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    posted a message on | 13+ Games | 100% CUSTOM PANEL | SSDs | Unlimited Slots | DDoS Protection | INSTANT Modpacks | 5 Locations
    I have been using nodecraft for a long time now and i must say they have been amazing!

    Their customer support is one of the best i have seen! They reply to you quickly and help solve your problem or question to the best of their abilities. They are always willing to help with any problems their clients have!

    The new NodePannel is my favourite control panel out there! It has a cool style, everything can be found in one place and its easy to use!

    The servers are great as well, i don't experience lag on the server and it runs smoothly.

    In my opinion NodeCraft is the best minecraft server host out there!
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    posted a message on Zelcraft

    My server (Zelcraft) has different things that you can do on it.

    On the server you can do:

    Spleef: Currently there are 9 different spleef arenas for you to choose from! No shovels or tools are required to break the blocks and the arena is fixed straight after each match!

    Gun-fire: Gun-fire is a mini game that is only in zelcraft. But what is it? Gun-fire is a game where you are given guns and then sent into the arena (arena has been made to look like a town) and fight the other players in the arena. (default guns are: Type 95, Python/knife and flash bangs. More weapons can be acquired in other ways)

    Survival: You can be sent into the wilderness to survive. How will you survive? With friends?

    Parkour: Parkour is a new feature so if you go to it and only find 1 or 2 maps, it is because the others are still being built.

    All The players that have played on zelcraft have loved the server and said it is great.
    But not enough people know about the server! So join the server! spread the word! And YOU! could become a Zelcrafter today!

    Server website:

    Server IP:
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    posted a message on I don't know what host to use for my server.
    Hey guys.

    i have got 2 servers and both use server crafters and this host is very good. It supplies a dedicated server with a good amount of RAM for a cheap price.

    But i am looking for any other hosts and if there is a better one i should use.

    The server i am hoping for is to have:

    around 28-32 players

    A dedicated server

    Not over priced

    Easy to use

    mini games such as: Spleef, pvp, gun pvp and more (i know how to get the mini games working very well)


    and a god host in general

    please respond with a server host you recommend and why.

    thanks :Sheep:
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    posted a message on I have too much wood and no clue what to do with it...
    You could possibly use all the wood to improve your home.

    for example: build it taller, add more rooms, make it more fancy, etc
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