About Me

Hello there.

I'm a longtime player of Minecraft that has otherwise gone dormant all things considered. The forums closing roused me from my previously indefinite hiatus. I will on occasion post something here or there.


Nowadays I play lots of TF2. Used to play MC a lot but as time has gone by I've lost my mojo and have a hard time with the community that wasn't what it used to be. Used to play Gmod but Valve are greedy scumbags and refuse to dish in the time/money to optimizing a zombie.

Occasionally I'll play Kerbal Space Program, Terraria, and get on Minecraft to chat with old community members before barfing at the terrain gen and the scourge of Jappa.

I don't have an account there, but I sometimes lurk Spacebattles.

Location Right behind you.

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Minecraft Zaffre_ PSN PSX best PS Steam ZaffreAqua Nintendo *Gets DMCA'd*