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    IP: zsserv.playmc.at

    About us:

    ZS Serv offers the Minecraft vanilla experience with a few plugins added for player convenience. Claim your land and set up farms with mob spawners!
    Rank up in the world with playtime, no donations, we are 100% Play-To-Win.



    These are only a few of the great features our server has to offer:
    ➤ Rank up - We don't take donations, so rankup with playtime instead!
    ➤ GriefPrevention - Claim land & live with friends
    ➤ Economy - Grind money by killing mobs or selling items.
    ➤ PVP
    ➤ SilkSpawners - Pick up spawners with silk touch and change the spawner type with spawn eggs.


    Staff Needed:

    With the release of our new server we need some people to moderate it!
    After a while of playtime, you can ask one of the owners if you could apply to become a moderator.

    We are looking for:
    1 Head-Admin
    1 Admin
    2 Mods


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