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    Nope I'm certainly not content I've just stopped spending as much time in the forums and all but stopped playing Minecraft until the API comes out. My hope there is that I will be able to easily pick and choose what aspects make it into my game because I enjoy Minecraft I enjoy challenge but tedious != challenge and playing on creative isn't a viable option in my book.
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    After the whole zombie hording snafu (Its just tedious and I've been saying that since 1.6 was still in pre-release ~.~ ) I've stopped really caring what Mojang does to the game. Some of the ideas in 1.6 were good but they were just implemented so poorly that they feel like a bad half thought out MOD, certainly not something that deserves to be in the core game.

    I've essentially walked away from MC until the API comes out and check back periodically to see if there is any news.
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    posted a message on Saddles do NOT need a recipe! (POPULAR)
    Quote from ElectroArc

    "Crafting recipe can be ingnored" is the stupidest argument I've seen yet on here. Sure, it can be ignored. Why not make command blocks craftable then? Or bedrock? I mean yeah, that would absolutely wreck every server made but hey, not everyone would have to use it, crafting recipe could be ignored. Makes sense, right?

    I dunno about that I think snow golems are hands down the stupidest most repugnant abomination to ever besmirch Minecraft. However I am able to simply ignore the fact that they exist without feeling the need to author threads about how they should be stricken from the game. Its also somewhat of a hyperbole to suggest that being able to craft a saddle is even remotely similar to being able to craft bedrock or command blocks.

    Also just noticed a Why you do not support keeping saddles as RNG loot exclusives and that is a nice addition to the survey. However the whole "too lazy", "too cheap" and general connotation that Iron or Leather is too difficult to acquire .... That just seems to add a lot of personal hostility towards the prospect into a survey I take it you wish to be taken seriously and as such should remain as neutral/objective as possible.

    Maybe try something along the lines of
    I think the old recipe was fine
    I don't think they should rely exclusively on RNG
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    posted a message on Before 1.6: 'Minecraft is too easy!' after 1.6: 'Minecraft is too hard!'
    It isn't even really that it is that much harder as much as it is just annoying.
    If anything It is actually a bit easier since all you need to do is plop a block down in front of your door and *EXPLOSION NOISE* instant zombie grinder.

    Course I don't start out by just running blindly into the night with a wooden sword. I tend to secure a base, plant crops, gather livestock and craft at least iron armor before I even consider serious exploration. Usually taking with me enough supplies to set up a nice temporary shelter should the need arise.

    Quote from Kitteh6660

    I find Minecraft too hard. In 1.5.2, I can handle, no problem. Now it's frustrating. Zombies have a radius of 40m.

    Now zombies are too hard. I am going to have to make a mod to nerf the zombies back to 1.5.2.

    I've actually been thinking about adding a conditional to the zombie AI so they only have a stupid OP detection range during either the new or full moon (not sure which). I think the swarming might not be as obnoxious if it wasn't an every day thing.

    Problem is there is only so much you can do with two active hostile mobs. We really need more.
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    posted a message on Saddles do NOT need a recipe! (POPULAR)
    Quote from Winter_Mage

    If saddles gets a crafting recipe how come not melon seeds is what I was trying to say.

    Because this isn't Monsantocraft !!1!1!one!1!oneone!1RAEGE1! :lol:

    In all seriousness tho I really wouldn't mind if melons occurred outside of chests. Course I am also for dedicated/naturally occurring apple trees and berry bushes. Possibly with accompanying pie recipes but I digress.

    Chests for me have always been a just a little perk, nothing that drove or shaped my game. Similarly to villager trading, I want to do it if I want to do it not because its being forced on me. Especially with how annoying zombies are now even in normal you have to exploit the game mechanics* or the first village you find is going to be all but wiped out the first night.

    People want some sort of natural progression and challenge. Which is is awesome I am 100% for that. My major issue is that RNG is not natural progression, it is taking the laziest possible out. Cranking up the detection range on zombies to some ludicrous number isn't challenging its just really really annoying. It isn't that the ideas that Mojang has are bad. The occasional rare chest loot or zombies that hoard on say the new moon would be kinda interesting. it is that things are just being implemented so haphazardly and with such inconstancy.

    When what we need are more crafting stations, tech trees and new mobs**.

    I have religiously played Vanilla and I honestly never thought I would be to this point but I want the API out so bad right now and my friends have started to ask me to get mods up on the server I have been maintaining for them. Which makes me cringe like you would not believe.

    *get all the villagers inside a building and block the entrance with a cube of something. Because there will be a zombie hoard and the villagers will open their doors at exactly X time regardless of what 15+ flesh eating monsters are still on the other side. Guaranteed. Who knows maybe a villager AI update is in the works.

    **actually thinking about scripting a new neutral/hostile daytime mob that starts spawning naturally after the first day or lunar cycle. Sadly my java is sooo rusty and I have next to no clue how to go about rendering or texturing said mob.
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    posted a message on 1.6 = It's Zombie Apocalypse Naow!
    I think annoying describes it quite accurately.
    Change some things around and it might work but as it stands meh.
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    posted a message on Saddles do NOT need a recipe! (POPULAR)
    Quote from Winter_Mage

    Adding quests into survival to unlock crafting recipes would upset the community because it would make minecraft survival seem like an rpg.

    At this point I think being able to craft saddles if it was balanced is plausible but unlikely to ever happen in reality.

    I'd like to point out however on what should happen to melon seeds because melon slices are an important brewing ingredient.

    At this point who cares if it has RPG elements or primitive Blunderbusses or XP or whatever. The common dismissive attitude would be that the people who don't like X can simply mod it. Tho I don't really feel that unlocking recipes is the way to go with so few recipes in the game. Yes I said few. Unless they are going to get into some seriously exotic crafting. I do think that the whole crafting system needs to be torn down and reassessed. Its largest fault being that you can craft anything from the start of the game with one magical workbench. Meaning that there is no real progression save for calling for rarer and rarer ingredients. When that fails the crutch seems to be throw everything into an RNG loot table.

    Which leads to this, I'm guessing by balanced you mean needs Dragon teeth and Wither bones....... I apologize in advance but it seems more often than not when someone says something like that their idea of "balanced" seems to be something along the lines of so punishingly impractical it isn't funny.

    Personally I can't wait for the API to be done since the only two things that have kept me from modding have been that. It is slightly more complicated than I would like at present and every other time the game updates every other mod breaks and you are stuck in limbo. Once those issues have been largely minimized I plan on modding the ever loving hell out of Minecraft. As I have been finding it boring and the execution/implementation of new features rather hamfisted. Don't get me wrong I still love Minecraft to death and all.

    Side note, not sure I have heard anything one way or the other about melon seeds but do tell.
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    posted a message on Since when is minecraft a constant onslaught of zombies?
    Quote from SpaceMonkeyBalls

    I like and hate the idea of Zombie apocalypse at the same time.
    What Mojang should do is to associate a difficulty level with biomes. You should start in a "safe" biome and villages should be located in "safe" biomes. Then there should be "dangerous" biomes that will spawn more dangerous mobs and zombie apocalypses. As a reward for navigating dangerous biomes, they could include temples and ruins with extra fat loot.
    One idea of communicating the biome difficuilty to the player could be the moon. Have a dangerous looking moon in dangerous biomes and a normal moon for safe ones.
    You could play a lot with this idea.... some mobs could only spawn in certain biomes, associate different textures or have different landscapes or features in "dangerous" biomes (such as cemeteries).

    One thing that I dislike about Minecraft, especially with the Mo'Creatures mod, is that practically all evil mobs spawn everywhere with roughly the same frequency, except cave spiders or slimes. I think Minecraft would be much more interesting with a more Biome-orientated approach to mob spawning and perhaps also resource/ore frequency.

    I was actually thinking about jumping into the JAR and adding a single if statement to the zombie AI so they only had stupid detection range when there was no moon. Since that would at least mitigate the annoyance to some degree. Not sure how hard it would be to change the outline of the lunar halo to a reddish color instead of a white/blue.

    Hostile biomes would be interesting and I do really agree that MC needs more mobs. Some natural progression would be nice. Mojang really can't just keep futzing around with like the only two hostile mobs the game has. Since all that will get you is a game that is virtually unplayable at the beginning and far too easy by the end.
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    posted a message on Baby Zombies
    Quote from DragonHeroBlaze

    I was being sarcastic.

    The sad thing is I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who's initial response was "That's a great idea!" ~.~
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    posted a message on Since when is minecraft a constant onslaught of zombies?
    Nothing says lovin' like trying to luck your way into an RNG saddle and while I had found plenty of Horse Armor, Name Tags, Records and my first witches hut.... No saddles in sight. Finally finding a village (the first one I have run across that didnt have a blacksmiths shop) and by the time you have been able to secure it with a wall and build them a iron golem to help deal with the fact that.

    1) Villagers ignore the fact that there are still zombies outside and just open the door when its time for them to go about their day.
    2) The little zombies don't burn up in the daylight anyhow.

    There was exactly ONE villager left.......... tho thankfully I had traded with them and cleared as many zombies as I could for the two previous MC days.

    But Zaibach you say, just go to the nether fix yourself up a potion stand, come back and use a golden apple to cure some more villagers..... or just slog around until you find another village*. To that I say, because it isn't fun having all the extra contrivacey crammed down my throat.

    If I have learned anything it is that I have been playing the game wrong. As obviously it is Mojangs intent that I exploit the game mechanics and then complain that its "too easy" to kill zombies from my dirt bunker. Which it arguably is.

    *Which I did try, I tried "exploring" for three strait MC days nonstop then deleting the world.
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    posted a message on "Fix Lag by Allocating More Ram!"? Untrue.
    Actually to be honest I was impressed with how well 1.6.x has been running in comparison to 1.5.x

    going from 1.4 to 1.5 I was forced to start using Optifine because textures I had no trouble with before made minecraft virtually unplayable*.
    going from 1.5 to 1.6 I was expecting it to get even worse but I dropped my fave 128x TP into the resources folder and it worked like a charm.

    Tho I did have an issue with setting the ram in the launcher initially since it sets the base at -Xms1G and when I changed that blindly to 512 java kept crashing because it couldn't allocate the insane amount of memory I didn't have :P Changed that G to an M and all was good.

    *3/4 of the time with 1.4 I was just too lazy to bother patching with MCP or Opti after an update because other than textures I play Vanilla. The artifacting on Stone/Fire/Water really didn't bother me that much and it seemed more often than not as soon as I would get around to patching, MC would update.
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    posted a message on The Pigs And The Horses
    I choose Donkeys because they are actually useful.

    But if I had my way Horses would be the GoTo mount and the pig saddle would be a rare dungeon drop so they could continue to act as a status symbol for those who feel one is required.
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    posted a message on Saddles do NOT need a recipe! (POPULAR)
    I see no reason there should not be a crafting recipe.

    I do find it sorta ironic that the people who are arguing the hardest argue both that being able to craft it would be too easy and often at the same time that they are super easy to get via RNG (dungeons/villagers). If they are easy to get via RNG what is the problem with a recipe?

    Bottom line, it isn't that saddles shouldn't be crafted or that their recipe needs to be flat out stupidly complicated, the base recipe was fine..... it is that Minecraft needs to have its whole crafting system overhauled. Not just have new items lazily heaped into RNG loot pools because its the easy quick fix answer.

    All that said whenever I find a chest I'm generally happy with whatever is in it because it is usually a nice little perk. Yeah I have piles of Redstone for example but I'm still thrilled to find a few Redstone dust. So it isn't like the recipe and the RNG couldn't co-exist one does not have to cease being so the other can exist.
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    posted a message on Do you think 1.6.1 is a success or a failure
    Eh 1.6 for me exists in that realm suspended between success and failure.

    On the one hand I like the idea of horses and zombie hoards but both were sorta ruined in the implementation.Neither has changed how I play the game one iota. In fact the Zombie hoard has managed to make the game easier so far.

    Yes I said easier! Before when I wanted to grind up some XP relatively quickly I would have had to EXPLORE to find a dungeon and take the time to build a mob grinder. Now I just plop down a block and open the door to my house, wait about 30 sec and blindly start swinging my sword.

    The way "hoarding" was implemented also fails thematically since all they did was crank up the detection range to an obscene value. Then people are all "This is the best thing since EVER, its just like the zombie movies where they mob up on people" all the while ignoring the fact that in movies/television etc zombies are also usually stupid and if you are careful they will completely ignore you. Nope these zombies just have a GPS tracker strapped to you. Its more obnoxious than it is "challenging".

    What we needed was more unique mobs and some sort of tiered structure for encountering them probably based on game events like achievements and the like. To give the game some sort of progression instead of just jacking with the starter mobs.

    Horses similarly are a good idea in theory but fail in execution for me. People complained that they would ruin the game or some other such thing so they removed the ability to craft the saddle and added it to the loot tables for chests and villagers...... This is MineCRAFT not MineRNG. So the result is I have found fields of horses but have yet to appease the RNG gods sufficiently to find a chest with a saddle in it.

    If they did anything to the crafting recipe it should have been a total overhaul of the crafting system not just heaping it into RNG. Something like changing the Anvil into a crafting table required to do advanced crafting with iron etc. Instead of relying on just the work bench that can magically craft all the things at all times.

    To summarize at this point they could have not changed zombies and not added horses and it would have had the same effect on my game play as adding them has.

    I am loving the bug fixes, the Clay blocks are nice and the Hay bales are cool. I'm pleased about the change to resource packs since that is one step closer to an API.
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    posted a message on Are You Psyched About 1.6?!?!?
    I think at this point I could take or leave 1.6
    The base ideas are good but the overall execution not so much.

    On the plus side it gets us that much closer to the API :D
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