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    Hello, everyone.

    It's been a while since I've posted anything on the forums, as a matter of fact, the last time I was posting here was to inform you all of the server's opening.

    Unfortunately, today I am posting about just the opposite.

    Since the opening of the server on August 1st, Darkdemon and I have seen DDC2 go through its ups and downs, simply anticipating a thriving, stable community for everyone to enjoy on a regular basis. Due to the recent contrary, with our player-count and funding on a downward spiral, these goals can simply not be realized.

    Although at some point in the past, with our player average exceeding our expectations, the downtime, community conflicts, lack of interest, and dwindling donations have all most likely contributed to the point we are at today with the server.

    Its death.

    While most have already acknowledged the eventual shutdown of the server, some haven't, and we will take this time to let everyone know who still plays on the server.

    The server will shut down on November 11th and with it, all plots and player data will be erased. If this concerns you and you would like to enjoy your progress on the server, feel free to use the last week of uptime as a proper farewell.

    Keep in mind there is nothing that can be done about the shutdown, as since the beginning, this was a player-driven project, and with no drive from a community, the server can no longer exist.

    But with an ending, always comes new beginnings. Darkdemon and I will surely be working on Minecraft projects in the future, so if you enjoyed our prison server, you may be lucky enough to find us floating around the forums with something new down the line.

    We also hope that anyone and everyone that has played on our server has had fun with friends and rivals and enjoyed DDC at its peak and otherwise. Darkdemon and I have definitely enjoyed points along these 4 months and have learned quite a lot about managing a server and community. No loss when there was something to gain.

    Thanks again for letting the server run and thrive while it did, we appreciate it. You can expect a post on the day before or the day of shutdown to finalize things from Dark and tie up any loose ends should there be any.

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    Hey, man, I play on your server a lot and I must say it's mad fun and me and my friends enjoy it thoroughly! But what disappoints me is that when I try to log in once in a while it gets stuck on the "Logging in..." text and eventually gives me a message saying that the server has disconnected me for taking too long to log in! I really hope you can fix this soon because we love your server! Thanks.
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    Sorry for the extra post, I accidentally copied and posted your server description.
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