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    posted a message on Disable the swipe sword attack?

    Use a axe. It can't deal that swipe attack and the damage is enough to kill most animals with a crit.

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    posted a message on Helpful Tip: Infinite Dirt!

    ...That actually is really useful, good job.

    I swear I was expecting "hur dur get a shovel and dig!!!!" or something like that.

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    posted a message on [ LUMIACRAFT ] Creative! Survival!

    IGN: Medicham

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    posted a message on Please help with my text!

    Options -> Language -> Set "Force Unicode Font" to "off"

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    posted a message on Naturus - (Make your Minecraft look beautiful) - [Updated to 1.16]
    Wow, I'm impressed.

    But yeah, I'm having the same issue as Buffalo. When you break the grass block, the tall grass part of it disappears and instead appears glitch-like blocks.
    I already removed them from the pack here (I hope you can fix it ! x3) and so far I'm having a great experience. Great job.
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    posted a message on New rank:Writer
    No support. You can imagine the amount of spam on this forum if they add that ?
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    posted a message on Rewarding old players
    As a person that played with a friend account since beta, but only bought mine on 1.1, i don't see the reason of this.
    He bought his account for 30 reais (1 dollar = 2.4 reais) and I had to buy mine for 75 reais, so i think that the discount is pretty much a "you are special" thing.

    No support.
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    posted a message on News: Colored Beacon/Red Sandstone/Armor Stand
    Oh. I already saw those, but i didn't noticed the red sandstone on the first image. Nice.

    I actually already thought on colored beacon before. It will be a great addition to the "Champions" gamemode (So you can know what team captured the control point) and also for cosmetics.

    1.8 is my favorite version so far. <3
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    posted a message on Got pranked.. Need retaliation
    Quote from Venaxious
    You know, stooping down to his level and having to take revenge is just downgrading.

    But if you really want to, and I'd do it too, If he has TNT lying around, blow up his house with all of the TNT that you have, or while he's AFK, put Obsidian around him if you have a diamond pickaxe and enough time, or if he has Obsidian lying around (because I have 11 blocks in my house). But if neither of those are around, Get flint and steel and burn his house down, or if his house is alot of stone/stone, then get lava buckets and place them inside his house, then offer to fix it by placing water all around the house which will not help get rid of the lava at all.

    Get crazy, :iapprove: m8.

    Griefing =/= Trolling.

    If Aeathful idea really works (Never heard about it, can't test it right now), that's a great idea and will scare the hell of your friend.
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    posted a message on Robins (Tamable (kinda) Mob) (With Pictures!)
    We already have bats, now we need Robin.

    Support. One of the few decent ideas on this forum, actually.
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