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    posted a message on 1.1.2 Alpha Server
    10/10 conversation guys. It features all of the following:
    -People on the internet thinking they're funny
    -People starting fights for no reason
    -People having issues with someone's opinion for no particular reason
    -People abusing large text
    -People assuming everyone is a boy, and last but not least:
    -People tripping over themselves every time a girl just so happens to exist.

    Now - lets do something productive.
    First of all, i thought that the server file is the same for every version pre 1.6 (i assume 1.6 because it changed so much)
    But it doesnt surprise me im wrong, so ill do some looking around.


    Alright - found this:
    in this thread:
    http://www.minecraft.....t-them/ The thread was pretty much useless but it did list some good ways to search, if that file doesnt work.

    That jar may not be reliable, so sorry if it's not what you want, but yeah. That's the best i could find. It's Alpha 1.2.6, according to the poster, so hopefully that works.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from erickj92

    While I'm not complaining about the speed, some of us did donate. So it's not necessarily being done for "free".

    Wrong, You gave him money, sure, but the keyword there is GAVE. As in for nothing in return. A synonym for give? Donate. Bada bing bada boom - the service is still considered free. It's like watching a street performer in a city. They'll perform no matter what, whether you DONATE money or not. If you do donate, well, you gave them money to help, but it wasnt payment for the performance. Same thing.
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    posted a message on VC's Hub of Derpy Videos
    Pretty good, honestly. The only thing that bothers me is the mic quality, but it isnt so bad I wouldn't watch your videos :)
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    posted a message on 1.7 Ruins PvP
    Quote from Owl Exterminator

    Cry about it.

    That's constructive.
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    posted a message on Eternal Night [1.6.2],[Original],[Hard],[Chaos]
    If you're seeing this message, than the server HAS NOT been launched yet. The server is planned on launching August 3rd. For convenience sake, this page was typed out as if it already exists and is public - which for the most part, it does. Even though the server hasn't been launched, feel free to post your IGN for member rank. Thanks for your patience and understanding! :)

    Welcome to the official Minecraft Forum thread of Eternal Night - A completely unique Minecraft experience unlike anything ever seen before.

    Have you ever been playing this game, doing as you do, and said to yourself: "Man, this game is just too easy!" If so, Eternal Night is for you!

    Eternal Night is a new server that strives to make this game more difficult, chaotic, and interesting. By combining assets of many different custom maps and servers, Eternal Night does just that. With the difficulty of certain custom maps, the deadly feeling of PVP+Factions servers, and the teamwork of core survival, Eternal Night is a truly new, unique, and amazing experience!

    So, what makes Eternal Night different from vanilla survival?

    Well, actually not much. It's just a lot harder.

    Imagine being in a world where the sun NEVER rises, starvation takes a toll on EVERYONE, monsters are CONSTANTLY out to kill you, and there is no jurisdiction - players are free to roam, kill, destroy, and do whatever they can to survive.

    That's Eternal Night. The world where teamwork is absolutely essential, but impossible to truly have. It truly brings out the best, and the worst, in people.

    Eternal Night has no plugins to stop PVP, griefing, etc, except for in the spawn world. Once you're in the real world, players are free to do what they will. Eternal Night was essentially just regular survival Minecraft, with 24/7 night time, on hard difficulty, it was still too easy. So we decided to kick it up a notch, by adding some features from the Extra Hard Mode plugin, we've made it truly difficult. And that's without the threat of players.

    At its heart, Eternal Night truly is just a harder survival mode. There aren't any plugins such as Factions or Towny enforcing things, although im sure players may start large groups, or factions. Im sure players will create settlements, even if it may have to be constantly defended from bandits. Im sure players will create their own little economy, or trading system, even if their isn't a set currency system.

    So, what will you do? It's up to you if you'll take the path of a friendly survivor, helping people out, and striving to create peace, or a hostile bandit, stealing, killing, and doing whatever you can to survive.

    Take your pick, you don't have long - the sun is setting, and it won't be coming back up in your life time.

    Server Info
    Eternal Night
    Coming August 3rd!
    Doesn't Currently Exist :(
    World Border:
    30k world, 15k in each direction from Spawn (0,0)

    - 24/7 Night Time: Midnight 100% of the time!
    -Hard Difficulty!
    -PVP, Griefing, Raiding, and Stealing allowed, if you desire!
    -Silk Touch works on Monster Spawners!
    -Staff playing as equally as regular players!
    -Extra Hard Mode plugin adding many twists!
    If you're the type of player that likes to find things out for themselves, than perhaps reading this list of features added by Extra Hard Mode isn't the best idea. But, i'd suggest doing so, if you want to live a little bit longer :)

    After respawn, the player won't have a full health and food bar.

    On death, a small portion of the player's inventory disappears forever.

    Torches left out in the rain will go out, falling to the ground as items.

    Environmental damage like falling, explosions, and suffocation reduces health more, and often applies temporary effects like slowness, blindness, or dizziness.

    Underground, monsters spawn even in the light (but not very close to players). This includes silverfish.

    Double monster spawns near and under sea level. Caves are now more scary than the surface, as they should be.

    Spiders are more common under sea level and randomly drop web around them when slain, potentially introducing obstacles into an ongoing combat situation. Monsters can break through web if stuck.

    Blazes spawn near bedrock in the normal world. These blazes are unstable and will explode violently when slain

    Skeletons have a chance to fire a knockback arrow or a silverfish, and your arrows will pass harmlessly through them.

    Zombies slow the player on attack, and often come back to life shortly after being slain, pushing players to rush forward into the unknown. If slain while burning, they will never re-animate.

    Witches are more common, any may appear anywhere on the surface. They use poison splash potions infrequently, preferring instead to summon henchmen, teleport, and toss explosive potions.

    Silverfish spawn underground fairly frequently, and drop cobblestone when slain.

    A portion of creepers spawn charged, and will explode with the power of TNT at the slightest touch. Get out your bow and arrow, run like hell, or get creative. Even falling from a small height may set off a charged creeper, making them truly terrifying to deal with. Be aware of your surroundings!

    When attacked, cows, chickens, and mooshrooms, will turn hostile.

    Animals aren't worth experience because it's too easy to (literally) farm them.

    All sheep are white, but may be dyed temporarily (for one shearing). Brown sheep are really just dirty white sheep, and black sheep are really just dirty brown sheep. :) This encourages players to learn how to make various dyes, and explore farming options for those dyes. It will also make some wool colors much more rare than others, since some dyes are more difficult (or impossible) to farm.

    Some plants will die, forcing players to do the math and conserve their seeds. Of course bonemeal can be used to produce more seed for wheat, but overeating can quickly reduce a carrot or potato crop. This has the effect of rebalancing food sources, encouraging players to build bigger gardens for the same output. Plants are more likely to die when planted in dry soil or in the desert.

    If snow falls on plants, it will cover them over and kill them, leaving only a lump of snow where the plant used to be.

    Melon/pumpkin seeds are not craftable, restoring their status as a rare and desirable find. Players can still "roll the dice" by breaking a full-grown stem to see if they get an extra seed back.

    Bonemeal won't work on mushrooms. Mushroom farming will be limited to the more challenging and scientific mushroom spreading mechanic (dark place with suitable head room and room for shrooms to spread).

    Nether wart isn't farmable. Instead, players can get more by killing zombie pigmen in nether fortresses.

    Breaking netherrack may spark a fire.

    Blazes drop gunpowder and glowstone dust, as well as blaze rods. They also drop fire when attacked, introducing combat obstacles.

    Zombie pigs are always hostile, because the nether isn't scary enough otherwise. When slain in nether fortresses, they reliably drop nether wart.

    Ghasts are impervious to arrows and drop 10x loot and experience when slain. Players will have to work hard to beat them, or flee in terror as fireballs explode behind them.

    The Ender Dragon respawns so that all players have a challenging common goal, and he always drops a dragon egg when killed. It makes a great trophy for the slayer's house.

    The Ender Dragon spews explosive fireballs which throw flaming shrapnel on impact. He also summons minions to his aid, making combat challenging and frenzied - forcing players to hit a moving target with arrows while simultaneously dodging fireballs and battling minions.

    NOTE: These rules will be listed in the spawn world.

    1) Use Common Sense
    2) Be Ethical
    3) No Hacking, Glitching, Exploiting, Etc
    4) Dont Ask for OP, Ranks, Commands, Permissions, or items.
    5) Dont PVP Log, Spawn Camp, Etc.
    6) No Abusing Permissions You May Have
    7) No Out of Game Scamming
    8) No L33T SP34K or ALL CAPS
    9) Staff's Word is Final
    10) Report any Rule-Breakers :)

    Make sure you don't break any of these - if you're lucky, you'll get ONE warning. Most won't be lucky. If you have questions, or dont understand a rule - ask BEFORE you try it.

    To provide basic commands
    Group Manager
    To set up ranks, commands, and permissions
    World Edit
    Enhanced building for server-related needs: NOT for casual use by staff
    World Guard
    To protect the spawn world from being destroyed
    World Border
    To stop players from exiting the 30k world
    To set apart the Spawn World and Regular World
    To rollback any griefs on the spawn world, in the 0.01% chance that this can actually happen
    To stop hackers
    To stop logging off in PVP
    Time Lock
    To set the world at midnight forever
    Extra Hard Mode
    To add a ton of features to make the game more difficult
    Allows the Silk Touch enchantment to pick up Monster Spawners
    Hostile Mobs
    Allows me to have a bit of fun with mobs and their.. peacefullness ;)

    When you first join, you are the Guest rank. If you want the Member rank, and the majority of commands that come with it, post your IGN on this thread :)


    all of the Guest commands, PLUS:
    /tpa, (/tpahere, /tpaccept, /tpdeny)

    If you're curious as to what each command does, feel free to test it out, or ask if concerned.

    Before reading any farther, all of us here at Eternal Night would like to thank you for even considering donating, even if you decide not too, or cant afford it. It really does mean a lot!

    But, before we let the payment happen, a few things need to be stated.

    First of all - you CAN and WILL be banned if you break a rule, with no refund. Just because you've put legitimate money into the server, doesn't provide you with some sort of shield against punishment. We don't put donators higher than regular players - we love all of you, as long as you behave :)

    Second of all - any donator perks can be removed if abused, without refund. (See Rule 6)

    Third of all - donations are not automatic. When the owner logs on, you can tell him that you donated, and he'll give you the perks you donated for after verifying it :)

    If for whatever reasons, these reasons bother you, then feel free to not donate. Thanks again for even considering it.

    If none of this bothered you, which it should't have, read on to find the donation info!

    Donations not currently active :)

    Thanks for reading the entire thread! :D If you have any questions, feel free to post them below. As mentioned in the Ranks section, post your Minecraft Username below for the Member rank :D

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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from AkajiFlare

    ZeChickenWing, you seem very sensible. Sp614x will likely finish today, but if he doesn't that's okay too.

    Thank you, I try to be.
    And yeah, most likely. I feel like we'll at least get a pre-release. It wouldn't be a shock if he took another day to do some fine tuning.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from Mr.OMG

    I am gonna explode. ARE YOU BLIND?

    He/she probably just missed it. To be fair, it wouldn't have hurt for them to just read the thread a bit.
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    posted a message on What is your most stupid build
    I built a giant nose, with warts and everything, like a big, pointy, one foot long nose.
    I had a button on it, and when you pressed it, lava would fall our the nostrils.
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    posted a message on Tallest Natural Cactus Contest! (get out your rulers boys)
    Is the "get out your rulers boys" a reference to what I think it is?
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