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    Added a simple example. I didn't really know what else to do on it in terms of making it look fancy because I myself prefer simplistic, but I can still do more complex designs.
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    (( I think the app needs to have an appearance section and a special abilities section. ))

    (( Edit: Starting IC now. My IC is going to start shortly before he is captured and taken to the arena. ))

    Colin ducked as an arrow soared above his head, snapping as the tip connected with the boulder in next to him. Thena grabbed his arm and yanked him forward and he followed her in a sprint to escape the barrage coming their way. Just when he thought they were nearly safe, he felt pain explode in his chest. He looked down and saw an arrow tip protruding from the right side of his chest. Already having been wounded from the previous fight, his body gave out and he collapsed to the ground. Thena dove down next to him and cupped his face in her hands.
    "Colin!? Colin! Wake up!"
    He could see the distress on her face as an arrow caught her in the arm and she gasped in pain. As his vision began to give out, he saw a bright flash of light, then everything faded to black.

    By the time Colin had regained consciousness - or something similar to it - the pain was completely gone. He was unable to open his eyes but for some reason that did not surprise him. He was sure he was dead, or at the least in some other plane of existence.

    When he finally came to complete consciousness, he was on a bed just big enough to fit him, surrounded by sadistic looking instruments, possibly used for torture as a few of the simpler looking ones were covered in blood. Is it my blood? He thought to himself. He didn't remember anything after Thena being hit. "Thena!" He yelled, somewhat frantically. He saw a very strange looking door and attempted to kick it in. He failed to do so, but it almost immediately swung open.
    "We heard you yell. Are you alright?" A man in strange clothes asked him. Colin lunged forward and grabbed the man, pinning him against the wall by his neck.
    "WHERE IS SHE!?" Colin demanded. He felt electricity shoot through his body from a point in his stomach. He fell backwards onto the floor and saw a small item in the man's hand. "What is that? How can you create lightning from an object?" He asked. "It's called a tazer. Please calm down and head that way to the canteen. Everything will be explained shortly." The thin man pointed down a corridor. Colin begrudgingly followed his directions, not wanting to be touched by the object again. He decided he would figure out what happened to Thena later. She could handle herself, he hoped.

    After reaching the 'canteen' he found a seat by the bar. A man walked up and before Colin could request a drink, the man held up his finger. "I know exactly what you need." He turned and began scanning the racks for the correct drink. Colin took this time to finally look down at himself. He realized there was a dull pain in his chest, and had a small flashback to the arrow piercing him. He looked into his shirt and saw a bandage wrapped around his chest and a small red blotch at the source of the pain. He also noticed that his clothes were similar to the strange ones of the people around him. Made of an odd material and an unfamiliar design. They were surprisingly comfortable, so he didn't complain. The bartender finally turned around and handed him a metal mug not unlike one he would normally drink from. He took a small sip and was surprised when it tasted suspiciously like Black-Briar mead. The bartender gave him a small wink and went over to cater another person.

    (( Alright, I just assumed that there would be a bar here because this place would have to be accustomed to fit almost any type of person. ))
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    Quote from chocolate cake

    *Vilks' App*

    (( Colin vs Vilks will be an interesting fight. ))
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    Why use JPEG instead of PNG? Also, why are youtube banners more costly? I could ask for some crazy complicated banner for 1 dollar or get a simple youtube one for 2?
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    Hello! I've been using photoshop quite a bit recently and have been getting better at doing it, so I figured I'd make a little shop for people who aren't good with photoshop or similar programs. As for what I can make, it would be icons or banners for basically anything you want. I don't do actual art, but I can edit pre-made images/art and put them into whatever you want. Please use the application below to request something.

    Background: (This can be a solid color, an image, a color that is bright on one side and fades into dark on another, or possibly other things you can think of. Please do a good job of describing how you want this to look)
    Text: (What do you want the text to say? What font? What color? How do you want it to look in terms of effects like shiny metallic)
    Image size: (Please list image size in pixels i.e. 800x800)
    Other: (Anything else that doesn't fit in the other sections)

    Examples of work:
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    (( Bringing in my character from my dead Skyrim RP. Also, he's a werewolf and when in his human form, if he becomes angry he gets something similar to an adrenaline rush when he is pushed to his limits, extremely angry, etc. I imagine this won't be considered OP as it's something he can't call on when he wants and he also loses some amount of control when this happens. Anyways, the thing I would like to know is if you think I should JUST have the adrenaline rush part or if it's okay to have him be a werewolf in certain matches that you tell me to. Personally I think it would be easier if his werewolf transformation was blocked somehow and the only thing that remains from it is his rage mode/adrenaline rush. ))

    Name: Colin Decanius

    Alias: None

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Serious. Doesn't joke around, doesn't initiate fun conversations, doesn't like people. There are a few exceptions to this dislike which include his parents and people he has become very close to.

    Appearance: Tall, muscular, and mean looking. This is not the kind of person you want to get into a fight with. He has teeth scars on his left shoulder, 4 large claw scars on his back, and various other smaller scars around his body (mostly his arms and parts of his chest). Currently has a very large bandage wrapped around the middle of his torso. He is wearing a brown cotton T-Shirt and sweatpants, both of which feel very strange to him as they are nonexistent in the world/time he is from. His battle gear (what he is wearing in the very start before he gets taken to the arena, and what he wears when in the actual arena itself) consists of a chain mail shirt with a leather jacket/outer layer. He has a hardened steel shoulder pad on his left arm and a leather one on his right. There are many straps along his torso which hold the leather and chain mail down and allow him to sheathe his bow on his back. His pants are tough leather and he has dark brown boots with steel trims and toes. His sword is made of a chrome-looking metal with an unknown name. It seems to repel all dirt, grime, or anything and also has a quality of being more or less unbreakable. It doesn't scratch, dull, or bend. It is also unbelievably sharp, but it is still a sword and he can't do anything more than simple cuts and stabs. His bow is actually magically enchanted. Nothing like the enchantments wizards would think to put on it such as fire, but the ability to heal itself. If the majority of the bow is still left (i.e. two halves of it) then it can slowly mend itself. This process takes hours and would therefore not happen in the middle of a battle.

    Bio: This is going to be pretty simple and just going over the basics of his life. His father was a blacksmith and his mother was a hunter that gathered herbs and such on hunting trips which she learned over time to brew into potions. He learned much from his parents and by age 19 was able to easily take care of himself even out in the wilderness. He moved by himself to Skyrim and after adjusting to the new region, spent a large amount of time out in the wilds. He eventually came back to living in a city after finding a job that he enjoyed: monster hunting. He got a bounty for a monster, he killed the monster, he got paid. Simple as that. On one of his trips he was meant to find a werewolf terrorizing a local village, Riverwood. After killing him by catching him in a trap and finishing him off, he started back to get his reward. He was attacked by another werewolf he hadn't known of and contracted Lycanthropy. A few weeks later when hunting some vampires, he met a young woman and saved her. They started hunting together after he taught her how better to fight and they went on a mission to kill something. (I'm sorry this is quite bad but his full bio would take ages to write and I can't find the old RP so I have no idea what he and the woman were out to kill or even what her name is. I am going to go ahead and say her name was Thena.)

    *BTW he is currently 22 years old.*
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    Why are people posting here? I made this in April of last year :c
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    Why does everyone magically have a crowbar and a backpack? After reading this RP, I imagine something like a bunch of noobs from a videogame all frantically running around with the same exact starter gear.
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    Is there a way to make nights darker? The days are just the right amount of light and I love how absolutely dark the caves and stuff are, but the ONLY thing I don't like about this shader is how bright the nights are. Most of the shaders I've seen make the nights DARKER than vanilla (which I like a lot because vanilla is way too bright).
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    First of all, this is NOT an actual server thread. That's why it's not in the survival servers section. Before making a server thread, I wish for people to vote on what version the server should be. The actual server itself will be a simple vanilla (obviously) SMP server on whichever version gets the most votes.
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    IGN - YZMatt

    Age - 13, however I can say with certainty that I have the maturity level of (at least) a 16 year old. Many people have mistaken me for being in the 16-20 year old range until I corrected them or they heard my voice.

    Skype - YWZMatt or Zer0se

    Redstone- 5.5
    Mining- 8
    Building- 7
    Farms- 8.5

    About You

    My name is Matthew and I spend basically all of my time on my computer. I started playing Minecraft back in 2010 and it was one of my favorite games. I created a server and met many people on it and had tons of fun. I generally don't go outside very often and spend many hours on YouTube because it's so fun.


    My YouTube is Zer0se. it is very barebones because I had a YouTube channel before the whole Google+ update thing and what happened was I messed something up and deleted my channel while trying to figure out the Google+ stuff. Sadly I lost all my videos, and I haven't had the time to start making any more. If I get on the server I will play for about a day and after that day if I am enjoying the server, I will begin making videos.

    If YouTube, subs?

    No subs for the reason explained in the last question. I had about 50ish before.

    Why do you want to join?

    This looks like exactly the kind of server I would like. Vanilla, survival, legit, etc.

    How often will you be on?

    At least 2 hours a day schooldays and on weekends/holidays probably 4-5 hours.

    Would you be willing to donate to keep it going?

    If the server ends up being as fun as I hope it is, and I enjoy playing on it, yes.


    Somewhat shy IRL but fairly outgoing on the internet. I don't like to be bothered for no reason (i.e. being skype called even though the caller doesn't have anything to talk about). I enjoy jokes and people who are somewhat mature (people that are fun but don't make dumb fart jokes).

    Will you do stuff not only for your self but for the public?

    Definitely. What's the point of playing multiplayer if I don't help other people and do community stuff?

    Have you read and agree to the rules?
    I have read and agree to the rules.
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    Quote from killer2329

    ew skype.

    Yeah I wish skype would just shutdown so everyone could migrate to another big thing, but anyways... I joined the steam group and added him on steam.
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    Actually I am. I PM'd Matt asking for his skype so I could talk. I've been out of this roleplay for such a long time and I'd definitely need to talk to him a bit before joining.

    ¡Página Reclamo!
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    Hey guys, VERY long time no see (Hopefully you people still remember me). Anyways, just wanted to drop in and congratulate Matt on how strong this RP is still going.
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    Quote from Desinoh

    What is your IGN? Desinoh.
    Why do you want to join our server? I've been looking for a MindCrack-like server for quite some time now and I was wondering if this may be a good one!
    How old are you? I am age 13 but still very mature!
    What time zone do you live in? I live in the Atlantic Time Zone, Canada! :D !!!
    How long have you been playing Minecraft for? About 1.5 years now (Will be 2 years in may!!!)
    Will you be active on the server? Well, yes! I will probably be able to put i about 4-5 hours i every day considering the fact I have no life! :D
    Tell us something interesting about yourself! Well, my name is Griffen and I love playing video games and and mostly with other people! I play lots of sports and like to socialize with other people! I built a new Gaming PC about a month ago since my other computer was almost unbearable to play on anymore, and I also plan on recording in the future!!!
    Do you have Skype? Yes, I am not just going to give it out over worldwide internet chat though! :D :D :D

    No offense, but if you're going to claim you are mature, you probably shouldn't have a total of 5 smiley faces and end every sentence with multiple exclamation points.
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