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    posted a message on Player Villager Models [CUSTOM MOB MODEL RESOURCE PACK!]

    It is finally happening. Thank you so much.

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    posted a message on Atmosquare Server! Join our Friendly Community Today! Hermitcraft inspired!
    • IGN?: Zoroark
    • Skype?: biiimbr
    • First version played on?: Played on classic for a few months, tried the game again on beta, started loving the game at 1.0.
    • Skills (redstone, building etc..): Mob farms and basic redstone. While I can build well, I take more time than the necessary to make it look good.
    • What can you bring to the server?: A active member that knows a lot about technical stuff (Mob spawning range, village breeding requisites, etcetera).
    • Why do you want to join?: My friends stopped playing the game (Why is everyone playing Smite and CS:GO :c), and I can't focus on a single player world. I want to join to be able to do things and maybe even find new friends.
    • Have you ever been banned from another server? If so why?: Got banned once for interrupting a server showcase by simply joining the server while someone was recording. No prior warning that they were recording, too. sigh.
    • Favorite movie?: Cast Away, because of the acting and, of course... Wiiiiiiiiilsooooooooooon!
    • Time zone?: UTC-3
    • Country?: Brazil. Since Portuguese is my main language, you may notice some "engrish" words. I am self-taught on english, so please don't expect it to be perfect! Feel free to correct me, though.
    • How often will you be on?: Every week day, and rarely on weekends.
    • Age: 17
    • Other?: I wish my hair was orange and not red. I like to collect rare things, so you will probably find a trophy room in my house.
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    posted a message on Skype looking for a group of people to play mine craft

    IGN- Zoroark

    SKYPE- biiimbr

    AGE- 17

    NAME- I'd rather be called by my IGN or "Bim"

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    posted a message on Changing Player Model, not Skin (Help)

    You can't change a entity model without modding the game, as far as I know.

    I recommend More Player Models 2, it allows you to look like (It's purely visual, no special abilities or anything) any mob and also tweak your player. (As in the original, default player model, so you can make it shorter, fatter, bigger...)

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    posted a message on More Player Models 2 (Adds a character creation screen, animations and more)
    Quote from Smirkyguy»

    About the bug that causes parts from other players and mobs to teleport to underneath you, usually upside down; the staff of my server discovered that if you turn off the 3d hat layer setting, it stops. Should help with tracking down the bug, and for those who cant stand the bug and want a quick fix.

    It doesn't fix the issue, unfortunately.
    Quote from Noppes»

    Not sure. What other mods are you using? Do you perhaps have a crash log?

    It seems to be happening even without any mods other than MPM2 (I just tested and got the glitchy models)

    The log only spams the message...

    "[17:47:15] [Client thread/ERROR]: ########## GL ERROR ##########
    [17:47:15] [Client thread/ERROR]: @ Post render
    [17:47:15] [Client thread/ERROR]: 1283: Stack overflow"

    ... over and over, like 3 times per second.
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    posted a message on More Player Models 2 (Adds a character creation screen, animations and more)

    1.8 with forge

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    posted a message on More Player Models 2 (Adds a character creation screen, animations and more)

    Is anyone else having this issue?

    After changing my entity model to anything that isn't a player, zombie, skeleton or snowman I get this "OpenGL error: 1283 (Stack overflow)" message and the mob model gets a bit... Distorted.

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    posted a message on My Username is invalid

    Open your launcher, click "Switch User" then type your e-mail and password again.

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    posted a message on The Dungeon of Terraria | Venture in the depths of the hardmode dungeon!

    Amazing, makes me want to start playing Terraria again.
    Subscribed to the thread, keep the great work.

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    posted a message on Bannas

    Might want to nerf it a little bit, sounds OP.

    My suggestions:
    - Reduce the hunger restored by the bananas; 3 hunger bars x 6-7 bananas = Enough to almost fill your hunger bar from 0 to 10 twice.
    New: 1 hunger bar OR raise the chance to get green bananas instead of normal ones (40% ?)

    - One week is enough to make certain types of banana rot depending of the conditions (And staying inside a chest isn't a good condition).
    New: Maybe 3 minecraft days to make a green banana turn into a normal one ?

    - Yellow balls are also pretty useless. I also don't have any ideas for banana peels... Maybe a chance of mobs slowing while stepping on it ?

    - Seriously, 8 minutes of speed II ? No, just no.

    Partial support for now, try to think a little more about the balance of the game.

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    posted a message on Helpful Tip: Infinite Dirt!

    ...That actually is really useful, good job.

    I swear I was expecting "hur dur get a shovel and dig!!!!" or something like that.

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    posted a message on [ LUMIACRAFT ] Creative! Survival!

    IGN: Medicham

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    posted a message on ★TerraGrandia★ | BRAND NEW ✔ | No factions ✔ | No ranks ✔ | No minigames ✔ |

    Thanks for accepting me. One of my friends already applied (Wilkerzin), but the another one doesn't have an Minecraftforum account. Can I send his app ?

    IGN: Medicham

    Why do I want to join: I was invited by Zoroark and I feel that it will be a new experience since I bought Minecraft recently

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    posted a message on ★TerraGrandia★ | BRAND NEW ✔ | No factions ✔ | No ranks ✔ | No minigames ✔ |

    In-Game Name: Zoroark

    Why do I want to join: After countless months playing on minigame servers and minigame servers only, I decided to make an vanilla, hardcore world. It was fun, more than I remembered. But after some time it gets boring. You start talking to chickens and weird things like that. Yes, that happened.
    After some time searching I found a fresh, small, peaceful server (I'm not that much into PvP, you see) and now me and my friends (Going to make them applicate, too) want to make some new friends and allies.
    Additional info: As you can see, english is not my main language. I can join daily (2-4 hours), but not that much in weekends (1-2 hours).

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    posted a message on ♛▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░♛TOWNY♛░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂♛

    I'm a really picky person when I have to choose a server to stay, but I still found everything that I wanted on TrekCraft. Come join ! (Also Dale is the best town /shot)

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