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    Eh, I usually have them off anyway but I can see your logic. Support.

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    Just thought I'd transfer some of my ancient Minecraft-related stories onto here as well. This one in particular was written back in 2014 and it came in 7th place in PlanetMinecraft's "A Life of Steve" blog contest. Looking back, I don't really like how it turned out at all, but perhaps I could justify that with the fact that it was among the first attempts at a Minecraft "story", or a story in general really. Anyway, you'll find the chapters within spoilers below, as well as a lovely commission made by ScarletBox.


    In this small diary, I share with you my hatred towards a particular person, what I have done to that person and what I want to do to that person in the future. How can one feel so much hatred toward another only to drown in sorrow after committing a terrible act toward them?


    I remember the time when everything was normal. People loved my games, people loved me. I made new games every few months - concept games, sequels, prequels, remakes, everything. Then he came along, ruined everything.

    It was September, I had just finished my new game and was ready to release it to my fans. The game was about breaking blocks and gathering resources in order to survive. When I started uploading the game to a website I put all my games on, I saw that a new game developer named Steve released a new game. The game was about killing monsters in a very large open world and it was quickly gaining popularity. When my game finished uploading, I went to bed.

    The next morning, I saw that my game was hardly viewed by anyone. Besides that, I saw that Steve’s game reached more than 100,000 downloads, in one night! I realized my game wasn’t very good, so I deleted it and immediately started working on a new one.

    I abandoned the new game after a week, when it came to me that if the game I deleted becomes more than a game with the latest technology, it could actually be very popular. Once I thought it all through, I emailed the company that made the More Than A Game devices. More Than A Game was the latest technology made to literally suck you into the game, temporarily of course.

    Everything was set up, now all I needed was to give my main character a name. I thought about giving him a name related to the word “hero”, as he is the hero of the story. Although, “Hero” wasn’t a very good name, it needed something after. I kept thinking and in the end decided to continue it with my last name and I came up with “Herobrine”.

    Weeks later, I released my game, which now worked on More Than A Game! The amount of downloads it had was ridiculously small! It was like I had been forgotten, and it was all because of that stupid Steve!

    “Oh how I would love to see him suffer, if only he knew the pain of being alone in this world, with only idiots around you who can’t speak…. “ - I said to myself.

    And then, it came to me! There was a way I could make him feel what I felt, a way I could see him suffer. Now all I needed to do was find him.


    I had done it. Steve was now stuck in a world with nothing but evil creatures and idiotic villagers to keep him company. I thought with this people would finally recognize me again, things would be the same as they were before. Little did I know, Steve would still get in my way…

    It was great for a short while, my old game was back up and it seemed pretty good to the audience. The only problem was, Steve was it’s main
    character, and he was being recognized as one of the leading characters in gaming. Even as an isolated character surviving in a new world
    without people, Steve still managed to beat me, he still managed to win! If only there was a way I could replace him, a way I could get his

    A few weeks later I was contacted by a company about sponsorship. When I saw the email, I nearly jumped out of my chair! After I actually read it, I was ready to start crying. The company only wanted to sponsor me if I made games with Steve as the main character of them all. I turned them down and sat down for a moment.

    I succeeded in one thing at last in my life - making games. In school I was being pushed around all the time for the way I do my hair, for the
    way I dress up, for everything. In fact most of my classmates didn’t even know I was a girl. I wasn’t too bad at any subjects but I wasn’t exactly the best either. I had no friends and spent my days either arguing with my parents or on the computer, meeting people online. At least the people I met online understood me, welcomed me.

    Steve seemed to be great at everything, everybody loved him. He would talk with some major game developers and have a laugh while I would just be the one standing in the corner watching them, next to the strange man that looked a lot like Steve. In his autobiography I read that he had a great childhood, he had an A in all subjects, a large group of friends, his life was perfect, the exact opposite of mine.

    Even while stuck in a game he killed every monster I threw at him, slayed every boss and mined every ore in the entire game. Despite knowing he was stuck in a world which he will never leave, he seemed perfectly fine. He had conversations with the villagers even though they didn’t
    understand a single thing he said. He tamed packs of wolves, made huge farms and huge buildings, and yet I was still crying every night hoping
    that I will wake up being a different person, a better person with a better life.

    I wanted to join him, in my own world, witness my own creation and hopefully gain attention just like he did. I wanted to fight my own monsters, slay my own bosses and talk to villagers just like him. The next day I immediately went to work to get into the same world he was in…

    * * *

    ...Nothing had changed. I was in the world, I was doing all the things I wanted to, yet people spoke bad things about me, they said that Steve was
    better and that I completely ruined the game.

    I couldn’t take it anymore. I went to the nearest lake, far away from the home I set up in a small village near a stronghold. I stood on the
    cliff, waiting to jump. There was a bit of hesitation, but when I thought it all through again, I just jumped.


    After Alex jumped into the lake, everything became silent. Moments later, someone appeared on the cliff. It was Steve, he had come to rescue her. He jumped down into the lake carrying an extra diamond helmet enchanted with respiration. He quickly took Alex out of the water and carried her to his home in a nearby cave system. I stood next to them with great discretion, watching them with my big white eyes.

    After several minutes, Alex was awake.
    “You! You saved me?” - she asked Steve.

    “Of course. How did you get in here? Do you know who put us both in here? How do we get out?” - he started asking her questions.
    The words were like thunder to Alex. She stopped for a moment, thinking carefully what to say next.

    “It was me...I put us both in here. I wanted people to stop loving you so much, I wanted people to love me again, I wanted them to care…” - she told him, with regret for her actions.

    “It was you!??!?You’re the reason I’ve been suffering all this time? And I saved you?” - Steve shouted at her full of anger.

    “I’m sorry...I didn’t think…”

    “Didn’t think what? That you may actually hurt someone? That I’d just absolutely love being stuck in a world with nothing but monsters and villagers? Or did you just not think about the consequences? I’ve had it, you can have these caves, you can sit here forever, just leave me alone.” - he said and then stormed off.

    “No wait! Don’t go! Please!”

    It was too late, Steve was gone and Alex was left in the pouring rain. She was sad. For the first time, she thought about the situation from Steve’s
    perspective, not her own. They both went their separate ways, surviving in the vast world filled with adventure, the world of Minecraft, never to meet again…

    Or did they?

    Feel free to give any criticism, compliments or whatever you like.

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    posted a message on Do you still like pokemon? Is it so wrong?

    I was never really that enthusiastic about pokemon myself. I liked it and I collected a couple of sticker albums but never really much besides that.

    Nothing wrong about still loving something you used to love - I've been getting into a lot of the old stuff that I enjoyed.

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    posted a message on What Constitutes a "Build" in Minecraft?
    Quote from MegaDerf»

    It's a public build in a public place. If it was his house/shop/other personal build it would've been different, same thing if it was in the middle of nowhere. But since it's something that everyone uses and thus belongs to the community, it's not only acceptable but also desirable removing it if the majority of the players finds it annoying.

    ^ This.

    If the majority of your players find that it doesn't belong there, it's perfectly fine to remove/replace it with something else since, after all as the person I quoted stated - it's a community build.

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    Quote from bfox7a»

    how are you playing 1.9 it hasn't been released!!!!!!!

    A snapshot was released, that's how he/she is playing. c:

    This is actually quite interesting...I should toy around with the new snapshot a bit.

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    The Talos Principle.

    Pretty much it.

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    posted a message on Difficulty beyond hard called "Nightmare Mode" where mobs can dig and place blocks.

    Though...isn't the entire point of daytime and shelters to be safe? I mean, having mobs that can break your defenses around every corner is basically a horror game with no room for pause. Last I checked, Minecraft isn't a horror game.

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    posted a message on Is it more or does 1.9 seems like a little too much...

    Well...I'm all for the Telltale games Story Mode thing, just seems like it would be fun.

    Don't really know/care about 1.9 that much. From what I saw it's basically a pvp update and I've never really been into that sort of thing. It's not bad, it's just different.

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    posted a message on A new passive mob?
    Quote from DrWeegee123»
    This thread is so small, it seems vague, but isn't.
    I would just want more details on how it moves around, and how fast it is.

    I don't see why we would need a new mob, but seeing a passive mob in the desert would be nice.
    Partial support.

    I like the idea of a passive desert mob, but this is completely unneeded.
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    posted a message on For a Spelunking Update (A.K.A Better caves)
    I support this, but only the part above stone being harder to mine near bedrock. It just seems logical.
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    posted a message on Why can't I get people to join my server? What am I doing wrong? Help me out please!
    Server fame is the same as normal fame - you have to give people a reason to notice YOU instead of the billions of other servers out there. Personally, when it comes to servers I'm very picky, I don't stay on longer than 5 minutes if I don't like something and if it isn't unique. So, I would focus more on what makes your own server different from others, the players will come on their own after you do that.
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    posted a message on Better, Bigger boats?
    Doesn't really fit the theme of a sandbox exploration world, updates like this would change the game a lot.
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    Quote from Endergirl00»
    Although it sounds like a little neat technology, it would be less enjoyable the more you use it. And I am actually unsure how the mechanics and "view' would work for Minecraft with hololens. Would you view Minecraft in third person then? First person? Bird's eye view?

    Exactly. It seems like something that could be fun (and get boring later on, but who cares), but how would it work exactly?
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    posted a message on My sad server experience
    I don't get it. If you don't like the server's staff team, you're not being forced to be on the server, so leave. It's just that simple.
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    posted a message on McDonald's Offering Free Vaccines?
    That is just...scary, why would you even...

    Not scarier than the McDonald's clown though, that thing gives me nightmares.
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