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    posted a message on Looking for a server like this...
    Hello, I'm looking for a server that revolves around the economy and kingdoms/nations.

    What I want in a server is to "work my way up". Become a peasant one day and then own a kingdom the next. I guess factions servers are similar to what I'm mentioning but I've had enough of that sort of gameplay. I want something different. Like how factions, you can just raid whenever if you have the power for it, I'm looking for a difference where maybe you can declare war, and prepare within a 24 hour time limit until the battle. Differences like that. Appreciate the answers and server suggestions.
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    posted a message on Skyland Pirates Concept! Vote!
    Supporting! Definitely want to be some of the first to play!
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    posted a message on Creating an Economy Based Server
    100% support man. I love the realistic aspect to this and plus, I love economy based servers so I'm in. If this plan ever sets in motion, I would love to help if possible. C:
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    posted a message on Who knows a popular drug server?
    There's a Server called Mafia-Craft, hits up to and just a tad bit more than 100.

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    Looking forward to it!
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    posted a message on Anime fan server
    Quote from LuckyTwice

    None of these work for me

    Take note of the dates these posts were made. Most servers don't last this long, sadly. Though seeing this thread, there's a pretty promising Sword Art Online server. It's still under development but it's assured that this project isn't doomed to fail and will stay active. You have to pay 5 euros though to join Beta Testing. Honestly, it's worth it.


    If you click on that and it says error, just click "join website" at the very top right after you log in. Don't know why the staff made it say "error".
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    posted a message on CubeLegacy [Survival] [Beta Testing]
    Staff Application Form

    Minecraft Name: SaxyHughes
    Age: 17 (Just recently turned)

    Contact Information: Experience: I've developed Minecraft servers for about a year when I was about 14. I learned how to make Bukkit servers, port-forwarding, managing/editing permissions as well as plugins, and managing/editing Enjin websites (from features to themes) within the year all for some random strangers without wanting anything in return. I have never really developed a server for myself but because I have been involved in the development of servers for other games such as Maplestory, Fiesta Online, Luna Online, Flyff, Talesrunner, and so forth, I have tons of confidence in staff experience generally. I've spent two years with these servers, either content developing or managing the community. I've learned quite a lot of skills and expectations from players. The reason why I am mentioning something so non-Minecraft related is because I want to give you an insight on my experience with servers and it's community, regardless of the type of game it is. In other words, out of my two years, I've came to an understanding of "professionalism", "maturity", and player "expectations" which I would like to present to you if I do get accepted. If you would like to see proof, I do luckily have two screenshots of me as a Forum Moderator and an Admin/Head-Game Designer for those servers.

    Time to Dedicate:
    People can usually contact me at all times (well, except when I'm sleeping), but these are the amount of time I use to "get to work"; my timezone is -6:00 GMT.
    • Monday - Thursday: approximately 3 - 6 hours
    • Friday: approximately 3 - 9 hours
    • Weekends/Holidays/Breaks: approximately 4 - 9 hours (unless someone throws surprise plans at me)
    Why do you want a staff position (Paragraph Explanation): I would like to witness a successful server as well as take part in creating this successful server. I am never afraid to voice my own opinions and suggestions. I'm easy going, weird, fun, crazy, but when it's time to get serious, I don't play around. I consider myself to be professional, mature, and creative. I have a great work ethic and I always somehow manage to move forward despite any obstacle(s) in the way. My goal in any server is for the players to be satisfied and content and I plan to see it through (because without players, there is no server). In short, I strongly believe that I will become a great asset to this server.

    What can you bring to the server:
    • Excellent graphics with great effort put forth
    • Communication skills (dealing with players both on the forums and in-game in a professional manner)
    • Creative ideas regarding to the website, forums, or server
    • Detailed opinions and suggestions
    • Server presentation (professional-wise)
    • Permissions and plugin management
    • Community involvement (being involved with a community; creating a relationship between staff and players)
    • Any possible additional help
    Proof of work:
    Staff experience -

    Graphics experience -

    Thank you for taking the time to review my application. - Yuri
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    posted a message on STARTING A YOUTUBE GROUP
    Do we have to have a separate YT channel? Or will this be those type of channels where it's all one group together?
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    posted a message on ANY SERVERS NEED A DEVELOPER?
    Developer as in... you can code? Or are you talking about server developer as in... you can make servers (start to finish)?
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    posted a message on Hanging out/Dating server
    Well, it's great to see people trying to come up with ideas but not many ideas are "outside of the box".

    Any server can be a "hangout". For example, a building crew/clan/team or whatever may consider any creative server their hangout. A PvP crew/clan/team or whatever may consider any Anarchy/PVP/Faction/Etc. server their hangout. See what I'm saying?

    I see what you are trying to aim for and I like that but the idea doesn't make me feel like "OMG I HAVE TO TRY OUT THIS SERVER".
    Try to add some more tiny ideas to it. A twist, a theme, something that has not been tried for. Something that doesn't have to gain players, but gain their attention.

    Well, those are my opinions.
    Good luck!
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    posted a message on GFX Designer looking for some cheap $$$. High quality work.
    Hello, my name is Yuri-ism or Yuri for short. I'm in need of cash for this server I really want to donate to so here I am, ready to work my butt off!

    My capabilities:
    • Professional, clean logos (Networks, Servers, or Company based)
    • Banners
    • Animated Banners
    • Clean advertisements
    • Shaded Skins
    • Thread layouts
    • Thumbnails
    • Icons
    • Signatures
    • Avatars
    • Other type of products may be discussed, if I've never made one, I'm always up for the challenge!
    This is all I would like to show. If you would like to see some more work, skype or PM me.
    • Very cheap prices! Can range from $5 - $20 based off of your budget (I care and I understand) and the quality presented.
    • There will be times where I bargain if the price suggested seems unreasonable.
    • Receive-first, give-last: Basically, I present you the final product with a watermark. If you like it, I must receive payment first before I give you the final product, watermark-free. This is to ensure that my hard work was not for nothing.
    • If you are worried about whether I'll scam or not, I will gladly get some of my previous customers to vouch for me.
    Ways of Contact:
    I am looking forward to getting some requests. Thank you for reading.
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    posted a message on My new Ghost Skin
    It depicts a ghost quite well. Looks great, keep up the good work!
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    posted a message on GameTime Network 1.7.2 - SEARCHING FOR STAFF!
    Mind if I ask what this Network is about? I usually would like to see an introduction to a network/server before I decide to apply. Much appreciation in advance.
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