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Hello there! I'm ZeChickenWing. Or Chicken. Or Chris! Welcome to my profile! :3

I'm a hardcore gamer, you might say, a big fan of almost any genre. My favorite games would have to be Minecraft and The Legend of Zelda (Although that's a series.)

I personally consider myself a pretty chill guy, nice, friendly, etc, although I can be a bit moody, admittedly.

Anyways, like I said, i'm a big gamer, but I also make a bit of music from time to time, as well as write a lot. Short stories. That sorta thing.

I also make a ton of skins for myself. They all have the same face (As seen in my avatar) but have different bodies. Different skins for different times.

Anyways, yeah! I don't know what else to put here :3
Interests Minecraft, Video Games, Music, Writing

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