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    Quote from AppleEater01»

    As the weird looking islander keeps arguing with himself, a well decorated looking Oceanic man of the Army walks up and prepares to reply. More robots with big guns drive off the destroyer as he does so.
    "I am General Emmet. This land is within the OceanTech Sphere of Influence and was to have a permenant establishment"
    *looks at watch*
    "Today. There are three days we can deal with this. Either we..."
    • Evict you now and you run off to your homeland.
    • Kill you all.
    • Establish some sort of manufacturing deal, whereas your people have direct acces to the factories, navy ports and airbase that are on this island and belong to OceanTech.

    The man laughs to himself, a light chuckle at first, but he then breaks into a roaring fit. The OceanTech soldiers are visibly disturbed.

    The man eventually calms himself and calls to a near by construction worker. "George, get over here. Head on over to the comms station and radio the Peninsula. Tell them to send it double time..."

    "Send, uh, what sir?"

    "Just tell 'em. They'll know"

    The man in the suit then turns to the general.

    "Look here, I certainly don' have time for this, I have to build this facility from the ground up." He looks to his phone once again and smiles.

    "Giving up legally had territory is not good business practice, Mister... uh. Whatever, my superiors do not take kindly to having business threatened. If you wish to profit off of our being here then I suggest you reconsider your offer."

    Strike Group 1A receives a communique from corporate at the Peninsula and increase their speed towards the South East Island. The group contains the Byzantine Class Megacarrier the MSC Champion of Avarice along with the Dante Class Battlecruiser MSC Virgil and multiple other Dole Class Corvettes. It is rumored that Prodigal Class Submarines also travel with the strike group.





    Note the megacarrier is approx. 2000 ft long.

    Quote from Kuro»

    And with that, a radio message was sent to the Middle Sea Trading Company. "We are Ostus, we tolerate your presence near our nation however any hostility will be dealt with accordingly. We accept your offer of "profitable relationships" and wish to discuss trading deals with you." ((Awaiting response from ZeBlueDevil)).

    A message is sent back.

    "Greetings, Representatives of Ostus!

    We here at the Middle Sea Trading Company are delighted to here of your gratuitous acceptance of our nearby facilities and you may rest assured that we would do nothing to cause tensions between profitable trading partners, war is bad for business after all. As of now facilities are being set up and shipping routes determined, but as soon as those are set up within the week we will be sure to present you with the finest deals that we have to offer.

    With gratitude,
    The Foreign Affairs Division of the Middle Sea Trading Company"
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    Quote from AppleEater01»

    The OTN (Navy) arrives at the SouthEast island to lay an airstrip.

    They moor 5 of 6 destroyers and 1 gets very close to the island. A huge bridge comes out of the side of it. They spot some houses. OT MBTs roll off the bridge and onto the island, about 12 of them along with 60 infantry.

    [Pics coming in a future post]

    The ship turns on the loudspeaker and blasts.

    "This is the OceanTech Army. Step out of the buildings with your hands on your heads. You are in the OceanTech Sphere of Influence and will be searched. This land is to be claimed by OceanTech."

    Some construction workers operating heavy machinery and others constructing large complexes stop their work momentarily. A couple talk into their walky talkies. They soon resume their work.

    A young man with gelled back brown hair walks forward to greet the soldiers. He wears a standard black business suit with a red tie. He's speaking into his phone and the workers begin to hear his conversation...

    "... Yes, I'm sure there was no 10:30 appointment... No, I don't know who they are... Jesus, I'm just about to ask them... Damn it, Andy, I'll figure it out. Just make sure the shareholders aren't told until I tell you or our 24 hour grace period is up... Yes, okay, I'm hanging up..."

    He ends the call, puts his phone in his pocket, turns to the soldiers and says angrily, "Who do you guys think you are? Waltzing up here to my island and saying you own it? Who's in charge? Whoever it is they should be fired..."

    After a small period of mumbling among the soldiers he yells, "I am a representative of the Middle Sea Trading Company and if I'm not told who's and charge and what the hell he's doing here then I'll get corporate to sue all of you for all your worth!"


    MSTC megacarriers spread out from the home peninsulas and begin to provide materials, equipment, and personnel to the islands that need it. A number of destroyers are sent with amphibious landing forces and given orders to secure a small number of islands in the Middle Sea. As soon as hr natives see the MSTC security forces they decide to cooperate.

    One strike group, made up of a megacarrier, a battlecruiser, and a small number of corvettes sets off from the home peninsulas for the South East Island.

    Shipyards are being constructed in the peninsulas as to construct more ships to increase the number of ships beyond those dropped when the company was first set up.


    MSTC Security Officer:

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    On this day the world welcomes The Middle Sea Trading Company is shown in light red on the map.

    They are structured as a megacorporation with a profit driven culture.

    One day, large hulking ships came down from the atmosphere. They were seen for days circling the globe. On multiple small islands in the large central ocean, cargo craft came down from the large ships and set up facilities at the small islands. Next, all of the large ships came together at the coast to the south east. There they began the construction of what seemed to be production facilities, residential housing, and much more... the construction of a nation was at hand.

    Finally, the ships completed their work and tens of thousands departed from the ships and went to the newly constructed facilities. The next few days were spent establishing communications with the far flung bases and making sure all the logistics of this new nation were figured out. Their flag was risen over the capital and the Middle Sea Trading Company.

    The ships rose up from the ground and, before they flew away, opened the bottoms of their hulls to drop down many large ships, landing in the ocean and creating large waves that buffeted the coast.

    The next day communications were sent to all nations on the planet identifying themselves and plainly stating they wished for profitable relations.



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    The Holy Order of Tadmur begins to research Defense 1.

    A research station is built in one turn spending 4AP on the blue tile.

    A AP generator is built on the red tile.

    Heavy troop movements are shown in blue, tanks are shown in red.

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    Quote from TheRealReeper»

    0 / 0 = 783658926783628795628753289562398469826490826098264089378923789416489608261908469174980179034710947

    EDIT: Is this even a number?!


    thats a number

    but thats prolly some of the most incorrect math i've seen this month
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    Research begins on Infrastructure 2.

    Three factoires are built on the marked tiles.

    Troop movements are shown. All tanks are moving down the road.

    A heavy infantry is built.

    Road construction is indicated by black lines.

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    The Holy Order of Tadmur constructs a yuge road, the biggest road, a road like non before. Numa makes a point that, "Nobody'll have a better road than us, nobody."

    Airports are constructed in blue and factories in red.

    Troop movements are denoted by arrows.

    A tank is constructed.

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    OOC: Darth you messed up my roads. I drew it so i'd have another 7x2 square to build stuff. I drew in what I wanted when I originally posted my instructions.

    The Holy Order decrees that the shipyards shall be expanded (Build another port in the tile in red)

    Troop production is also increased. (Build a single factory in any of the blue spaces)

    (Build a single city on a black tile)

    (Another tank is constructed)

    (See troop movement in black arrows)

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    The research station is finished and also begins to research infrastructure.

    An airport is built on the space marked in blue, and a city is built on the space marked in red.

    Road construction and troop movements are shown.

    A tank is also constructed.

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    Nice! Looks like you had a laser doctrine while your enemy used missiles?

    Yeah, it's my allies fighting there so I think they went laser, but I usually go mass driver (big cannons) when I can.
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    One of many battles over Inbebice Prime, a Foundation owned planet on the border of the Quipsu Republic. In this specific image, the fleet of the Jibru Combine, an ally of the Foundation, is relieving the planet which had been under bombardment for years before, and would come under bombardment for years afterward as the war continued.

    The war between the Foundation and its allies (namely the Jibru Combine) and the Quipsu Republic and their scattered allies in the southern systems occurred as a result of Foundation expansion near Quipsu territory. The Quipsu, being long time opponents of the Foundation, declared war with their allies invading Foundation southern systems and their fleets spending most of their time in the Jibru Combine and in the Inbebice System. At the wars outbreak they sent their fleet deep into foundation territory but it was cornered and decisively defeated by the Foundation fleet in the Foundation's home system.

    In the Inbebice system, Foundation fleets were busy in the south, being tied up with all of the Quipsu's allies and thus were unable to defend their northern systems. The planet shown had been under bombardment for some time and invasion forces were in orbit, but neglected to land as Inbebice Prime would end up having the most defended surface of any planet in Foundation space.

    In the battle shown, the Jibru had a significant numbers advantage over the Quipsu and wrecked havoc on their troop transports while also dealing a good amount of damage to their fleet before the Quipsu fled the system, making the battle a decisive allied victory.

    Inbebice Prime would never be taken over the course of the war and, although its people and structures were devastated, was completely rebuilt at the close of the war, which ended with the Foundation annexing large swaths of Quipsu space to the north and the glassing of multiple capitals of the Foundation's enemies/

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    Massive construction begins in the new areas opened up by the roads. (Three cities built on the red squares)

    The Holy Order of Tadmur's research capabilities are also expanded. (A Research Building has begun being built on the blue square)

    More knights are recruited. (Two Heavy Infantry are recruited)

    (See black lines for new roads and see black arrows for troop movement)

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    Quote from Izraili»

    oh is this a thing again :o

    never thought i'd see the day


    it was a thing for a little bit... to a tiny extent

    but now its dead as a door nail
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    Quote from _Xiae»

    Ghost Recon: Wildlands has the best graphics of any game I have seen, every different part of the map is stunning.

    boppin around in the beta with pals was really fun. maybe ill get the game soon
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    Quote from groudongirl59»

    Never looked at it that way, but there are some people who blame who blame the stupidest of things for their own actions. Someone has to know where I'm getting at, but I'm not naming it because I don't want anyone to start picking fights with me about bringing it up.

    uh, i dunno what ur gettin at

    but sometimes its a psychological thing. in order to preserve their mental state they need to shift the blame away from themselves and into something out of their control.
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