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    Hello and come join the Safe Survival Experience Minecraft 1.16 Server! This is a place where we can play semi-vanilla survival Minecraft together! We have are running EssentialsX, GriefPrevention, and BetterSleeping plugins. We are in our first season of the SSE and have about 9 active members. Ages range from high school to college grads. This season will run until the 1.17 Cave and Cliffs update and then restart with a fresh new world in 1.17 for season two! There are plans for mini-games, including PvP and Sky Blocks in the future if there is enough interest and player base.

    Make sure to join the Discord first and check the roles, ranks, rules and linking information. We are a very tight knit community and love chatting on Discord while we play.

    If you're looking for a fun Semi-Vanilla Minecraft Survival Server, then SSE is the server for you! Let me know down below if you have any questions. :-)

    Discord: https://discord.gg/Yt3NgED

    To connect to survivalserver1-16.zapto.org to join the fun!

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