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    Quote from Gigidyyy

    Why does black always come out as green in the map?
    Because of inadequate color mapping, mostly. Minecraft maps can only display so many colors, and that dark green is the darkest color, so it gets mapped to black when the image is generated.
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    Quote from prioronion

    If anyone wants both modular force field system and machine muse's modular power suits use this config it works!

    [cut an entire config file]

    Dude. Use spoilers.
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    Quote from sarnow

    One other question, is the wireless modem on the right side or the left side of the wireless mining turtle? I get the msg no modem on right side.
    If you look at a turtle when you place it, the spot with the bump where there's a line across? That's the chest on the *back* of the turtle. Typically a mining turtle's pick is on the right side, so adding a modem will put the modem on the left side. That's why Dire wrote his code (that he showed us!) to say "left" instead of the usual. If you're not sure, look for the back of the turtle, and from there you should be able to figure out which side the modem is on. Or just change the code from "right" to "left" and see if that works.
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    Quote from totte1015

    HOW THE **** ­ DID YOU DO THE PROGRAM ON "Season 5 - Episode 22 Upgrades + Peat"????????????????????

    Really bad showing of the program, you just basically explained alot of ****­ that only previous experience with programming has


    I'm going to guess that's the bucket filler turtle? Check the OP, under the spoiler marked "COMPUTER CRAFT CODE" in big, bold, blue letters.

    What you write into the turtle is -- and this is incredibly difficult...

    pastebin get VjMEWPDc startup

    Then you reboot the turtle and walk away.
    Alternately, you could read the code at the Pastebin document linked in the OP, while looking up ComputerCraft and MiscPeripherals, and learn what that stuff means.
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    Quote from Smoukks

    Hi guys, I do not speak English (Google Translate).
    My minecraft version 1.5.2, how to write a text or picture to put on the card?
    I'm trying to do, but I did not get! I still have the same map that was! What do I do? Thanks!

    I'm not certain if this is true, but could the file format for maps change between Minecraft versions? I doubt this is so, but it is possible. Perhaps if you start with text of a certain color in the software, and test if that works?

    I do know that most texture files have changed between 1.4.7 and 1.5.1. I'm not sure how that affects maps. I also know that there may be other changes in 1.6.

    Perhaps because this tool is older, it is less useful at this time? I don't know. Have you read some of this thread, to see if others have given help using the program? I hope you can succeed.
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    Quote from JesseTL16

    Hello Dire Fans. I am working on the DW official mining machine.

    I have pastebin'ed all of the codes but the computer(with attached wireless modem on the right side) is not communicating with the Turtles (all wireless and with ruby picks) I cant quite figure out why the computer isnt talking with the turtles. the id's are all identical to dires "22, 23, 24...37" I found a couple different pastebins for the turtle programs they are running and neither are responding to the computer.

    My ideas:
    1. i didnt set an id for the computer that the turtles are expecting. In this case what is the id for the computer?
    2. For some reason this is working incorrectly with ruby pick mining turtles instead of diamond. Is this possible?
    3. The computer is too far away. In dires vid its 5 blocks away in mine its 7. However i dont believe there is a distance limit.

    the frames are all black like they are in a world with no lighting even when the sun is out. possibly a quirk of the age but they didnt start out like that.

    Hopefully one of the more seasoned dire fans can help me debug this. Let me know what information you need from me if i didnt provide it.

    The computer's label (what you set) and ID number (set by the game when the computer is placed in the world, and can change if there's no label on it when you break the computer) are different things. I suggest instead of sending to a specific list of computers, you try a broadcast message. Then all computers in range will hear it, instead of just the selected ones. They should still respond properly.

    The code is: rednet.broadcast('message')
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    Quote from SoloUno

    Anyone have any clue where to find the Attack code for the turtles he used in EP 17 in the Blaze Farm?

    Check the OP to see if Dire added it to his list of Pastebinned turtle code. If not, it's really, really simple:

    while true do

    If you want to be fancy, you can have the turtle check to see if something is in front of it before attacking. You don't need that, necessarily, but it could be useful if you have a lot of them and you don't want to update the renderer too much and cause render lag. Though that would take a LOT of turtles.

    while true do
    if turtle.detect() then
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    It seems Dire could use some help with his enchants and anvil usage.

    First, two extremely useful enchantments:
    Looting has been proven to increase rare mob drops, including wither skeleton skulls. This applies to mob drops of all kinds, across all mobs. You don't have to kill ten thousand zombies to get a carrot or potato anymore!
    Vorpal: does anyone remember the vorpal sword from the poem "Jabberwocky"?
    One, two! One, two! And through and through
    The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
    He left it dead, and with its head
    He went galumphing back.

    In other words, a vorpal enchant cuts heads off. Its usefulness should be obvious.

    Now the anvil mechanics:
    As lots of people commenting on the videos have been saying, due to a flaw in anvil mechanics, the actual cost of a recipe is not taken into account. So repairing anything requires four of the stuff it's made from (a diamond sword would require four diamonds, not two, to be repaired fully). This is expensive and wasteful for swords in particular. However, an item of the same type, made of the same material, will provide a much bigger repair boost. You can fully repair a diamond sword if you use a diamond sword as the repair material. Not only that, but enchantments will be combined. So those weapons with "bad" enchants? You can often use them to repair weapons with good enchants, boosting the enchantments.

    However, an anvil has a chance of wearing down in quality over time. Each time you repair an item, your anvil has a chance of degrading to one of lesser quality, or breaking altogether. A full-quality anvil can repair all kinds of things and combine all sorts of enchants. Unfortunately, anvils have an experience cap, and won't let you repair or combine anything with a high experience cost; that cap gets smaller as the anvil degrades, meaning you can't make things as good as you used to. RedPower to the rescue! Throw your worn-out anvil into an alloy furnace to recover some iron, and make yourself a new anvil with it. As you surely recall, you'll need a total of 31 iron ingots; not that expensive for what the anvil enables you to do.
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    Ulterios! Semper Ultra! (Further! Always Best!)

    Announcing Ultratech, the extreme technology mod!

    Do you ever feel like Industrial Craft just doesn't go far enough? Like most tech mods limit themselves to a couple of nice feature sets and never reach for more? We go further, all the way to things so small they can't be known!

    Did you ever want to ride through the air in a flying car or an alien saucer? How about piloting your own giant robot armor? We're designing them now!

    Do you think Endermen (or other mobs) are underused? How about having Endermen who actually build things, instead of move stuff around randomly! We'll be adding a good handful of new mobs, with their own abilities and behaviors.

    Wouldn't you like robots that think for themselves? Taming rogue robots, having your own go rogue from loneliness, having to feed your nanobots lest they devour you and your world to fuel themselves?

    How about an emulated CPU so simple you could build it in redstone? We'll have that, just for fun!

    Wouldn't you like to take your energy supplies to the furthest limit there is? How about some supercapacitors, fusion cells, neutronium seeds, and quantum singularities? What if you could build a giant power storage facility to go with your nuclear-powered steam turbines? Say hello to vanadium flow batteries, everyone!

    And of course, with nanotech comes things like super-medicines and matter generation. With singularities and gravitic technology come new kinds of portals and dimensional travel. And aliens.

    For server owners, we'll have configs that let you turn off some of the overpowered items and machines, like mecha-powered impact hammers, various superbombs, gravity swords that destroy any armor in one hit, and super-suits that give you crazy powers like flight and electrical attacks. You'll also be able to configure various effects and events, like nuclear radiation, nuclear mutants, and mob sieges that get triggered when certain actions occur.

    Mod team members so far:
    * Zeeth_Kyrah - Designer, the man with the plan
    * dmillerw - Coder, master of the pattern
    Others may be added in due course. If you're interested, apply within. We currently need a second coder (dmillerw is very busy with school) and a texture artist. You will be asked to provide examples of your work!

    Resources added:
    Dug from the ground -
    * Copper (of course)
    * Tin (as usual)
    * Zinc (getting different, here!)
    * Tungsten
    * Vanadium
    * Uranium
    * Sapphire and Ruby
    * Light and Dark Opal

    Crafted (through alloy smelting) -
    * Brass (Copper and tin)
    * Bronze (Copper and zinc)
    * Steel (Carbon dust and iron)
    * Vanadium bricks (Vanadium dust with a brick mold)
    * Tungsten steel (Guess, guys)
    * Purified silicon (Like RP2's silicon boules, just different)
    * Glass fiber (for fiber optics and fiberglass, requires a steel drawplate)
    * Carbon fiber (for certain advanced materials, not just carbon plates; requires a diamond drawplate)
    * Various forms of uranium, from raw ore to yellow cake

    There are no new plants or other worldgen currently planned, but as this mod is extreme pre-alpha and resource needs are still being planned, that may change before release.

    Power system data:
    We're currently basing our energy system on Universal Electricity, but I've been feeling that this may not fit the desired aesthetic, so it may change. I hope not to have to, but we'll see.
    Power generation - blocks
    * Hand-cranked generator, for all your boredom's clickspam needs.
    * Solar panel, giving you free energy if you want to wait on it
    * Steam generator - This isn't your daddy's coal-based generator, but it still uses burnables to make power.
    * Steam turbine - Because you're worth it. This turbine will be used with several forms of steam generation, including nuclear power.
    * Magnetic-confinement fusion (The good old Tokamak design!)
    * Laser-pulsed fusion
    * Neutronium radiotherm
    * Singularity containment unit (SCU)

    Power generation - items
    * Portable fusion cell - If you want to keep feeding it deuterium cells
    * Neutronium seed - Self-regenerating energy, but don't ever drain it completely!

    Power storage - blocks
    * Battery box - A literal box to put your batteries, charged or uncharged. It will attempt to balance the charges of all batteries placed inside, changing the overall amount of energy stored when it comes in or goes out.
    * Vanadium flow battery - Consisting of charge urns and an ion exchange membrane. The ion exchange membrane has a pump inside it, and will always try to keep the charges of urns next to it in balance. Note that it only works if it has urns on two sides. Charge urns on opposite sides of the membrane are not compatible, having positive or negative values; if they touch, they will balance their charges and lose all the energy you've stored up in them!

    Power storage - items
    * Carbon battery - Unlike IC2's carbon batteries (that nobody seems to use), these are rechargeable.
    * Battery pack - Power you can carry with you. Chargeable in a battery box. While not actually wearable, this will help keep your power tools charged.
    * Capacitor - Stores only a low charge, but dumps it quickly unlike a chemical battery.
    * Supercapacitor - Needs a high energy level to charge it, but stores a lot more power. Used in all improved power tools.

    New fuel-like items (can't be burned in a normal furnace)
    * Oxygen tank - You can perform hydrolysis, after all.
    * Hydrogen tank - Don't cook this!
    * Hydrogen cell - Stores less H2, but won't explode.
    * Deuterium cell - To feed your fusion devices.
    * Singularity drive - Containment guaranteed only for specific uses.

    Videos and images:
    None yet, just saving this space. :)

    Post editing log:
    * Oct 24 - Changed title. 1.4 is almost here, and there are features in it that will be very useful for this mod.
    * Oct 31 - Added uranium to resources list.
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    Quote from Kal Choedan

    Barrels cost marginally more, but looking at the raw material cost and space alone is missing the other key factor: you simply can't overstate the benefit of being able to contain all that storage in a single block. You have to step outside vanilla to make a comparison that includes storage in a single block as a factor, and that leads to the obvious comparison to the chests from iron chests as that is probably the most popular mod to provide that function. By that measure, barrels are ludicrously cheap. Whether or not that makes them "OP" will depend on what other mods you are using (and your personal feelings about balance - I suspect this is largely subjective.) It certainly does throw off the balance of iron chests, if you happen to be using both mods, given the significant difference in material tiering to craft equivalent storage.

    True, there is that. However, if you want to store more than one thing in barrels, you end up with a problem: having several fancy blocks (for example) suddenly requires that you have several barrels. Now, instead of one iron chest that can hold stacks of any block, you have a barrel for obsidian, one for smooth stone, one for stone brick, one each for the two forms of marble, three for your various red rock blocks (since FTB will include ExtraBiomesXL), three for basalt-based blocks... Suddenly, Iron Chests makes a whole lot more sense for storing groups of items, rather than a single substance.

    I suspect that, given time and the potential growth in popularity of Factorization as it adds content and attracts more Let's Players, we'll see more people mixing barrels and chests in their storage and sorting systems. I am content that barrels are sufficiently balanced for what they provide, even against Iron Chests.
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