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    posted a message on I Haven't Played Single Player in Months
    I agree with the OP.

    In Single Player there is little point to building a huge elaborate structure when you're the only one that will ever see. Experimenting is fun for a time, but rarely do people put large amounts of time and effort into producing something that only they shall see. Think about taking notes for a class at school. If you're the only one that'll ever read those notes you really don't care about neat penmenship. If, however, others that you would like to impress with those notes (or whatever) then you're apt to at least try and make things look nice if not above-average and beyond.

    In Multiplayer you can show friends and the community at large all of the cool stuff you've spent your time and effort on. In single player the form of a structure lacks both significance and importance and only function matters (whether it be storage space, distance from home-base, or whatever else). In multiplayer the form can be just as important as the function of a structure, and this adds incentive for people to give thought to making their constructions creative-looking. This can possibly earn praise from friends and others if you make something that enough people like.
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    posted a message on What's wrong with my Buildcraft pump? =)
    The pump needs a separate power source. You do not need to use engines on the wooden pipe, and in fact the wooden pipe is unnecessary. Whatever the pump extracts automatically goes into an adjacent waterproof pipe of any sort.

    You shall need one or two steam engines at least to power the pump.
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    posted a message on Why Silk Touch is idiotic, and should be removed from the game.
    OP, while what you say makes sense I feel that it would cause a lot of hastle and I'd personally rather stick to using TMI for building things out of pure ore blocks if I was building something that required more than two or three of the blocks. Ice I can understand. Glass as it is makes some sense if you consider the placed glass block to be permanently affixed to where it is placed; if it was permanently fixed the you'd have to destroy it to replace it with something. Also whenever I use glass I generally grab like 5 stacks of sand, smelt half of them to glass, and don't have to return to a desert for more for a LONG time.
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    Quote from sunperp

    I think Notch may have been trying for more of a stereotypical swamp, like the ones in L4D2, rather than a realistic one. Personally, I don't really care whether swamps look nice or not -- I tend to be more concerned about the structure and enjoyability of the overall terrain rather than the visual appearance and coloration of the individual biomes.

    Coloration in a game such as minecraft is irrelevant so long as things such as texture packs allow the user to change their visual appearance as they please. Currently there is something in place that interferes with this by default.

    Swamps could be better. Lilly pads should not have collision, a new tree type would've made things more distinct, etc.
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    posted a message on 1.0.0 World Generator
    OP the stuff you have options for is mostly fine in my eyes. The release version of minecraft had the frequency of ravines turned WAAAY down; I only see them here and there.

    My personal problems with the world generator:

    -Not enough variation in the elevation of other biomes; Occasionally you get a hill here or there in the not-mountain biomes, but most of the time its all very flat.

    -Ravines are all the same size. They should come in wider/longer variants. Or maybe just add in canyons and call it a day.

    -There is little to differentiate one plains from another plains, one pinetree forest from another, one desert from another, etc. This is where terrain variation comes in. Currently they all end up the same aside from their boundary shape.

    -Swamps. Lilypads annihilate any boats that hit them. The colors of swamps always end up being an eyesore. Take away the color and you've just got a lot of water and anti-boat pads around, and a lot of mushrooms I suppose. There's otherwise little that's interesting about them.... Vines are there I guess...

    -Infrequency of snowy biomes, and the infrequency of snowy biomes with much terrain variation. Why can't we have snowy mountains?

    -It rains like every five minutes. Not a world generator thing; Just an audible annoyance.
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    posted a message on What happened to the Dwarf Fortress feel of Minecraft?
    I definitely remember him saying that aside from Infiniminer he drew much inspiration from Dwarf Fortress and wished to make minecraft somewhat of a 3D type of Dwarf Fortress.... More exactly, I believe that he wished to bring a similar experience as Dwarf Fortress but in a more accessible way. Not as difficult as DF, but definitely up that alley of game features and the like.
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    posted a message on [Mod idea] Rails - Swtich lane block
    For whatever reason your pictures are not showing.

    In any case, perhaps an arrangement of pistons and tracks could be set up to accomplish this?

    Think I'll go see what I can cook up later on this eve. I'll see if I get anywhere with that.

    A mod would be much more convenient than a complicated redstone circuit though; that's for sure.
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    posted a message on 16x16 Default Textures
    Step 1) Pick a theme.
    Step 2) Google pictures of that theme in relation to what you're making.
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    posted a message on Help with finding animals in 1.0
    Quote from whackmouse

    animals dont respawn now so find some bring them back breed them...

    well they do respawn but its rare

    Basically this.

    Animal spawns have changed.

    I am very sorry, OP, but by killing all of those animals in your area you've depleted the natural supply of animals in that area. YOu need to move elsewhere to get more animals.

    Now when you find animals you need to breed them using wheat and two animals (chickens still lay eggs but this works as well), right click on both animals (consumes one wheat per animal right-clicked on), and they'll suck faces until a smaller animal with a big head appears. That baby will eventually grow up. Animals cannot bread more frequently than once every five minutes. Babies naturally grow up. Any adult animals can interbreed within a species, so incest is of no concern here.

    At first this system can be quite annoying, but once you've got a pen (or in my case a hole in the ground) and you just infrequently breed animals you eventually find that getting food is all too easy. It becomes just a routine chore that you have to do every now and then. Just make a small wheat farm around a little water and use the wheat to breed animals.

    A word on sheep.

    Sheep do not regrow wool. Once harvested they can breed still, but the wool will never come back. Jeb plans to change this later on, possibly letting sheep graze to regrow wool or something like that. Sheep of two different colors breeding together will produce a baby with some decent chance to be the color of one or the other parent. Make a lime green sheep breed with a magenta sheep, and you're guaranteed one or the other. Harvesting the wool, however, means you can't distinguish which one was what color, but the offspring of that animal can still get the color of its parent's already-harvested wool. I.e. Take a white sheep, use dye on it to turn it bright blue, shave it, breed it, and the baby may or may not be bright blue depending on what the mother was (it might be the "mother's" color; no gender distinguishment on top of no incestual issues).
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] minecraft ran out of memory??
    You should go install OptiFine mod. Once installed, turn down EVERYTHING. Turn off EVERYTHING. Then play on a world and toggle F3. Looking up at your FPS count, go back into your video settings and start turning things on one by one and seeing how they affect your game. Eventually you should find a balance.
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    posted a message on Need Mod Requests
    One idea I had a while back was for craftable statues made from Lapis Lazuli (and maybe some other stuff). Lapis Lazuli has very few uses (dye, or as a block by itself). The color of it, not to mention it being a mineral, kinda reminded me of some blue blocky/angular statues I've seen in older games.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] [WIP] The Nostalgia Factor
    Quote from BalkondeurAlpha

    This is tremendous. Where did you get the source code of the old terrain generators? Did you backup every Minecraft version or something, or is it still in the code?

    I used this:


    Be forewarned: It downgrades minecraft in every sense of the word. You get the old generator, but you also get any bugs/glitches/etc. that were still around up to the point you choose to downgrade to. There's about 50+ patches you can choose to downgrade to as well.

    In finding which update you would like to select from it would be wise to use this page:

    Quote from Var14ble

    Honestly, while i do miss my old alpha worlds, some of the new generation code isnt so bad, i like rivers and ravines, but yeah sometimes i miss that amazing mountain i had in my backyard...
    EDIT: Just a question though, would using a world generated with the alpha code mean you don't get end portals? or would that be somehow placed into the code? And also, if you don't get the end portals, would a world generated with an older code not include endermen?

    If you used the old version of the game to generate terrain then the terrain generated with the old code would not have anything that was not implemented in minecraft after that point. For example, any alpha maps would not contain lapis lazuli, NPC villages, etc. Old variances in ore distribution and the like would also remain as they were at that point in the game (they have changed slightly over time; I find iron MUCH MUCH MUCH easier to come by nowadays, granted its also used for more things currently).

    If you used MCNostalgia to downgrade to an alpha or beta build of Minecraft, generated a world using that version of the game's code, and then refreshed the game to its current form (Force Update should do the trick) then you would likely see Endermen everywhere you went since they spawn in darkness regardless of location given enough space. However the new stuff wouldn't be there. Strongholds and enderportals wouldn't be around, no NPC villages, no lapis lazuli, no birch or pine trees, etc. etc.

    At least... Not so long as you stayed in the alpha-generated portion of your world. Should you venture into newly-generated chunks you would find all the latest terrain-dependent things again. This can have some peculiar consequences however. World upgrades from 1.7 to 1.8 have been known to produce very ugly-looking jumps and changes in terrain simply due to the changes in the world generator treating the same information differently, thus producing very different results (i.e. your forest may suddenly cut off in favor for an ocean given only a small lake at the start of the border; elevation differences between old and new may manifest as well).
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    posted a message on People want a new biome generator?
    The only thing I want from the original terrain generator is the amount of widespread terrain variation it produced. Minecraft worlds of 1.0 are much too flat, and most areas are far too identical to areas of the same type (i.e. all pine forests are the same, swamps, deserts, etc.). Environmentally things, while still randomly generated, seem very bland with little to differentiate one world from the next.

    Using the MCNostalgia mod I was able to get a world that threw this at me:

    **Minecraft version: Alpha 1.2.6, last patch before Beta.

    THIS terrain is what I miss. This kind of terrain is what people wish they would see more of. Current mountain biomes have nothing on this. Our forests also produce mostly tiny trees whereas the forest in the picture above is full of large trees and has just the right amount of density. IMO the birch and normal (forgot type name) forests are too dense and too full of tiny trees.

    On the whole the terrain is just more "exciting" using this generator. The above picture wasn't just some 1/1000 chance either. In little time I generated 3 or 4 more worlds with similar terrain. I'm not saying we need mountains in deserts (not that I wouldn't mind seeing something like that here and there). What I'm saying is that the biomes look to similar to each other, and the terrain as a whole is very uninteresting. Our mountain biomes, at least to me, don't feel like good places to set up the kinds of hillside dwellings that I would otherwise have made in something such as what the picture above shows.

    Possible fix: Perhaps a solution would be to make terrain a little more hilly on average, and to maybe to remove the "mountain" biome as we know it and instead mix it with other biomes (applicable ones; swamps would probably be a bad idea). Something along those lines may work.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] [WIP] The Nostalgia Factor
    Went and tried out MCNostalgia. Here's what I got after my fourth or fifth world right near the spawn:

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    posted a message on [1.0.0] [WIP] The Nostalgia Factor
    I'd love to have a mod for this.

    Also, nice vid. Got a new artist to listen to. For that i'll carry around your sig, at least for the time being.
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