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    posted a message on Regarding the free food you get from villages

    You mostly don't spawn in the vicinity of a village. So until you find one you need to gather your own food anyway. By the time you find a village you usually already have enough to eat, so it doesn't really change the game. You only might receive some more crops to plant.

    Maybe you just got lucky in your particular seed.
    I've had worlds where the nearest village was a thousand blocks away from me, for whatever reason.

    Oh, and you're not delusional: Farmers do indeed farm ripe crops and even distribute them among their peers. That's why you can set up breeders where the villagers feed themselves.

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    posted a message on Vertoak City v13

    I would be interested in downloading, but this does not seem very trustworthy. Maybe if you posted some more and higher resolution pictures and gave more information?
    Because right now this could be a malware link.

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    (The following pictures have been taken in during different stages of the building process. Therefore sometimes the decoration has changed a bit. Don't let this confuse you. For example I changed the art section of the textures later and retook some screenshots.)

    In ancient Rome, wealthy citizens dedicated large spaces of their city houses to internal gardens. These were called "peristylium" which comes from the greek "peristylon" = "being enclosed by columns".

    I found this idea fascinating and built this house, which is loosely inspired by the layout of ancient roman city homes.

    It should be a fully functional base, so it contains a lot of elements that were definitely not featured by roman houses, for example an indoor wheat farm and a nether portal.
    It also misses other rooms that were part of the typical roman house, for example a Tablinum (study) and several Cubiculi (small bedrooms).

    Original construction site:

    House 1/4 ready, but I changed the layout again since then. I feel, there is not one block in this entire building that I have not placed, removed, placed again and finally replaced by another one at least 3 times.
    Looks a bit like an ancient ruin.

    Next step: Making ornate ceilings.
    I tore it down though. :( Didn't match the theme. But I still like this picture.

    Another outtake: Painted floor.
    The inscription says "MMXII" which is 2012 in roman numbers.

    Finally ready:

    ... well, at least more or less. There are some parts still unfinished, but it's good enough to show it off.

    Seen from the front...

    ...and when you come inside, you will be in the actual garden, the Peristylium:

    Entering the main house you will see wall paintings and a painted ceiling:

    On the second floor there is the dining room, based on the roman "triclinium":
    It has two large basins for heating.
    The new uspide-down corner stairs make a lot of things look very neat. :D Thanks, Mojang!

    Furthermore there is the bedroom:

    Also on the second floor is a library. As you can see I retextured the bookcase a bit. I wanted it to look like wax tablets and scrolls, but the scrolls are not really recognizable.

    In the basement there is a thermal bath:
    At first you will enter the Apodyterium, the changing room. It is only sparsely furnished here - it has a heating basin, a little shelf and a chest to store your clothing.

    A picture over the stairs reminds you to wear bathing sandals:

    Descending the stairs you will come into the Caldarium, the hot room.

    Under the stairs is something that wasn't part of the roman bath, but is an important feature of the Hamam, the turkish
    bath: A hot stone.

    The muslim world adapted and evolved the roman bathing culture after the collapse of the roman empire and added their own elements. I once experienced such a hot stone on my holidays in Turkey and thought it would be a nice addition to the hot room here.
    Under the platform (which is from marble set in with other colorful minerals in reality) I put lava for heating.

    Next to the Caldarium is the Tepidarium, the medium warm room. It was often the most decorated room in the entire bath structure and the center of it. The room temperature is about 38°C - just a bit higher than the body temperature.
    Here I made it into a room to rest in and enjoy art and tropical plants.

    The third room - insulated from the Caldarium by the Tepidarium - is the cold room, the Frigidarium.
    You can cool down, wash yourself in the little basin in the Apsis (the niche in the wall) and again enjoy art. There is a chest which contains buckets of water and sponges.
    The frigidarium in the large therme of Caracalla had 1600 marble seats on which you could let yourself be doused with cold water. Well - this one only has 3 couches and an algae problem.

    The rooms in the one-storey parts of the house around the garden contain a kitchen, a wheat farm, a melon farm, a crafting and a potions room, a sugarcane farm with cocoabeans, a pumpkin farm with mushroom incubator (which is a fancy name for "small dark room in which I grow mushrooms") and a room that contains equipment for exploring (weapons, armour, maps, dogs and such).

    When you leave the crafting room you will come to the tree farm behind the house. I left the ancient Rome theme there and settled for something vaguely "crystal palace" like.
    The rear wall carries a giant face. I wanted someone like Neptun or another ancient deity. Unfortunately you can't make faces very well with 1m³-blocks...

    I also built a house for villagers. I wanted something like an "insula" - a living quarter for poor people in Rome.

    Each of the two storeys is divided into small rooms that are (hopefully) recognized als houses by the villagers. The inner rooms are accessible by walkways with only stairs and half-slabs (transparent blocks) above them, while the rooms have full-block ceilings.
    The back of the house is only built in normal stone bricks and not in the more elegant sandstone.

    In the ground floor there is a little area for cooking and eating because the individual rooms are too small for an oven.

    And there is also a pottery in the first storey:

    Last here are a few pictures of assorted architecture that is scattered in the surrounding of my house:

    Entrance to my slime farm:

    The "Diana Temple" - entrance to my zombie farm:

    And my cobblestone generator with the mysterious tiny oasis in the background. (Under the tree I burried a command block disabeling mob griefing. ;-) )

    And this is an elaborate plan for the redesign of the grounds around the house. ;)

    Still to do:

    • thermal bath in the basement
    • carrot- and potato-farm
    • slave quarters (Sorry, I know, slavery is bad and I don't encourage it, but in ancient Rome such luxury was unthinkable without slaves. And in Minecraft we have Testificates...)
    • prettier facade and outside area
    • expanding the absolutely non-roman transportation system. (Atm I only have tracks to my hunting site.)

    I hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for reading.
    Ideas, comments, praise, criticism, flowers, chocolates and congratulation cards are always welcome.

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    posted a message on New slimmer arms model being tested
    Quote from UltimateFanBoy

    Uh...why? No female Minecraft player complained about this, as far as I know.

    I might not complain, but I actually prefer the slimmer arms.
    How many female Minecraft players have you asked for their opinion about it?
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    posted a message on Disappointed by the new update
    Hello, fellow minecrafters,

    I'm usually not the person who easily starts to complain about new minecraft features, but this time I am dissapointed by the new update.
    Here is why:

    The ocean floor is still boring. Underwater monuments are rare and don't contribute to the overall atmosphere of the landscape.

    The sea lanterns seem to have the same properties as glowstone lamps - they only look different. While I appreciate "decorative" as a reason to add a new block I also think they don't give you anything really new and useful.

    The sponges are a good addition, but I'd rather see them on the seafloor as a kind of vegetation. It would break the monotony. Some underwater flowers or plants would be nice too, just as decoration.

    I DO like the new green stone blocks - they look nice.
    But I DON'T like the new mobs. It's not as if minecraft didn't already contain enough creatures who want to kill us.

    I'd rather see a new tameable mob in the monuments - for example dolphins or sea turtles that you could tame and tie to your boats to make them move faster and without pressing W all the time.
    It would also be nice to get a new enchantment to prevent your boats from breaking. That would be a nice thing to find in the monuments.

    What are your opinions about the new update? Do you have ideas to make it better?
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    posted a message on WorldPainter - graphical & interactive map creator/generator
    Quote from Captain_Chaos

    • The editor now uses tile based painting instead of maintaining one large image of the entire world. This makes creating and loading large worlds faster and conserves memory, making it possible to create larger worlds, as well as working around a Java bug that causes display corruption for large worlds
    • Some basic bulk modifications are now available for existing maps: you can remove trees and/or other vegetation, remove man made structures, remove resources/ores and fill in caves. The options are on the Merge screen. You can control *where* these modifications will be performed using the Read-Only layer and or the tile selection on the Merge screen. The modifications are performed *before* the WorldPainter layers are applied, so you can use them to replace trees or ores, etc.

    Would it be awkward to say that I love you?
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    posted a message on Why Minecraft is Bad, and Why I Still Play It.
    Quote from frettory




    Will do. :)

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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    posted a message on WorldPainter - graphical & interactive map creator/generator

    Thank you! :)
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    posted a message on Epic build-off the Ages. Round 3: Roman Age
    That is a fascinating project!

    Btw.: What resource pack do you use?
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    posted a message on Command block book
    That would be awesome! I would use this teaching map.

    Oh, and you can make such a book too for keeping.
    There are these two programs:

    They will make it easier for your to edit books.
    And with Revise you can actually save book files. If somebody wants to, they can download Revise and the book file you provide and then export the file into their own world. So they can look up stuff later.
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