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    So my game crashes whenever I try to become a vampire. It does this even when I tried a new game with only Witchery installed.

    Here's a link to the pastebin of the crash report.

    so I think the error came from downloading the file from the version history of the site, since when I downloaded from this thread it worked without error.
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    There seems to be this fundamental misconception that being Pro-Choice means always advocating Abortion in preferance of continued pregnancy.

    This is not the case. As you may have noticed, there's the word "Choice" in there.

    Being Pro-Choice means recognizing that the pregnant woman should have the final say. Other people may offer their input, but she gets the final decision. Not a person who doesn't exist yet, not people who think they possess executive control over another person's body, not even the doctors.

    Her. And if she decides to continue with that pregnancy, then that's great- that's what she's chosen.

    And if she decides not to, that's also her choice, and she shouldn't be demonized and called a murderer for it. Full stop.
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    Quote from ZallCaTor

    Good job. You succeed in totally disregarding the majority of my post. Do you not understand that your killing a child, for the sake of avoiding an adult going through pain. The pain ends, it is not permanent, but the death of a human is. If the women dies, her child carries on her legacy, and secures the next generation. All through history, the children are protected above all else. They are the future. Now it seems we are forgetting that.
    Again, stop trying to make me out to be the bad guy. I am supporting the children, those with bigger futures.

    You know the main reason I am pro-choice is, amazingly, not because I am a baby-hating monster, but because I don't think I have any right to control half the population's behavior.

    Especially when it's something I am unable to understand or experience. I defer to the wisdom of the people who actually have to get pregnant. As apposed to the people who don't.

    If a woman wants to keep her baby, okay, that's great for her. If not, then also okay.

    I'm not so arrogant that I assume I have the right to make that choice for her.
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    Religion is never really a problem. It's more of what people decide to do with religion. Some people get religion, and then go out to found charities. Others go and wage wars.

    I don't think getting rid of religion would somehow magically make wars end and make everyone a better person. People would still be people, terrible things would still happen, and we'd all just have to find something else to blame, because that's easier than admitting that sometimes people are just bad.
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    posted a message on Do buddhists care about "innocent", starving africans?
    Quote from Unyobro

    If that is a form of divine punishment then god isn't worth worshiping or even respecting.

    As I recall, Buddhism isn't that big on god(s).
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    Quote from faissaloo

    I thought you believed in evolution? A new STD could appear at any time. So don't say there is no risk of getting one. There is always risk.

    Well, thank you for revealing that you have no idea how basic biology works. That really gives credit to your side of the debate. I'm also glad you've made it clear that our only purpose is to be animals that breed more of themselves. Truly an inspiring divine purpose.
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    Clothing was primarily invented to defend the body against the rigors of the environment, whether it be against cold or heat. Going around naked all the time sounds like a fast way to get frostbite or a full-body sunburn.

    Not to mention world-wide nudity would kill the entire clothing industry and probably cause a economic depression. We do a lot of jobs relating to designing and making and spreading around clothing, because basically everyone buys clothing at some point.
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    Do You...
    • feel that you can’t do anything right for your partner?
    • believe that you deserve to be hurt or mistreated?
    • wonder if you’re the one who is crazy?
    Does your partner..
    • blame you for their own abusive behavior?
    • have a bad and unpredictable temper?
    • act excessively jealous and possessive?
    • control where you go or what you do?
    • constantly check up on you?


    Interesting parallels?
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    For an Omniscient, Omnipresent being, there is no "Future" or "Past".

    There is only one, single shining moment of existence in which it can see everything laid out like an open book. Imagine experiencing your entire life in one second. Now imagine seeing, feeling, hearing everything

    An Omniscient being knows everything you could ever do, ever think. It must know what you will decide, otherwise there is a limit on it's knowledge. Such a being would know/does know/will know everything that you would ever do before/during/after your life.

    It's impossible to place a time at which such a thing would exist. It would be at every place and moment ever, all (From it's perspective) at once. From it's perspective, there is no progression of time. Everything is now.

    We change from new experiences and thoughts. You know more than you did years ago, this is why you have changed. A being that knows everything has nothing new left to discover. How could it be said to change? It experiences everything from every possible perspective.

    It is the same as it was as it is. There is no changes because it is already there. You can't make a journey if you are both at the start, the finish and along the entire path. You've both not taken it, finished it and are on it at once.

    Hell, my description is both right and totally wrong. There are entire books on the nature of such a being, I can't even begin to do the explanation justice.

    What offends me most about Christianity is that they tell me that this shining transcendental being somehow gives a flying ­ about what I do in the bedroom. They drag the divine down to the mud, throwing human features upon something wholly beyond humanity.
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    posted a message on Heart vs. Mind
    People act like logic and emotions are naturally antithetical.
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