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    Hi, I'm filling out the application for two reasons, 1. I do want to join your roleplay. 2. I do need more people to talk to and restart my youtube channel.

    Preferred name: Hazel

    IGN: HxzelGrxy (Subject to change if I get my main back.)

    Discord: Hvzel#4013

    Availability (Days of the week at what times): Any day or time is fine (Unless I'm asleep) because I am Homeschooled!

    Age (13+): 14

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    posted a message on Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay! (All roles needed.)

    Sent a discord request cause I'd like to send info in private

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    posted a message on -=+=- ZaZemc! -=+=- Recruiting players and staff -=+=- 1.11.2 -=+=-
    Hello there!
    I'm ZayiaDoesGaming from ZaZemc!
    We are currently recruiting staff members and players!
    If you'd like to apply for staff, talk to the owner, xAuDesignsx, In game.


    Cya there!
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    posted a message on Magic World 2 Mod-pack Series

    Heyo! My name's ZayliaDoesGaming!

    I would like to join in with you, Hope you can accept me even though I'm a girl!

    I am 14 years old

    I can probably run the pack but I don't know where to get it so I cant be for sure. I can most then likely.

    And I have both Skype and Discord but either one can do!

    Skype: alyssya.woods

    Discord: ZayliaDoesGaming#4013

    Hope you reply!

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    posted a message on looking for youtube partners

    Hi! I'm Zaylia and I'd love to join your team! =D

    1. ZayliaDoesGaming Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmz0lIehCnBkdGyEKrTe4lA

    2. alyssya.woods

    3. IGN: ZayliaDoesGaming

    4. I'm 14 Years old

    5. Female

    6. I'd give myself on a scale of 1 to 10 about a 7 or 8

    7. I can try to be active.

    8. I won't complain! I never do!

    9. I am kind of quick tempered, but I can control it =)

    10. Yep, Sure can do!

    11. That I can do IF its under 50 or so mods. I use a Acer laptop XD

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    posted a message on |Dokkan Wars| -=Needs Builder's, Helper's, Mod's, And many more!=-
    Hi, My name is ZayliaDoesGaming
    I am Head of staff on Dokkan Wars.
    We are in need of staff on our server so please come join and apply at
    The version is 1.11.2

    Our Discord is

    Thank you,
    ZayliaDoesGaming, Head Of Staff
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    posted a message on Player Wanted all accepted


    Alyssya or Sarah (Preferibly Sarah)




    Skype: alyssya.woods (display: Sarah Eren Albus)

    Discord: ZayliaDoesGaming#4103

    Role*: Student


    Blue snowball but the one built in my computer is surprisingly decent too

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    posted a message on (Need builder's, actors, and more!) Danganronpa: Inmate's Despair!

    Hello, My name's ZayliaDoesGaming

    I am a youtuber with, sadly, only about 57 subs.

    I had an idea to help my channel grow larger, A youtube series!

    Since I LOVE anime, I thought about doing a Dangaronpa series!

    For those of you who do not know what dangaronpa is, Here's the wikipedia and wikia pages!

    Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danganronpa

    Wikia: http://danganronpa.wikia.com/wiki/Danganronpa_Wiki

    Now that it's out of the way, This series will take place in a prison instead of a school.

    I am borrowing the idea from a roblox group that had the game, but I will credit them for the idea.

    I do not have a map or anything, but I do have a server.

    Now if you would like to help me, go fill out the forum here: https://goo.gl/forms/3bogtDxgVrfddn9G2

    I am the Monokuma so no one can have that role too!

    I will update the post when I get a trailer!



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    posted a message on Paused PvP

    May I apply for staff?

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    posted a message on SUper Danganronpa 2 role play!

    Rp name: Yui Hagenmae

    SHSL/ultimate: Unknown (I don't even know myself but I might choose one soon)

    Why I want to join: I just finished the anime and would like to try this out!

    Will you follow any rule I give you: YAS.

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    posted a message on [MMORPG] Project Norrath ( Everquest in Minecraft ) needing Staff!!!!

    IGN (In game name): ZayliaDoesGaming
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Time Zone: UTC -06:00 or USA Central time.
    Job (Builder/Loremaster/Mod): Mod or Builder
    Building Skill (1-10): 7 or 8
    Social Skills (1-10): 8 or 9 ish
    Sense of Humor (1-5): 2, 3 or 4
    Do you have Skype/Discord: Skype: Alyssya.woods Discord: ZayliaDoesGaming#4013

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    posted a message on ---> [McIronPvP] (Survival Server) [Looking for Staff & Builders] <---

    Hi! My name is ZayliaDoesGaming and I am applying for either mod or admin! I will only use the admin format if that's ok!

    What's your in-game name: ZayliaDoesGaming

    Age: 14

    TimeZone: USA Central UTC -06:00

    Country: USA

    Skype OR Discord: Skype: Alyssya.woods (Sarah eren albus) Discord: ZayliaDoesGaming#4013

    Previous Experience: I have been moderator on a few servers here and there that have shutdown or I forgot the name, But I have never been Admin.

    Why do you think you are fit for this role?: Even though I don't have experience as a Admin, I have been moderator on some servers and I almost admin on one. Plus I can see that this server has very much potential to be something big.

    What unique contributions can you bring towards the server? I am very creative and could make ideas for future gamemode's if possible.

    (Scenario #1) If a player was reported for fly hacking, what would you do?: I would go see the situation for myself. If the report was true, I'd ban the hacker for 2-4 days. If the report was false, I'd warn the player who reported to not do that again due to it wastes time.

    (Scenario #2) If a player cussed at you, what would you do? I would tell them to calm down after I gave them a warning, If they did it again, I'd give them a final warning and if they did it even more, I'd ban them for 1-2 days.

    (Scenario #3) A staff member was reported abusing his / her powers. (As an admin you have permissions to promote / demote staff members) I'd go check it out and if I saw they were abusing I would ban them for 1 day and demote them.

    Thanks for reading!


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    posted a message on !!MCAssassins RP looking for actors and voice actors!!

    IGN: ZayliaDoesGaming

    Skype: alyssya.woods (pops up a Sarah Eren Albus)

    Age(above 13): 14

    Experince for acting: Uh, I've been acting for as long as I can remember.

    Proof: What? ;-;

    Extra info: I have a bad sleep schedule ;-;

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