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    Quote from Bakedtoast

    If I had to remove one thing from minecraft, I'd probably remove cows and dairy, because it cheeses me off. The cup's half empty, not half full, when it comes to milk buckets. It's no use crying over spilt milk, so there's no reason to have a cow when I mention removing cows and dairy. You can be stubborn as an ox about this suggestion, but don't be such a bull. Cows are too big for their britches, because the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. And if you don't like my idea then don't fawn all over it please. I might have made a moostake by suggesting this in the midst of a crowd of bovine beneficiaries.

    Woah, and my friends think I make bad puns... :steve_lol:

    Well, I can never come up with 1 answer, so I guess I'll start with 1.4+ Skeleton AI. They're a royal pain in the neck to kill. Also these things see me through walls and that isn't cool man.

    Then there's most of the fanbase of the "Team Crafted" stuff. When I say most it's because not all of them are bad, others are just "meh, hes okay i guess" and I dont hate them for that. To be honest Sky a.k.a Adam and Bajancanadian were way better when they 1st started.

    I wouldn't touch any mob removals really, and despite most others I'd rather keep the bat and silverfish! ;)

    That, and in a sarcastic sense I'd remove lag. But hey, who wouldn't?
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    I've always pondered the idea of new types/variations of mobs. These 3 ideas aren't that bad actually. The spitter spider could use a slight nerf on the frequency of it shooting, depending if you mean they shoot as fast as a skeletotn at close range. The withered pigman, I actually thought those existed when I first got 1.4. :steve_sillyface: As for the voided slime, I'd increase the spawning level from bedrock to level 17. As the only time your going to be seeing it is if you have a large cleared out mine that just so happens to be close enough to bedrock. Other than that, sounds good to me!
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    Quote from UltimateFanBoy

    Hello. ಠ_ಠ

    Ah, hello! When I mentioned that I wanted to sum it up in a nut shell so it doesn't become too much of a lecture. It by no means ment any form of offense. My apologies if I did!
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    Quote from Admiral_Insane

    Though I like how often their updating the game, this is kinda disappointing.... An endermite? Really? Of all the other things they could be working on.....

    Well, I can see from that point.

    But I do like the fact that we FINALLY got a new ender mob. Though it irks me that they removed the feature of Endermen chasing and killing Endermites. That kinda breaks thier point considering they're supposed to be like a parasite. And the new model.. Eh... Well lets just say it's funky. But still like a parasite. I'm also quite excited for what Dinnerbone's plans for with these guys and the dragon egg are!
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    posted a message on NEW Nether and End dimension additions | Now with Pictures + Poll!
    Hello everyone. Before I begin I'd like for you all to know that I have read forum rules and this is also my 1st thread I've made on here. So, on to what you came here for.

    So I'm hanging out in the nether and end, and notice that they're both kind of empty. Not only that, but it feels more like a chore than an opportunity to go to either. Well, lets change that! I've came up with some suggestions for them and I would like to hear your thoughts on them! So here they are!

    NOTE: I will not be including any new boss mobs. Golems are a possiblilty, but not planned at the moment.

    The Nether:

    In older versions of Minecraft I have noticed that the nether had no real fog. That is no longer the case. I mean, I get it it's another dimension and practically hell, but it's just a tad mor enjoyable when you can actually see things around you. I wouldn't necessarily go for completely removing it, but rather increasing the distance that it starts from about 1.5x – 2.0x from where it starts now. I am not talking about void fog, keep in mind.

    The lava flows a wee bit fast, wouldnt decrease by much considering its so darn hot down there, but reducing it to about %75-%80 of its current speed would be nice, so you can actually escape from it in time.

    Terrain generation:
    New obsidian beaches bordering the vast lava oceans. It only makes sense as well, considering that you make a portal of obsidian to get here, and when lava reaches the edges, chances are in realistic terms it's going to cool into obsidian.

    Nether Dungeon. Nothing too special about it, basicly just a dungeon in the nether with the exception of it's made out of nether brick. Also, there will be chances of these to generate with up to 3-4 dungeons forming a single large one. The loot in here is generated the same as a nether fortress.

    Nether temples. These somewhat rare structures generate very similar to a jungle temple. I will see if I can provide screenshots in the future of a better representation of them as I will modify them slightly. These will have an unactivated nether portal inside them.

    Draconic caverns. These rare caves are large, and will have Wyverns spawn inside them. And no, theres no loot for ye to plunder. We aren't talking about Landia or Smuag here.

    Rift zone: This large area has more lava than normal, has obsidian, and even has Gold ore Redstone ore, and rarely Diamond ore and Emerald ore. Also generates with stone, and spatter cones at the bottom. If you want to know what these cones are: http://en.wikipedia....ne#Spatter_cone

    Giant mushrooms now have a chance to generate as well.

    Okay, lets face it; you saw this one coming hands down no questions asked. Now I know there was a post regarding this already, but that thread aimed for it basicly being an enderdragon in the nether. This is not the case.

    Behavior towards the player: Neutral
    HP: 50 hearts
    AI: Though mostly hanging out in their caves/lairs they will occasionally venture outside of them to fly about the nether. Will sometimes look at the player and if within a 100 block radius may land close to the player to check them out. Will attack if attacked and will sometimes breath fire if aggravated.
    Size: About %75 the size of the Ender Dragon, subject to change
    Damage: Easy:2 hearts Normal: 3 and 1/3 hearts Hard: 6 hearts

    Model: I may post a model, but it may be a while before I do.

    Here's the post I mentioned:

    Rack beetle.
    Behavior towards the player: Hostile
    HP: 12 hearts
    Armor: 1 and 1/2 armor points
    AI: Spawn rate is between Zombie Pigmen and Magma Cubes. Is fire resistant. Only spawn in groups.
    Size: 1x1x2
    Damage: Same as spiders. This includes difficulty changes. However, they may also set you on fire starting on Normal.
    Drops: Infernal Venom. Can be also used for fire resistance potions.


    Adiabatic creep
    Behavior towards the player: Hostile
    HP: 10 hearts
    AI: Spawn rate is slightly higher than magma cubes. Main AI is same as normal creepers. Immune to fire.
    Damage: Same as normal creepers, except lights some blocks on fire.
    Drops: Gunpowder, rarely blaze powder

    Pigman: This mob is the effect of giving a zombie pigman a splash potion of weakness, and a golden carrot. Nothing too special really, has 10 hearts, gold sword, and acts like a villager. Will also locate a portal and go through it if in the nether. And also will attempt to locate a village if one is near. The difference however, is that they will fight back against zombies and zombie pigmen. Will also regen like the player.

    Sand Crawler:
    I was looking for a small bug like critter to roam the Nether's depths. This critter may in the end look something like a grub, or a ghast in pupa stage. Maybe even a head crab but we'll see.
    Behavior towards the player: Hostile
    HP: 4 hearts
    AI: Spawns only in soul sand deposits, and rarely in deserts in the overworld. Can climb walls and stick to them, can even go upside down no problem. Will often wander from where they spawned. Does not suffocate.
    Damage: Same as Endermite
    Drops: Leather, sometimes sand or soul sand

    A mob like a Sea serpent like leviathin may appear in oceans and lava oceans in the dimensions respectivly, but must be awakened first.

    Blazes will have a very rare chance to spawn in the lava oceans.

    Magma cubes now spawn more commonly outside of nether fortresses.

    Magma Cubes also cannot swim, and if it dies of water damage as they will take damage from that, snowballs, and rain, will turn into a block of stone.

    Bats can now spawn in the nether.


    New Mushrooms:
    Mostly added for extra atmosphere, easier to get mushroom stew, and new giant mushrooms. But I don't know if I'll keep this one.

    Nectite: This ore is found only in the nether, and is a orange color. It is used to craft Nectite blocks, and the special Nectite B.O.A.T.. (Let me know if you get the reference I made there :P ) Is also used for making Nectite tools/weapons and armor. Whats special about the Sword is that without enchantments it sets mobs on fire, and a full set of the armor which is chain strength, gives you fire resistance. As for the other tools and the boat, the tools are iron strength but cannot mine redstone, diamond, gold, or emerald, and the boat is fire and lava proof. What all of these Nectite tools and what not have in common, they cannot be destroyed in entity form by lava or fire.

    The End:

    No changes here as of writing/typing this.

    Terrain generation:
    The End will have smaller islands generating infinitely around the main island.

    A new ore known as “Void Quartz” now generates.


    EDIT: These guys will more than likely spawn AFTER the dragon has been defeated, as it will be a pain in the neck to deal with some speedy slimes and a speedy teleporting creeper. The Endermen and the dragon are enough.

    Ender Rhomb.
    So I got the idea from when I was thinking about Slimes and Magma Cubes. There were 2 Slimes each for a different dimension, so why leave out The End? Now there is already an idea for an “Ender Cube” but this one is different from that. I will provide a link to that thread though despite that.
    Behavior towards the player: Hostile
    HP: Have the same armor and HP stats as Magma Cubes.
    AI: Spawns 1/12th as often as Endermen. Has a low initial aggro radius, but will not stop chasing so long there is a line of sight. Similar to zombies. These mobs are faster than magma cubes and slimes.
    Size: Same as normal Slime, though size 6 Ender Rhombs have a rare chance of spawning.
    Damage: Keeping it the same as Magma Cubes for now.
    Drops: Mystic Plasma

    Ender Creeper.
    Now before you panic or get too excited I have no plans of making this one too OP.
    Behavior towards the player: Hostile
    HP: 10 Hearts
    AI: Spawns 1/20th as often as Endermen. Is faster than normal creepers. Also has a small chance to teleport when below 4 hearts of HP. Will not teleport within a 10 block radius of the player.
    Size: Same as normal creeper, however may have slightly taller legs and different torso
    Damage: Considering this guy is harder to engage in battle, they're explosion will be the same as normal creepers.
    Drops: Gunpowder and rarely Ender Pearls.

    Ender Rhomb alternate texture

    Awe yeah, watch out spiders, theres a new arthropod in town!
    HP: 15 Hearts
    AI: Spawns 1/20th as often as Endermen. Has the ability to spray acid at the player. Can also spray ender acid.
    Size: Roughly a tad larger than spiders
    Damage: 1 heart more powerful than spiders on all difficulties. Has the chance to also poison.
    Drops: Acid sac

    Rift ray a.k.a. Nachze, a.k.a. End Glider

    HP: 10 hearts
    AI: Spawns 1/50th as often as Endermen. Flys. Shoots acidic charges if aggravated. Aggravated when a End mob is slain with the Rift Ray in sight of it.
    Size: Relativley flat, shaped like a Manta Ray with 3 tails. Overall size is comparable to ghasts.
    Damage: Inflicts no melee damage, but rather damages via its acidic charges. The charges reach you twice as fast as ghasts fireballs do. Apart from dealing 8 hearts if a direct hit on hard mode, also spawns a source block of End matter where it hits.
    Drops: Acid sac and the same amount of XP as a blaze. Rarely drops Hyper matter and a void quartz crystal.

    Ender Crystals now give off a glare like effect if your an X distance away from them.

    Silverfish that go through the End Portal turn into Endermites.

    The Ender Dragon may hover and spew Ender Acid, like in the console versions.

    Mystic Plasma: Drops from Ender Rhombs. Can be used for potions of Jump Boost. Can also be used to craft a Mystic Slime block.

    Acidic Ectoplasm: Crafted by putting 8 acid sacs around a piece of Hyper Matter. Used in brewing to create the new potion of Dissolving. Whilst under this effect you may go through a block(s) and it may be broken.

    Amethyst crystal: Drops from the ore block. Used for crafting the Void Quartz blocks.

    Mystic Slime block: would behave very similar to that of the normal slime block. This however will put equal force upwards as was exerted downwards, that can lead to an infinite loop. Can stop this by sneaking when you land on the block. Can also walk on it faster than normal blocks. These blocks do not stick with normal slime blocks.

    End matter: The liquid of The End, this liquid has a similar look to water, but purple. This liquid is not pleasent to swim in however, as if you do, you will get the following effects: Poison 2, Nausea, and Weakness II, and a new effect, Teleportation. Teleportation does what it says, right clicking somewhere bare handed will let you be able to teleport to that spot. Amplified, depending on how much, gives you the ablility to teleport that many times. This however, apart from the other effects you just got whilst in that End matter, will give you damage whenever you teleport, albiet smaller damage than an ender pearl.

    Amethyst ore and décoration blocks: The ore generates randomly both in the main island and the smaller islands around it. Has about as many blocks in it as coal ore veins. Rarity is the same Nether Quartz in the nether. The decoration blocks are crafted the same way as the Nether Quartz ones are. These blocks however, when used in tandem with a beacon and the dragon egg, can re-summon the Ender Dragon.. This can only be done once, however and the dragon will be much more powerful than the 1st.

    End Stalk: This new mushroom is 2 blocks tall, with a white stem and purple cap. Used for making a new type of mushroom stew that gives you resist I and night vision to help you out in the end if your in there for a long time. These blocks also give off light.

    Endrygon a.k.a. Nagon: This rare blueish ore is found towards the bottom of the islands. It is used to upgrade golems, be it snow or iron. How this works? Well, you install new cores in to them by right clicking with 1 Gem if snow, and 1 Block if Iron. This gives Iron Golems enhanced AI, the ability to sprint, the ability to regen akin to the player, obtain an armor rating of full iron, and also moves underwater. For Snow Golems, they cannot melt, deal 1-3 HP of damage per hit of a snowball, regen when on top of a snow or ice block, along with enhancing AI. Both will back off to regen if they're facing too great a foe at too low health. Also can be used to craft a special anvil that will not fall nor break from use/falling, and a special Altar to upgrade potions level from 1 or II to III and IV, and get enchantment levels on tools and weapons up to X. To get them to level X however, it may take 50 levels, and the chances of better enchantments decrease with higher level tool tiers. Gold tools cannot be enchanted by it. Can also be crafted into Endrygon blocks.

    The actual End Portal block itself should give off a sound, like the Nether Portal block. However lets hope we get a different sound than the nether portal, as I despise that sound.

    I'd top hear your feedback and constructive criticisism!
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