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    Hello, my name is Zaccheus. I've been inspired by other Minecraft "journals", specifically Skibum's Journal and I have decided to create my own. But instead of a minecraft adventure, I will be creating a journal chronicling the building of a city.

    Basic Information

    *The city is built on an The Voxel Box server with access to unlimited resources and flymod.
    *The texture pack is The Voxel Box official texture pack.
    *Located at (800, 1950) This is here in case you want to check it out from above, you will have to download the latest cartograph rendering of the server located here.
    *You can see any pictures that do not make it into the main entries here.

    City Information

    More information on this later.

    NOTE: The links broke after the forum move. Just scroll down to find the other entries.


    *Entry One: Rebirth
    *Entry Two: The Wind Beneath My Wings
    *Entry Three: Ventus!
    *Entry Four: The Lightkeepers
    *Entry Five: The Library
    *Entry Six: New Horizons
    *Entry Seven: Bridges and Portals
    *Entry Eight: What Time is It?
    *Entry Nine: There and Back Again
    *Entry Ten: Come Sail Away

    Entry One: Rebirth

    Here is the piece of land I'm starting with.

    First, I created some towers that will eventually have some sort of bridge connecting them.

    I created a third tower. The main entrance to the town will be between this tower and the one it is connected to.

    I finished the main gates to the city (for the most part, it's likely that some tweaking to this will be done). I'm pretty happy with the way it looks.

    The next entry will most likely include a windmill field that will be situated on that mountain in the background. The primary dilemma I'm having right now is what type of windmills to build. I could build them in a more modern/futuristic style demonstrated here,here, and here, or a more medieval type of windmill such as this. If I do decide to build the windmills in more of a medieval style, I will add my own flare to them and definitely change the shape a little as I'm not a huge fan of the shape of the windmills. I will, however, keep the circular shape.

    I've tried to build the modern ones before, and they are extremely difficult to build and make it look correct. I think the medieval-style ones will be a bit easier to build, but I do really like the shape and style of the modern windmills.

    I realize that this entry may have been lacking in the picture department, but as the city advances, I will add more pictures to each entry as there will more things to show you guys. =D

    Anyways, tell me what you guys think, any feedback is much appreciated!
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    Awesome! I'm a sucker for dwarven cities and this one looks really exciting.

    And plus draws influence from LOTR and Elder Scrolls which is always a plus :biggrin.gif:
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    Entry Five: The Library

    Hey guys!

    Sorry for the postponement of this entry, I've been busy with school ending. But now it's summer and I have some great ideas for the town!

    Without further adieu...

    First thing I did was kind of just out on a whim. I just felt like building something and then this happened.

    I know I've wanted to have a place where in the city where the ships can dock, and this is it. Most travelers will come in through the rail system, so the docks will only house trading barges when I get to building them.

    Here's another pic of it in construction. Sorry for the fog, I usually play on normal render distance and switch it to far for some of the more important screenshots.

    And now it's done!

    I am thinking to add something to the right side of the picture on that little island there because right now the raised walkway holds no purpose whatsoever.

    Well, the most exciting thing that happened is that I managed to build my first building!

    The building will function as a library and....well, I'll tell you a bit more about it as we go through the screenshots.

    I started off with the basic layout of the building. I did loosely follow some sketches I had.

    This next one is the result of me trying to "3-d-ify" the walls and break up the glass.

    And the final product!

    I've worked on the interior a little bit, but I'm not going to upload any screenshots of it until it's complete, but it's a pretty unique interior! You can enter through the bottom tier of the building, or through the top tier (I will make a path from the top tier entrance to the windmill and will develop that area on top a little bit more).

    Anyways, I have to apologize that I didn't post my to-do list on the wiki, I'm still writing/organizing ideas for it.

    I have started building the rail station shell, but it is harder than I though to build a building around something rather than building a building and putting that something in it. But progress is coming along on that.

    The next building I plan to do is an engineering workshop/school.

    I plan to put it here, just to the left of the library.

    It will be connected to the library via an underground passageway that will house book archives and some engineering specific books as well as storage. I plan for a pretty interesting design as the building will be up on the cliff there. It will be a little challenging, but I'm sure it will come out great!

    I've also begun developing the port area (left of the docking area in the pictures), and I have some pretty cool ideas for that too! So next entry should be pretty interesting. :biggrin.gif:

    Anyways, thanks for reading guys and gals, I really appreciate it. Until next time...Adios!
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