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I am an Equal Opportunity Moderator
If you post against the rules, you can expect to receive a warning. It doesn't matter how many years you've been a member, how well you know the rules, how few warnings you have, or your standing in the community. Wether you're 96 or 16, nothing you say or do exempts you from the rules. If I let you off the hook, I'd have to do it for everyone. Your first warning may come as a friendly reminder, without any impact on your account. However further warnings may carry warning points and potentially punishment to some degree. You'll find that as a moderator, even if I have to send a warning, I'm cool if you are. I'm much like yourself. I warn you to stay within the rules so we can maintain a organized, friendly, welcoming community. I don't like seeing people suspended or banned, people are what make up the any community, including Minecraft Forums.

My Goal as a Moderator
When I'm out and around the forums, if I warn you, or send a reminder of the rules, it's not because I want to be a jerk. It's because I want everyone around to have a good time on the forums. If someone sees one person break the rules without a warning, they'll expect that they can do it too, and that would be chaotic, not just for myself as a moderator, but it wouldn't be as welcoming to you or newcomers. And wether I send you a simple reminder of the rules, or a full warning, please understand that it's part of the job, and nothing personal whatsoever. If I send you a reminder or warning message, I ask one thing of you don't immediately flip out on me. Send me a message if you're confused about why you received it. If I send you reply to your warning, and you're cool about it with me, Then I'm going to be nice with you. I'll be more than happy to explain the message. If you're nasty with me, dont expect much of a reply, symptahy or pardon. Let me just say, I too am a gamer, and generally I will respond to you if support an idea I like and help with any issues you may have to the best of my knowledge.

Partly using an analogy an Admin told me while setting me up to be a Moderator: "I am a person just like you. Some will accuse me of being forum Police. Like I have a quota, and all I want is to warn and ban people, and enforce rules as if they were laws. But really, I'm like a forum Janitor. Generally friendly, and just around to keep the place tidy and organized, cleaning extra messes that come up along the way."

How did I become a Moderator
I did not ask to become a Moderator here on the forums. I understand at one time, there was a mass hiring call by the Admins. I was not around for that either. I mainly became active in 2015. In my active time before becoming a moderator, I was out helping people as much as I could to the best of my knowledge, and used the wiki to be as accurate and as close as possible to an answer, to help people with their questions. I had/have a full understanding of the rules, and, yes, I reported those post that violated them. Posts that were against the rules, in the wrong sections, or people being plain mean in any way, I reported. Yup, I was that guy. The moderators saw I was submitting good reports, for posts that needed it. They saw how I was very helpful in the community to the best of my ability. Finally, I was approached by an Administrator and they asked me to join the Moderating team. Now I moderate the Console sections. (Other Platforms - PE, XBOX 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, WiiU, Windows 10, and Pi Editions.)
I can't guarantee that what I did to be a moderator, is going to work for just any person, and I don't know how often it happens. But, even so, if you are a good member of the community, respect others, and the rules, you can at least count on gaining respect in the forums.
At this moment, there is no push to hire any moderators, so please do not message me asking to become one. If the Admins decide they want more moderators, you'll likely know when they're hiring. :)

Avatar image is owned but not created by myself, and permission has been granted by artist for use on this site. Any copying/tracing, editing, or distribution elsewhere online, without contacting me for authorization from the artist is PROHIBITED. Zayne (Wolf) character is (c) myself, but mainly drawn by other artists.
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