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Does anyone even read these? Even so, what do you expect? Egotistical articles? Anime girl spam?

Really though, I'm a moderately (according to brain scan) brain damaged young man who occasionally pops on here. Don't be afraid to PM if you're curious about something or just wanna chat. I'm not as active as I used to be what-with the community dying out something fierce.

I also don't really have any snark like the whackjobs out in Suggestions, I don't really bite unless you antagonize me. If you're new here, here's a little tip: Don't waste your time in that sub-forum, there's so much wrong with it.

I mean, I also have a YT channel, but only reason I'd link it would be to have a chat every now and then.


These days you can typically see me actively playing Town of Salem, World of Tanks. Used to play MC a lot but with the community dying so's my motivation. Used to play Gmod but Valve are greedy scumbags and refuse to dish in the time/money to optimizing a zombie.

Occasionally I'll play Robocraft with some friends, Kerbal Space Program, Terraria,and get on Minecraft to chat with old community members before barfing at the terrain gen and "Java Edition."

I don't have an account there, but I tend to browse Spacebattles and Reddit.

I also am working in Blender, and writing a Sci-Fi book series.

Location Right behind you.

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Minecraft Zaffre_ PSN PSX best PS Steam ZaffreAqua Nintendo *Gets DMCA'd*