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    Quote from pcfusion

    Also if you want to have a serious discussion about the game, and put your idea's for how the game should be improved out there you don't start by making the title of your forum post "IS MINECRAFT BECOMING A JOKE?" because firstly it is a childish attempt at attention and secondly your going to be flamed by everyone who thinks the updates are just fine, like myself.

    In the future should you want to be serious and offer up some proper speculation, your subject line should read "Thing's I like and don't like about the update" etc... etc.... that subject line is much more appealing, and will give people a better perspective of you, when clicking on your thread to read and post their view points.

    Tabloids, Newspapers, TV use what they call a 'hyperbole'.

    I know, high tech stuff right? The title grabbed both of our attention!
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    I agree Trenix isn't getting enough backing in this. 90% of this thread has been unintelligible variations of telling someone (Trenix) off. There's no discussion, just fanboy attacks on constructive criticism. Discuss with valid points. Don't throw rocks unless you can offer content to the discussion.

    I played this game back in classic. Notch used to have secret update Friday where he would continuously develop content every week to keep things fresh. The content was *quality*. Everything from Torches, water effects, terrain development, to new biomes (BEFORE someone posts 'lol quality? pixelated grafix idiot.', I'm talking about how the game feels, so don't bother).

    I will give Notch an A+ with the massive Adventure update that he released. It got me back into playing Minecraft after a down period of a few months. This is the quality that the game followed originally.

    I for one agree the NPCs and the 'Snow Golems' are horrible. Testificate is a joke, hands down. If it's permanent, Mojang is screwing with us. Snow Golems? Sure, there's a use for them such as farming mobs, but there could be better global uses for them rather than just catering to mob-trap survival mode players.

    Notch (tries to?) keep[s] this game open. This game's principle success is it's infinite methods of gameplay. Some take it serious, and build massive structures of awe. Others are satisfied with a wood house, and like to screw with the mechanics of Red Stone. Hell, some people just play the game to run headlong into a cave just killing things.

    Now that I've heard of the egg thing, I'm not quite sure. I do think it's getting a bit ridiculous. The NPCs should be pigmen, or something related. Pigmen would be the most logical route, and would 'fit'. Snow Golems are an obvious point as well. When I first saw both of them, I honestly still think it's a pre-release joke.

    To sum it all up: I think Notch is still dedicating his time to the game. Sure, it's not as much as it used to be, but it's still there. Also, I'm with Trenix on his original reasoning and suggestions before the Markus-Persson-ass-licking-train showed up. He's a Developer, guys. Pressure keeps developers on goal.
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