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    posted a message on [1.3.1] [16+] TastyCraft [Grief Free] [Fresh Map]
    Minecraft Username: ZX94

    Age: 17

    Why are you Interested in Joining our Server:I really didn't like the server I was on, and the people (mainly staff) were very mean. I really just want to enjoy nice peoples company and make some friends! And build!

    What are your previous server experience: It was pretty bad. (see previous text^) It was a couple PVP servers... only went on one. Sometimes go on SkitScapes server. Otherwise I just play singleplayer.

    How did you hear about us: Google, To Be Honest. Then I saw the fourms url and said, "This might be interesting."

    Have you ever been banned: No, and I hope never to be.

    Why would we choose you over someone else: You really have no reason to, but I really am kind at heart and wish to help people. Also I like to build cool stuff people will enjoy! (Im actually pretty decent at redstone, if I might add.)
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    posted a message on Friendly Vanilla 1.3.1 Server, No-PVP, Survival - Whitelisted
    Hi! I would love to join the server.

    IGN: ZX94
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