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    hey all, I have a question if this kind of mod exists.
    I am really bad at designing houses and structures myself so I was wondering if some kind of mod existed with premade structures. where you are ingame, you select a structure, mark the spot where the structure needs to come and when you are ready the structure gets generated.
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    In-game name: Yusunoha
    Location and Age: Netherlands, 21
    Previous bans: None
    Referral: None
    Reason you should you be accepted: I played singleplayer to the point that I IMO finished it, and now would like to venture into the multiplayer survival servers, beginning with ofcourse the most popular one.
    Additional info: This is the first time posting on this forum and joining a server through a whitelist, so I apologize if I did anything wrong
    Special Key: HCY8
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