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    New video to show off the egg placing animation better. This one is 60 FPS at 1080p, so hopefully it's as clear as it can be with the terrible YouTube compression. :)

    The colors are way off, though, not sure what's up with that. :P

    Quote from HeartofDragons»

    It looks fantastic! I especially liked the animation for egg-laying, 'cause that's exactly what it looks like when dragonflies (or damselflies) do it. Excellent work! :D

    Glad you like it, I'm happy with how it turned out.:)

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    Looks like Dinnerbone has added quivers. This may require you guys to rethink how you're going to continue the mod. (Also, it looked like from the screenshot there will be potion arrows...so there's one feature the mod doesn't need anymore.)


    One good thing coming from this...it sounds like Dinnerbone rewrote a some of the crap projectile code.

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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Improved First Person (Zaggy1024 taking over)
    Quote from vrackfall»

    So how is it going ?

    I ran into an annoying speed bump trying to figure out how to make the camera follow a model part. It might take a while, because I'm not that great at figuring out matrix transformations. :\

    Quote from CIoudyroach»

    If you guys want to see how its like then there are a couple of modpacks containing IFP

    Why should people download a whole modpack just to try out one mod? 0.o

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    Quote from vrackfall»

    EDIT 1 : Make an 1.8 version is too complicate because the block pos replaced x y z.

    How is that a problem? We don't really have to deal with BlockPos.

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    I've finally gotten around to making a basic and crappy version of the mod run on 1.8. Now I have to work out how to fix the positioning of the head, because I'm unsatisfied with how it worked before.

    I welcome whoever may be working on a version for 1.7 to continue working on it, as backporting it will take time away from me working on new features for the mod.

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    I will not be updating this mod.
    The reason I am trying to hand this off is in
    If you want to use the mod in a mod pack, just credit me and link to this thread.
    Also, it appears I broke the whole first post, so I guess there's no more info about how to use the mod. This is why I hate WYSIWYG.
    Better Archery Mod
    For Minecraft 1.6.2/1.6.4

    This mod adds some new bows, various new arrow types, and quivers to hold arrows and allow you to easily switch between arrow types to fire.

    This mod does not replace vanilla bows, so if you want to use the bows from this you'll have to craft them. The vanilla bow crafting recipe is removed, however, and the crafting recipe for the normal bows is changed to have leather for padding on the string, see the list of bows below.

    The bows from this mod are meant to be used with the quivers, not with arrows straight in your inventory, because with quivers you can nock the arrows quicker and switch between them more conveniently. Do not judge the pull-back times without your arrows in a quiver in your inventory.

    This mod has to replace the vanilla arrows to make them able to split, expect a message saying item ID 262 is mismatched.

    Skeletons will spawn with this mod's bows, with a small chance of spawning with a longbow, and a larger chance to spawn with a recurve bow. They also have a chance of spawning with potion arrows (poison or weakness). If you enable "allowSkeletonGriefing" in the config, they also have a chance of spawning with fire arrows, and a much much lower chance of spawning with impact explosive arrows, but only in hard mode.

    Download link!
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Improved First Person (Zaggy1024 taking over)
    I still want to update this mod to 1.8, because it's quite complicated the way the mod has to change the way the game renders in first person, and I'm afraid that to hand it off to someone else would just lead to me spending the same amount of time as I would updating it myself.

    Also, in the past, it hasn't been too hard for me to update, so it would be a nice thing to do in my free time on the weekends (although I'm going to work Sundays, so it won't be as much time as I'd like).

    Sorry I haven't updated the thread in so long.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Improved First Person (Zaggy1024 taking over)
    I'm going to try and update this in my free time now (I hadn't worked on the mod for a while), but I'm afraid that it's going to take quite a while to familiarize myself with the new layout of everything after all the changes that have been made to Minecraft, the Minecraft Coder Pack and Forge. Currently I have no idea what changes have been made to the rendering, so for all I know, the method the mod had used before to modify the rendering may not work anymore.

    Have patience, because it's gonna take a while. :)
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Improved First Person (Zaggy1024 taking over)

    Improved First Person
    Originally by Kes5219, now being worked on by Zaggy1024

    Does it bother you that you have a disembodied hand, or that you can only see a very small portion of your skin, when in first person?

    This mod makes your third-person player model show in first person, so no more disembodied hands. :)

    Those aren't the only reasons you might want this mod, though. Having this mod makes you feel awesome while you're running. Being able to see your two hands moving like you're actually running really is cool.

    Also, bows are held in your left hand (like real-life right-handed archers), which also feels quite epic.

    Take a look at the screenshots to get an idea of what this mod does.

    Please post here if there's any information you think I should add to the OP.



    Flying creeper! (No, this mod doesn't make creepers fly. :P)

    Killing stuff!


    Right-handed bow-holding!

    Shameless self-advertising, these bows and arrows are from my other mod, Better Bows.


    Download links:
    Files list page on CurseForge (download the latest version on the list for your version of Minecraft) [direct]
    Take a look at the changelog on the file's page!

    Installation instructions:
    • Install Forge (instructions, see "Install Forge" section)
    • Download the latest version of the RenderPlayer API corresponding to your version of Minecraft and install it according to its instructions
    • If the file you downloaded for Improved First Person is a .zip, then extract the .jar inside.
    • Copy the .jar for Improved First Person to the mods folder (was the coremods folder before 1.6.2) in your Minecraft folder. (In Windows, the normal Minecraft folder is in %appdata%/.minecraft. You can type this path in Explorer.)


    Reporting problems:
    Before reporting a compatibility problem with this mod, make sure it isn't in this list of incompatible mods:
    • Gulliver Mod: Incompatible because it replaces the vanilla player model.
    • Better Animations Collection: Same problem as above.
    • Any other mods that cause you to see inside your head: It's likely to be the same problem that the above mods have.
    • Optifine: There appears to be an issue where Optifine replaces the player rendering code Improved First Person injects, try renaming your Improved First Person mod file in your mods folder to something starting with 'z' (to make it load after Optifine).

    If it crashed, post:
    • What you were doing when it crashed
    • The crash log, if there was one
    • How you installed it (yes, you do have to post this.)
    Use a [spoiler] tag!!

    • You may decompile this mod to study its code only.
    • If you wish to provide a download link in your website(only the original links, direct and Adfly) you may do so, but include a link to the original thread in your site's download page.
    • If you want to include this mod in your modpack, you may include this mod in your modpack but without making money from it (Using Adfly links, etc. Asking for donation is fine.). Also, you have to provide a link to the original thread in your modpack's download page and credit me.

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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Improved First Person (Zaggy1024 taking over)
    PHEW. It took a large portion of the day, but I finally figured out how to inject the code into the Animated Player mod properly in the normal (obfuscated) game. I'm rather unsatisfied with how I had to solve it (it'll make releases just a little harder to do), but oh, well. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. :P

    I'm uploading it now, but it may be a few days before the CurseForge guys approve it.
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