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    I have created a new Survival Server for everyone ! Here you will be able to invite friends, family and even people you don’t know ! This server is unique because you only have one life and that it will feel like an actual life. Here you will be able to grow up, have children and actually engage with other people ! You will be able to join the server if there is an newborn spot available. The server also includes different languages, races, diets, intelligence and also traits that characters can have. Also, when you die, you go to the end as a spirit with no way back (currently)[/p] If you want to join , be fast because newborn spots might be taken when you try to join !

    [/p] For those that want to play on the server, please join this discord server : https://discord.gg/3wVG5U3D[/p]
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    posted a message on Looking for Artist to join team on Overwatch-like server | Dream Heroes

    Hi everyone !

    I am looking for people who might be interested in creating minecraft skins for heroes like these ones for an Overwatch-like server (Shooter) where we play alone or in a team against other people. Each characters are special with their own stories, abilities and way to play !

    r/minecraftskins - Looking for Artist to join team on Overwatch-like server | Dream Heroes

    These skins changes the appearance of the players when they select that hero. You can also equip other ones that you win throught lootboxes, events or the shop. These can come in many forms, Color Variations to full on reskin to make it look cool ! We are looking for people who can create new skins and that can add to existing skins.

    Please note that the server is Java Edition ONLY. The position is not currently paid because the server is not earning money. But if the server is self sufficient, this will be discussed again.

    r/minecraftskins - Looking for Artist to join team on Overwatch-like server | Dream Heroes

    If you need more information or want to apply, please contact Zakkaroom#4217 on Discord

    The server's discord server : https://discord.gg/aZnJ6UJNys

    Happy to work with some of you guys !

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    Hi everyone !

    My name is Zakkaroom, I am the owner of Dream Heroes. My team has been working for a while on this project that we call Dream Heroes. I always have been interested in Overwatch and Minecraft and always wondered what it would look like when the two are combined !

    When you look at it, there isn't that much PVP Team Shooters in Minecraft. Well I decided to make one.

    For a quick preview of what we have :

      9 heroes with different abilities

      4 different game modes (DeathMatch, Point Control, Duels and Gun Game)

      3 available maps

      Custom Skins, Voice Lines and Custom death messages.

    I need to warn everyone tought that every feature is experimental. We are actively working on it.

    So how do heroes work ?

    Well it is fairly easy, each heroes have a left click attack, those could be melee attack and other could be ranged attacks. We then have our Right Click attack that could for example place a trap on walls or even become invisible. We also have Shift that could Stun anyone around you or even summon lightning where you look at. We finally have the Ultimate. To gain your ultimate, you will need to deal damage or heal allies. When you have it, be ready to do some killing or to stop the killing.

    One of the cool features that we have is that we change players skins (only affects the server) so that you take the appearance of your character.

    Hope you like what you see, our server is in constant development and needs people to play and test it !

    Note : The server can only be played on when it is in testing mode.

    You can join the discord server to know more about the project !

    Discord : https://discord.gg/aZnJ6UJNys

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    posted a message on Looking for Builders and Testers for a Minecraft Tournament with unique Gamemodes

    Hi everyone ! My name is Zakkaroom (Discord : Zakkaroom#4217). I code minecraft plugins and I wanted to start a tournament for low youtuber / streamer and actually have a diversified roster ! My two only problems are I can't build and I can't test gamemodes by myself ! The tournaments name would be VALORIOUS.

    Some of the gamemodes :

    FROG RAIN : Frogs are raining from the sky ! Avoid them because they WILL want to eat you (when on the ground)... [Already Done]
    GOTM (Goat of the mountain) : Basically King of the mountain but to gain points, you need to use your horn at the top of the mountain. Your horn also has some knockback. [Already Done]
    AXOLOTL FIGHT : Underwater Team Fight with Tridents. The goal is to kill all the other team or to kill the other teams axolotl. (The axolotl can move with the player by the use of a leash)
    WARDEN MAZE : A maze with multiple ennemies. The goal is for your team to find 2 shriekers and activate them. By doing so, your teams warden will spawn, allowing you to win.


    Builders :

    For the builders that are interested, you may contact me by discord but please send pictures of builds you made !

    Testers :

    For testers that are interested, you can send me a request by discord. Please take note that the tournament is made for teams of 3. If you already have a team to test with, be my guest but otherwise you might be placed with other people.

    Content Creators :

    Hey there content creators ! Glad to see you are still reading this ! If you are interested in participing, please make sure before contacting that you have at least a semi-active streaming/youtube channel.

    Thanks everyone for reading !

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