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    Entry Ten: Come Sail Away!

    Hey all! I've been no-lifing the past couple of days so I have lots to discuss and show you guys!

    First things first. As the title suggests, I've been working on a harbor so I can have ships docked at Ventus.

    My first attempt at the dock was a failure, but I'll post some pictures of my progress. In the end, the dock just ended up not being a good shape and didn't really turn out how I thought it would in my head.

    The basic shape.

    And the finished product of the first attempt.

    So here is my second attempt. I had some land put in here.

    I will have to say I loooooove how it turned out. the white of the dock and the green of the grass is the perfect combo.


    Wait for it.

    Some more....

    :biggrin.gif: I want to stress that this ship is not built by me, it's just docked at the harbor I have built. The dock still remains largely incomplete for now. I need to add things such as lights, shrubbery, benches, etc. I also plan to add some smaller buildings there.

    On to the next order of business. I have been working on plotting the town a little further.

    This area is directly connected to the path leading into the train station. There will be shops and other buildings located around this section.

    Here are some pictures of the progress of the first building in this area.

    And the (almost) finalized exterior!

    I'm puzzled as to what to do with the roof of the circular section of the building so if you guys have any suggestions I will gladly hear them!

    The building is comprised of three tiers. The first two tiers can be accessed by the main level (where the clocktower is) while the lower tier can be accessed by the bottom section by the train station (the view seen below). Once in the building this is a stairwell where you can access all tiers.

    Now I want to discuss some plans I have for the future of this market area. I have an idea and the picture in my head is perfect, but I'm almost certain I'll fail at explaining it. But here goes. The whole marketplace will be comprised of multiple tiers as seen on the first building. You will be able to access different tiers by entering through either the bottom or top sections of ground. These tiers will span around the circle of pathway created by the path to the trainstation. They will rise above the paths leading off from the center circle and will bridge across them. The poorly poorly poorly edited picture below might help you visualize what I'm thinking to do.

    But yeah, if the above part is extremely confusing don't worry about it! I'll have more completed in the next entry.

    And that's pretty much all for this entry! I hoped you guys enjoyed reading/looking at pictures!

    Until next time...
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    Awesome! I'm a sucker for dwarven cities and this one looks really exciting.

    And plus draws influence from LOTR and Elder Scrolls which is always a plus :biggrin.gif:
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    Quote from Kanja Ryu

    I suggest you build that market place on the place "close" to the other city. Then find someplace elsewhere for the residential area.

    I never really liked that texture pack. You tempt me to try it again... Kudos for that alone allready :tongue.gif:

    I've started plotting for the marketplace and it's coming along quite nicely!

    Quote from D1amondF1st

    I have one more question, though. When you build a building (For example your latest: The trainstation), do you plan it all ahead, so you have a detailed scheme of your upcoming building, and you know exactly what to do, or do you just plan like this: 'Here will be this building, let's build!'?

    With smaller buildings, such as the station, I go in with a general idea of how I want it to look like. For example, for the station I wanted to have a curved roof and a balcony on the backside. Once I have the idea, I look up reference pictures and then start building and explore different techniques as I build. If one doesn't look right I'll tweak it. I find that if I meticulously plan out what I build I don't have much fun actually building them and they end up nothing like I planned them. But some planning is necessary I believe, just don't have every detail mapped out.

    Now with bigger builds, a stadium for example, you will want to plan more. You would need to plan the curves for the seating, the dome (if it is a closed ceiling, if it will be a circle or an oval, and the exact shape of the circle or oval. I go into paint or a similar program and plot out curves and such.

    But yeah....kind of a long-winded response XD

    Oh, and I took a look at your thread, it's very nice! And I see some fellow voxelbox-ers have commented on it as well.

    Anyways, I want to thank everyone for the kind words!
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    Entry Nine: There and Back Again

    Hi all!

    I know it's been.....well, months since I've been active, but I'm back now and here to stay!

    Let's get straight to what I've been working on. It's the biggest undertaking yet.

    I've been eyeing my pesky minecart station for a while now and it needed some major work. I had the main station there already placed by an admin on the server. But I need to make it pretty, and make it pretty I did.

    I built the station off of one idea and expanded from there. That idea was to have a large curved roof, possibly made out of glass such as this and this.

    This isn't a very good shot, but it shows the shape I decided to go with.

    A little more work on it.

    and the backside.

    The inside. This is the view you would see if you were to ride into the station during construction.

    Nearly complete.

    Main structure is complete!

    And I decided I needed to do something with the side of it. So I did this.

    Here's a view of the whole building before I added the entrance.

    The walkway to the enterance.

    And the final product!

    After that I did a quick bridge in another city. I originally was going to the make the bridge a straight diagonal but found it too difficult, so I went with a curve instead.

    My next step will be plotting out the city with paths and lights so I can start having other members building houses and stores! I'm not quite sure what to do with the path from the station. Should I branch roads off of it and have people build houses/shops there? It does get awfully close to another city if I do decide to do that. The main area by the clocktower will house main buildings, but I want a separate place for shops (a marketplace), and another definitive residential area. Any ideas are welcome ^^!

    That's going to be all for this entry, but I have some very exciting nautical happenings coming in the next release! Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated! :biggrin.gif:

    As always, you can check extra pictures of the town and my projects in my album! <--clicky
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    Sorry for the huge amount of inactivity, I went to a two week camp with no interwebs.

    I will be pretty busy with IRL things, but I should be getting back into minecraft pretty soon.

    Anyways, thought I'd just post this little update!
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    Entry Eight: What Time is It?

    Hey all!

    I don't really have too much to say....so let's get right to what I've been working on.

    As you can see from that screenshot, I extended the main path back a little and rounded it off at the end. We'll get to the building in the background later, but the main focus is the one in construction. The building is a clocktower. Here is the rest of its construction.

    My original intent was to make the tower round, but after seeing some pictures of some clocktowers like the Lane Tech clocktower and Big Ben, I decided to go with a more square-ish approach. I think that overall it turned out pretty good. Interior still needs to be done.

    That thing is an entrance to the city from the back. I have talked to the owner of a nearby town and we have made plans to create a path connecting our cities. This is the entrance from the path, it's not yet completed, but this is the basic layout of it.

    Also, as you can see from the last clocktower picture, I have begun trying to landscape the town square. I've found it very difficult to add much because of the small area that I am working with (it may seem big, but trust me, it's smaller than it looks XD). So hopefully next entry I will have found a solution for this.

    Ok, next order of business: the school. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite projects. It's quite fun to build in such a strange style.

    As you can see, I mirrored the building to the other side of the road. The backside of this building will obviously be different since it is not built into a mountainside, but I'm still working on that. The school will eventually extend to the opposite side of the library, these two buildings are just the lecture halls.

    I decided to add this red banner across the buildings to bring some color and life, something which Ventus is significantly lacking. Landscaping some, however, will help this. The picture also shows the beginnings of a curved walkway between the two buildings.

    That's all the new as far as Ventus is concerned, but I do have a few other topics to cover.

    The first is my building guide that you guys have been talking about. I have started on some basic ideas and I'm currently trying to dissect how I go about planning my builds and really the process I use. If that makes sense x_x I'm kind of tired. The point is that I have started on it and should have some sort of guide pretty soon :biggrin.gif:. Meanwhile, you can check out another guide here on the forums, Emily's Guide to Aesthetically Pleasing Homes.

    Here is a screenshot of something I threw together for the guide.

    One last thing....here are some screens of another building I am building in another town. It's not quite finished, but the exterior is pretty much complete. It's always fun building in different towns as you can challenge yourself with different styles that you are unused to building.

    Anyways, that pretty much it :biggrin.gif:

    Thank you all for reading!
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    posted a message on Emily's guide to aesthetically pleasing home (Updating soon!)
    Hmm....this is interesting. I love your houses :biggrin.gif:

    I would be willing to help a bit if you're interested. I could do some step-by-step houses and add them on the thread.
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    Hey guys!

    I'm still alive XD

    I'm working on the next entry as I write this, but it's going to have to wait until tomorrow...so expect a new entry then!

    I began to fill up the middle area by the library, which was previously empty.....and a little surprise with the town hall....
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    Hey guys, I just want to add a little update between updates really quick before I leave.

    Just wanted to show you some more WIP pictures of the engineering workshop.

    This is lecture hall B and lecture hall A will be built on the other side and will be near identical except for the backside which will be different because 'A' isn't being built into a mountain.

    The rest of the school/workshop will extend to the opposite corner of the library.

    Anyways, just wanted to show you guys that really quick.

    See you all later and thanks for reading! :biggrin.gif:
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    Entry Seven: Bridges and Portals

    Hey all!

    This is going to be the last entry before I go on vacation, and I actually got a lot done!

    I'm gonna start off with some things I did outside of Ventus first.

    Recently on the server many build-offs have been going on and I decided to compete in one. I picked a partner (ReaperOfDeath) and entered the contest. Although having a limited block pallete and a one hour time limit, we decided to manage this.

    You can see the blocks we were given to build with in the bottom left of the second image.

    It supposed to be a sort of mass relay for the transportation of spaceships. We also used this and this as inspiration.

    Although we didn't place, I still consider it a pretty interesting structure.

    Next thing I want to show you guys is a house I'm building. It is actually in Sedentarygecko's town on the server. If you don't know, he is the mastermind behind the step-by-step tutorials.

    All houses are built into a cliff. Here's mine.

    And some interior shots.

    Directly entering the building.

    And down the hallway that you can see on the right of the first picture.

    And looking back towards the entrance.

    Doesn't look that impressive, but I'm pretty happy with it :happy.gif:

    Now on to the work I've been doing in Ventus.

    As you know from my previous entry, I've been wanting to build a residential area so people from the server can come and start building houses in the city. This required me to build yet another bridge! They are probably my favorite thing to build in minecraft. Here's some construction shots.

    I'd have to say, although it's quite a different style from the bridges I've built thus far, it's my favorite.

    I leads to the other side of that small canyon where I created this platform.

    I also added this banner...

    But I didn't really like the look of it so I changed it and added these.

    They don't really serve any purpose other than aesthetic ones, but I like them :happy.gif:

    I created this path branching off the platform. Eventually houses will be built around the road

    That's pretty much all. But I want to show you the beginnings of the engineering workshop/school first.



    Not too much work on it yet, but I like the direction it's going.

    This will be my last entry until the 26th, when I get back from vacation.

    Quote from Smartie

    I ran out of compliments to give you I think.. This is just to epic for words. Zach, are you god?

    Now, in all seriousness: Could you please make those tutorials? I need them badly!

    I am also working on some kind of building tips, they will probably be put in a new thread, but I'll keep you guys posted! (Note: This won't be done until the 26th too, sorry!)

    Anyways, thanks all you guys for your support!
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    Quote from Ravroid

    This is some seriously interesting stuff. Really creative, I'm impressed! You ever play multiplayer? I run a private server that could use someone like you.

    Yes, this is built on a multiplayer server.

    Quote from cornecrafterr

    Everybody got its own building style, and yours is awesome!

    :GA: PS: 100th POST!! :Sheep: :-( ): :-(o):

    Thanks! Grats on 100. :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from Evil_Spock

    Wow. Just wow this is amazing! will we ever be able to walk around in it?

    Certainly. It's on a server called The Voxel Box. You must read the FAQ on the wiki first however, I think the ip is hidden somewhere in there.

    Once you're in the server, just ask me to see my city and I'll guide you there. That is if I am on of course. If not, then you can try to get there by following this map. It lists all the minecart rails and transportation. Note: Ventus is located on the T-Line.

    Anyways, thank you all once again for reading. I should have the next entry out before I leave!
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    Quote from pr1mus

    Wow...just great! I've never seen Minecraft like that, Step-by-Step Tutorials from you would be a great thing :smile.gif:
    Hm, i Dunno how ich can get you Diamonds, but i gave you 11 out of 10 for this Epic Thread :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from algebraicAT333

    Whether you're doing this legitly or non-legitly, this is amazing. Honestly, I'm jealous. VERY jealous. I'm making a town and my buildings look like cubes. You NEED to make a step-by-step guide to your buildings.

    Haha, thanks guys. I am doing this with unlimited items and flymod.

    As for the step-by-steps, they have been something I've thought of doing. But I think a more likely possibility would be writing some building guides. I see a lot of buildings that are just a square house with a triangular roof on top. I would love to write something with tips on how to fix some of the common minecraft buildings pitfalls.

    Either way, It will probably have to wait until I get back from vacation. It does sound like something I will do in the future though!

    Thanks for reading!
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    Me gusta.

    I'm really liking the style you used in the building; it's quite unique. To be honest, I'm not sure adding the interior should be first priority right now. From the title, I'm assuming you want to create an entire city?

    If so, I would work on some other buildings first. I'm sure with your style it will turn out wonderfully.
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    Quote from TheoWake

    Man, you never fail to impress. I love the use of slabs as a "mechanism". I mean, no, it doesn't work, but hell if it's not clever. Anything I praise will be pure repetition so I won't blab on, but definitely gorgeous work. :GoldBar:

    Haha thanks!

    Quote from CaptainCarrot

    Yeah, you kind of run out of superlatives when you're praising Zaccheus' work, don't you?

    XD many thanks.

    Quote from CptnClusterfook

    i like the copmlexity in some of the builds such as the fenceposts hanging down holding blocks, and the way the builds are angular and imposing, they workd well with yuor chosen materiuals, kudose for the effort

    Thanks, I'm glad the intricacies I put in show.

    Quote from xRILLIANx

    Oh my god, I love your journal, and even still, I LOVE TOOL! Lateralus was my favorite album.

    Hell ya! I haven't listened to that much of their stuff outside of Lateralus but I plan on buying some more albums in the future. I also love their song The Patient. Good stuff.

    On another note, on the next page that comes up, I will try to reduce the size of the images so that they fit they page without the forum trying to resize them. I know that the page always screws up for me when the forum resizes the images.

    Anyways, thanks for all the comments! I really appreciate. And also, thanks for reading!
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    Entry Six: New Horizons

    Hey all!

    I'm sorry that it's been while since my last entry, but I have this one for you now.

    First off (you'll know if you've read my previous posts) I created a crane.

    This crane will load and unload cargo from ships.

    Now there are a lot of things in this picture, so let me go through each one individually.

    First off, the section branching off from the section that the crane sits on lowers the cargo. The crane just sets everything on the platform and then the platform lowers itself. Here's a picture of the mechanisms that do it. This is purely aesthetic.

    From there, the cargo is loaded onto rail lines that run through the insides of the raised area and out onto the actual dock so that the cargo can be loaded to other ships, or carried off.

    I also added some lights to the lower tier of the dock.

    Next, let me show you the interior of the library. It's kind of hard to get all of the interior in pictures, so they may be a bit confusing.

    Here's a screenshot of when you first walk in.

    If you see the ladder in the picture, to the left of that is the underground passageway to the engineering workshop. Right now however, it only houses the archives.

    Here's a screenshot of the top tier of the library.

    And a chunk error made this! A cross-section of the library.

    Next, I went to work filling out the port area. I began with putting in a wooden floor for the whole area and then added this little docking area. This will be for fishing boats and such.

    And my first attempt at a boat =/

    I'll probably delete it and try again, but it's not too horrible for the first try.

    And then created this. It's kind of a walkway for viewing the whole area. I'm not quite sure what it will house yet, but it's there for now and makes the port look not as empty as it was before.

    That's pretty much all there is for this entry, but let me fill you guys in on what will be happening next entry.

    First off I will be adding some more building to the port area. I've been thinking of adding a small shop/restaurant called "The Catch" or something like that. This building will bring tourists down into the port area rather than it being just for fishermen. It will likely be located here.

    Also, I will be creating some infrastructure over by the windmill.

    There will be a path from the tower at the end of the bridge all the way around the little canyon there and to circle around to the eventual engineering building and to the white brick path. This be the residential area. This is exciting because once this is created I can start having people on the server come over and build houses.

    One more thing, I will be leaving for a few weeks to visit some family in Ohio, so I won't be able to put out another entry for a while. I might have internet access, but I am not sure. I will try to crank out another entry before I leave, but I don't know if it'll happen.

    Anyways, thank you all for reading!
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