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    I have seen numerous posts on spike blocks, spike-pistons, etc. Now, I am here to present my version of this, but I shan't leave these posts in the dark. Feel free to check some of these out, as I have merged all of these (Some of which are just stupid) into a fleshed out idea.






    Now, my textures are NOT very good, but it shows what I mean. I have seen many 'unintelligent' posts on this subject. As tweeted by Dinnerbone:

    @Geodeek I want to add them, I'm just not sure how they'd look or function that best suits the game
    When considering implementing spikes into Minecraft, I have come up with(Meh, can't really say I came up with these :P ) three variations:
    1)Spike Pistons
    2)Spike Blocks
    3)Spike Traps
    1) Spike Pistons:

    Like an ordinary piston, this would occupy one block when it does not receive a redstone signal , but when powered it occupies two.

    While my texture sucks, the idea is simple. They would be activated just like pistons.
    2) Spike Blocks:

    Unlike the Spike Piston, these will only ever occupy one block. They will never retract, but can be pushed by pistons. I have a poisoned texture here too! :D

    Now this isn't to say the others can't be poisoned, express your thoughts about poison in the poll above and in the comments below.
    3) Trap Spikes

    Thanks to nearbeer for this idea
    Placed like ladders or carpet, the spikes would extend when the block it is attached to or a block next to it is powered.

    Crafting Recipes:

    Idea 1

    Idea 2

    Idea 3

    Idea 4

    Idea 5

    Idea 6
    Hearts of Damage:

    Discuss below and in the poll.
    Destruction of Blocks:

    Now there has been talk of using these to not only damage mobs and players, but to use them to destroy blocks. Clearly there is some controversy over this. Please discuss this below and in the poll.
    Destruction of Items:

    Another controversy, discuss below and in the poll.

    Thanks to zaket22 for mentioning this. Express your thoughts in the poll and comments.

    Would you be slowed to cobweb speed, just be slightly slowed down, or walk normally through spikes?
    Again, I know this isn't the first topic on these, it's just the first really organized one. :)
    Don't forget to vote in the poll, and don't forget to +1!
    And, thanks to Bigkaboom12,
    We have a nice banner!

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    posted a message on Bidirectional, 4 Blocks High, WIP Shift Register with 1.4 Locked Repeaters
    Older version.
    Here's a world download.
    And the mandatory pictures:

    This is nowhere near complete, I'm working on it still. It does function pretty well, and as far as I can tell, is infinitely tile-able.

    The new version download:
    The new version pics:

    The outputs when going "backwards" no longer cycle through each output. It is now 5 blocks high.
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    Have you ever used an invisibility splash potion on a blaze while having all particles on?

    Needless to say, it looks cool.

    How about an enderman at night?

    Again, awesome.

    But what if a mob was naturally 'invisible'?
    It would still have particle effects around it, and could still be seen.
    Until you attack it, it will remain invisible.
    They spawn in groups of 4-8 in the overworld.
    Will all attack you if you attack one, like Wolves and Pigmen.
    When they are attacking you they will remain invisible until you hit them.
    -Easy: 2
    -Normal: 3
    -Hard: 4
    Health: 10 Hearts
    Exp: 5
    -Ectoplasm(Used In Potion of floating)
    Floats over water and lava
    Susceptible to fire and sunlight.

    Potion of Floating(Placeholder Name)
    -Allows for a smooth decent, works for 30 seconds, extended for 1 minute.
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    Another use is it's ability to be crafted in the nether since ghasts drop gunpowder, wither skeletons drop coal, and blazes drop blaze rods wich can be turned into blaze powder. It can reignite the portal.
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    posted a message on "Call Me Maybe" on Minecraft using a 6 track minecart recorder
    Simple. Smart. AWESOME. I especially like how you show how the notes are, in quarter notes and eighth notes.
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    posted a message on Minecraft backstory getting more and more muddy
    See, as I imagine it, this is how the Minecraft story is:

    -Enderdragon enslaves Endermen
    -Endermen go into the Nether, and corrupt all the inhabitants, thus creating Blazes, Ghasts, Magma Cubes, and ZombiePigmen.
    -Endermen are now making the Overworld as the Nether is, and this starts with the invasion of hostile Mobs.
    -Their minions (Zombies) Are now infecting the inhabitants just as they did in the Nether, which was once prosperous like the Overworld.
    -The Strongholds were once Temples dedicated to the great gods, but were defiled by the Endermen.
    -The Jungle Temples and Pyramids were built by a few Pigmen who were lucky enough to flee the falling Nether.
    -Dungeons are little Rips in the fabric of the universe that allow Mobs to break freely into the Overworld, and were isolated by the Pigmen.
    -The pigmen soon devolved into the Pigs we know today.
    -The great Gods (Notch, Jeb, and other Mojang Staff) Have summoned the great Steve, who will defeat the Enderbeings and stop them from corrupting the Overworld.

    Also, NetherHolds are worn down pigmen cities.
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    Quote from Solawind

    Perhaps Something more along the lines of this:

    It fits in with the minecraft costs and complexity of contraptions, and 3 iron isn't too much to spare when it comes to something like this. Apart from that, this is a very nice idea and fits in with the simple aspects of minecraft, something like this could easilyget put into MC without anyone complaining. ↑1 for you ;)

    I really like this recipe. Adding to OP.
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    Ohohoh! Here's my Bud switch!
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    posted a message on spiky pistons
    Quote from souljabri557

    Yeah, spike blocks need a serious suggestion thread with cleanup. This is not it.

    Challenge Accepted. Give me an hour.
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    Well, due to a flow of "Ender" topics, I thought I might throw my two cents in. Paintings, are in my opinion, awesome. Secret doors can be made with them. With the recent flow of Ender ideas, an idea came into my mind, why not use paintings to travel around the Minecraft World?

    But wait Zambozoo! This is exceptionally OP! How on earth could you balance it?

    The answer is simple. There would be health taken, only one painting can be teleported to while the others only send you to it, and there is an expensive crafting method. If you are confused as to how this works, let me explain it as simply as possible. In Halo, there are teleporters called Senders, Receivers, and Two-Way-Nodes. I believe Two-Way-Nodes are way too OP, so the paintings are either Senders or Receivers. Per player, there can only be ONE Receiver, but there can be as many senders as you can craft.

    Now, as to whether each portal connects to your "Receiver" or to the player who placed its "Receiver" is up to you, in the poll above.

    The poll has spoken, each Painting is permanently linked to the "Receiver", and anyone can go through to the linked "Receiver".

    Now, for recipes:

    -The "Sending" Ender Paintings-

    -The "Receiving" Ender Paintings-

    Now, There are two recipes because I have two thoughts. One is that there are two different items, the other is that the first Ender painting that is placed becomes the "Receiver". If that is broken, it could fall to the second Ender Painting placed, or the next one placed becomes the "Receiver".This is also touched in the poll above.

    There is now TWO RECIPES. Ignore the previous paragraph.

    Now, what would the painting show? How much damage should be dealt[N x (Chunks travelled) = Hearts?) That is up to you, but I have run out of poll questions.

    Polls have spoken! 5 hearts of damage!

    -Long-Distance Teleporting
    -Anyone Can Use Yours
    -5 hearts of damage


    "Sender". You can tell because of the Blue Arrow at the bottom.

    "Receiver". You can tell because of the lack of a Blue Arrow at the bottom.
    Just because the example pictures have a black background in the painting, does NOT mean the poll was decided. These are just EXAMPLES.
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