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    posted a message on [16x][1.8] ~Dandelion~ (Biomes o Plenty support) UPDATED 5/23

    I really like this pack, it changes Minecraft in a whole new way ^^.

    But now 1.9 is out and I'm waiting for an update ... hope it will come soon.

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    posted a message on Forge 1.9 + Optifine = crash!

    Oh, I got the mistake :D

    You have to start (by double-clicking) the downloaded .jar file and klick "extract", then you navigate to the folder you want to place the file in.

    If it is extracted you put the "OptiFine_1.9_HD_U_B1_MOD.jar" (the name is varius, but the "MOD" is the essencial part) into your mods folder.

    That should work :D

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