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    Quote from Robijnvogel»

    Just to be clear: Open Peripherals + Computercraft does NOT provide a method to empty warded jars. On top of that, Turtles can not mimic shift right clicking. Therefore CPUCraft can not really empty jars.

    If you want to void essentia using autonomous activators, however, one unlabeled warded jar + autonomous activator would be enough for all 48 (or more) aspects, right?

    whoops, my bad.

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    here's perhaps an idea which I don't know if it's been suggested before or not, but what about adding something like a Digital Node to Thaumic Energistics? the digital node would be similar to an energized node, which you can use to power certain machines and blocks, and you can use it to fill up your wand and scepter through the arcane terminal.

    the first step for the way to create this digital node would be to aquire a primordial pearl. once you have this pearl you can turn it into a mundane node. to turn the mundane node into a digital node you'll need to infuse it with essentia through the infusion altar. the digital node has several levels, and it starts out at level 1, and by re-infusing it in the infusion altar you can level it up. ofcourse with each level the infusion cost increases. so for example to turn a mundane node into a level 1 digital node, it'd require 8 essentia of each primal aspect. for level 2 it'd require 16 essentia, level 3 32 essentia, level 4 64 essentia, level 5 128 essentia and so on. so it's similar to the infusion costs of runic shielding augmentation. each level will add 1 more point to each aspect in the digital (energized) node, making the digital node more powerful.

    but ofcourse there needs to be a way to use utilize the digital node aswell. I thought that it'd be a cool idea to use the quantum network bridge for that. so you build the multiblock for the quantum network bridge, but instead of inserting a Quantum-Entangled-Singularity into the quantum network bridge you insert the digital node. to keep this digital node activated it'll require power, alot of it, just like when you'd be using a quantum network bridge.

    you can always take out the digital node out of the QNB and level it up, but when you insert a digital node into the QNB there's a short moment the digital node needs to charge up, just like if you're turning a normal node into an energized node. the higher the level of the digital node, the longer it takes for the digital node to charge up and the more power it'll cost.

    you will not be able to actually place this digital node into the world, as it can only be used in an AE network, but it's a thaumcraft node you can craft yourself and make it as strong as you want, if you don't mind spending the resources and power for it.

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    posted a message on [1.5-1.11.2] Vein Miner - Quickly mine veins of ore

    this might be an useless idea, but how about adding the option of adding tools and blocks to the tool/blocklist by simply holding the item.

    for example if you try to add a pickaxe to the pickaxe toollist you hold the tool in your hand and type "/veinminer toollist pickaxe add" and it'll add the tool you're holding to the pickaxe toollist. the same could be done with blocks, simply hold the block and type in the command

    this way people can add tools and blocks without having to know their exact ID.

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    posted a message on JourneyMap 5.5.x: Realtime mapping in-game or in a web browser as you explore
    Quote from techbrew»
    The first release candidate (RC1) of JourneyMap 5.0.0 is now publicly available.


    There are too many new things in JM5 to list here, so head on over to the Release Notes to see what’s in there.

    I absolutely love the new update. uptil now I've been using zan's as a minimap and JourneyMap as a worldmap, but with this update I'm now going to use JourneyMap as the fulltime map.

    though would it be possible to have an option that you can enable or disable that would control the direction icons of entities? I'd only like to know where an entity is, I don't really want to know which direction they're looking at. if I could disable that the minimap would become a bit more clear to see
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    posted a message on [NOT SERIOUS] Villager's Nose
    would it be possible to put the noses on other animals and perhaps unlock special trades with them?and what if you wear the nose yourself and try trading with villagers? would they think you're one of them and they'll give you better trades?
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    posted a message on Dual Hotbars [Updated! Single jar for 1.11 and 1.10]
    I installed the mod this morning, but I had a problem with itbecause this mod adds 2 hotbars all the menus get shifted up, but the area for buttons that you need to press remains at the same spot

    I tried changing the configuration so there's just 1 large horizontal hotbar, but for some reason the configuration file was completely empty
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    posted a message on [1.7.10][TC4][AE2]Thaumic Energistics
    I like this, I like this alot

    Quote from Jhary

    Nice mod :)

    If you manage to implement the interaction between the Essentia Provider and stuff like the Runic Matrix, the different Arcane Lamps or the Bore .. uh that would be godlike.

    This one will go right into my modlist after this and TC4 is out for 1.7.10

    Quote from Nividica

    Q: Does this work with the Runic Matrix or Arcane Bore?A: Not yet.

    seems that it may already be in the works

    just a question though, is there also a storage disk for other thaumcraft items?
    like a storage disk for mana beans? I know you could preconfigure a storage disk to have them store these items, but it'd be nice if there was perhaps an option to hook the network onto an alchemical furnace, to autocraft essentia for you.

    it'd probably require a new block, which would be used for autocrafting essentia. when this block is attached to an alchemical furnace, you'll be able to request the alchemical furnace to autocraft essentia for you. the downside is that it can only use mana beans to autocraft essentia, this way it doesn't become too easy nor does the system get flooded with all kinds of essentia. perhaps limit the autocrafting block to only allow 9 types of essentia to be crafted, so you'll need to either set up several alchemical furnaces or several of these blocks onto 1 alchemical furnace

    then again, a simple level emitter for essentia could also do the job :P
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    posted a message on Quick Hotbar Mod [supports all mc versions from 1.6.4 to 1.12]
    one quick question... I've used HotbarSwapper in the past, but I had to drop it because it had some problems with items like a forestry's backpack which has several modes. whenever you tried switching hotbars with a forestry backpack in your inventory your items would get shuffled

    does your room have the same problem? because if your mod doesn't have that problem, I'm installing it right away
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    posted a message on Unique Artifacts - Powerful, Randomly Generated Items - 1.1.3 Bug Fixin's
    just throwing an idea out there, feel free to ignore.

    I was thinking of perhaps adding some RPG-ish to the mod. you'd still be able to find random unique artifacts out in the world, but you'll also be able to craft your own artifacts, but it'll take some time and effort to make. you start out by making a basic equipment with a normal crafting recipe. it'll not do anything

    you'll then need to transform an anvil into a soul forge. I don't really know a nice way of doing this, perhaps by putting an avil in an enchanting table for a cost of 30xp levels to turn it into a soul forge, or perhaps a rare chance of finding a soul forge in the world generation structures.

    when you've the soul forge, you can open it's GUI. within the GUI you can put in the basic equipment, which can be jewelry, tools or armor.
    for some experience levels you're able to craft the basic equipment into unique artifacts, BUT they will not be as good as the rare unique artifacts that you can find now. these new artifacts will need to be leveled up. you first start out with revealing the hidden potential of an artifact, which will reveal some low effects and enchantments. you then need to level up the artifact by using it, and whenever you level it up, the existing effects and enchantments will go up a level and you've a chance of getting a new effect and enchantment. ofcourse you'll run out on durability before you've leveld it up all the way, so you'll need to repair the artifacts in the soul forge from time to time, but the cost will depend on the level the artifact has. if you wait too long and the artifact runs completely out of durability, it could require a special item to repair it. I was thinking of perhaps not allowing the unique artifacts to be repairable, and when they break they'll leave some sort of resource behind which could be used to repair a completely broken artifact. perhaps the resource can also be used to craft new artifacts which will start out with a higher level then a normal basic artifact
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    posted a message on Extra Utilities v1.1.0k
    I've seen you've given quite some love for the forge multipart mod.
    with that would it be possible to add a function to the saws of multipart?

    I was thinking of something similar to the chisel tool from the mod Chisel
    you'd shift-right click one of the multipart saws and a gui will open. you'll be able to place a block in the gui and it'll give you options to choose what multipart you'd want to get from it. you'd also be able to put in multiparts and cut them up into other multiparts or combine them.

    this would allow the player to quickly craft multiparts of the one they want without having to constantly cut up the blocks through a crafting window
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