About Me
Call me Zap. My full name is Zap_12100 but that mouthful of numbers is unpleasant, so don't bother. (If you have to say them all, it's "Zap One Two One Oh Oh")

YouTube lol.
I contributed to Pantheon, a collaboration CTM map.
I help administrate the CTM Community thread.
My old CTM map series, Elemental Survival, of which in no way is finished, complete, or lives up to the CTM standards of today.

I also play on a whitelisted server called Monumenta, where some members of the CTM community chill out.

If you need to grab hold of me, the best place to find me is on the CTM Community thread, or just PM me.
/╲/\╭( ͡° ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°)╮/\╱\

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