door or redstone or something in the block, so its not as noticeable to players within the proximity range. anyways, thanks for making this :D I really think this should be added to vanilla. I love your mod and hope it continues to the end of Minecraft :)
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    I want the server system back.....

    i was famous on a creative server for this. please!!!!
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    Maybe Java could make a block for the name tag code. that could work.
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    Quote from IronGolem001»
    How by getting into Minecon could get you a cape? You need any sort of code so you can get a cape after Minecon?

    Info from a person at Minecon.
    1. Buy tickets, which is the most difficult thing in your life.
    2. Wait until the month they are doing it.
    3. Mojang shall send you an email saying "Thanks for buying a Minecon Ticket! We hope to see you there! in the meantime, enjoy these capes on your skin.
    4. Click one of the links (depending on the number of tixkets you bought)
    5. Login to Minecraft.net and you GET IT!
    6. That's not all tho, if you have Show Cape OFF in settings for minecraft, turn it on or you and others cant see it.
    7. Prepare for noobs saying "you went to minecon?"

    Congrats you have the cape! but it costed $109 USD each.....
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    Support, this would make all those nasty squid wards a use from now on.
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    Quote from ryanmatt123_»
    lollipop89101112 please be member? Thanks!

    Just noting you just have to put your name, because there is no chance of not getting member unless a staff misses your post, which is rare. I'm not a staff on mcsg, just noting though that ^
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    fortunately, Bill Gates codes real life (aomehow) and removes them all.
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    I think that if Enderman were to drop another item, they'd have to drop a seperate item from Eyes of Ender. Maybe they could drop Enderman Eyes more commonly and Ender pearls less commonly, Enderman Eyes would be able to be combined with Blaze Powder to make Eyes of Ender, and Enderman eyes could be used in the brewing of Blindness potions.

    Great idea. that would be kinda better to meet the needs of the players who didn't support.
    86.93% support. Can you explain the drop rate? 0.025%? 0.5%?

    "This makes the nether unnecessary to travel to the end"

    Well the priest sells Ender Eyes

    " Are you suggesting a new item or making endermen drop eye of ender? "

    Get it. Even I say them Ender Eyes. (Weird huh?)

    You got as great point. that kinda answers people's questions too. and it would probs be 5% or 20%. and also I'm pretty sure every village has 1 priest, and you might have golden apples by the time you make a nether portal. so you just need a blaze (1) and nether wart and you have the things needed to cure zombification. so you get them. and ender eyes, I agree. I say it more. etho sayz it more. MindCrack says it more
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    posted a message on [1.8] I am disappointed.
    Guys, if you don't like this update, you don't like it. you don't have to get chatty on the forums about it. all you have to do is hope for the best in 1.9 and 1.10. And if you think it was bad and you wanted a certain feature added that wasnt added, either DEALWITIT or INSTALL A MOD THAT HAS WHAT YOU WANT. I hope you guys get that.

    Staff please lock. this thread is out if hand now.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Minecraft-Youtubers Mod [v0.6] (added SuperGirlyGamer, Aureylian, and Vechs)

    1. "hey dudes! Steven here today!"

    2. RPG stuff, like an item could assign you a quest that you complete to get an item.

    3. Summons Villagers, plus summons tamed wolves

    4. Snowy Dungeon (his mod reviews are done in snow a lot)

    5. Elderly Steven

    6. he loves wolves.
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    posted a message on SCMowns Server V2 - Minecraft 1.6.4 [New Discord Launched 2020!]
    Steven is definitly the best YouTuber I seen since DanTDM.
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    Quote from flaminghawk83»
    Um, what are you talking about? Are you talking about adding a new item called ender eyes, or them dropping eyes of ender?

    Quote from trollsack»
    No support.

    I'm a little bit confused. Are you suggesting a new item called Ender Eyes or are you suggesting that they sometimes drop Eyes of Ender? I don't support this because you are supposed to go to the Nether and kill blazes in order to craft the Eyes of Ender.

    Eyes of ender. and technically The lore behind it is kinda what Alexcamostyle said. hey drop their eyes rarely if killed
    Quote from Alexcamostyle»
    I'm a bit torn with this suggestion. Endermen should drop their own eyes, in my opinion. But Mojang made it so you have to go into the Nether in order to get into the End for a reason.

    Half support

    Well it kinda makes sense for this to happen, cuz on multiplayer, only 1 person really needs to go to the end and kill the dragon and then they can tell everyone who joins the coordinates and then, well yea it's just chaos in the end. so really the chaos is just gonna happen with this suggestion anyway. so what is really the point to me. it's either chaos or chaos.

    just sayin.
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    posted a message on [1.8] I am disappointed.
    Quote from BigGrayGolem»
    I can't find anyone saying anything about OptiFine shutting down. Looks like .

    This is why you need shovels in Minecraft... to dig through people's made-up crap.

    it was an old post. what it MEANT to say was they were removing the cape system for optifine. that is what they are shutting down.
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    posted a message on [1.8] I am disappointed.
    Quote from xilefian»

    No they are not shutting them down, the capes are Optifine clients only and Mojang are okay with cosmetic paid-for items, not to mention Optifine is a mod, not a server, so the server pay-for-items EULA agreement doesn't apply here.

    The capes for Optifine will return, it's a very simple client-side modification to do so there's no technical reason for the capes to not be in the next Optifine version.

    They are shutting it down, but are adding to the game...

    edit: did not read your 2 last posts. that is kinda wat I meant tho, you cant have a cape unless Mojang made the cape.
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    posted a message on [1.8] I am disappointed.
    You guys are missing the whole point of 1.8... i agree, what's the point of armory stands, or red sandstone... but the real biggest 2 points of 1.8 are the Name Changing and the Slime Blocks, who knows where RPG servers could be going... who knows how long until the pistons will push more than 12 blocks... Slime blocks and name changing are technically the main features of 1.8...

    and by the way, Mojang is shutting down optifine. Mojang controls minecraft, they can add any mods they want to it. the Optifine creator was just a mean kid who wanted money by giving away "capes" that they are free capes with cape mods like MCCapes... then people started scamming it... so Mojang wants to stop that, so they are shutting down Optifine.
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