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    I know most people are mad about the smaller updates but, they give something new to minecraft every few months if you want a bigger update just play 1.9 till 1.20 comes out and you will get the desired experience...

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    Yunk's Free Icon Shop

    Why am I doing this?
    The reason I am giving away free icons is because I need to build a portfolio

    Terms of service the boting stuff

    1. I can refuse to make you a icon if i want.

    2. The shop can close at any time

    3.You may not remove my signature from the icon

    TL:DR - Read the tos it is tiny

    My past work

    How do I get my icon?
    This part is simple simply fill out the form below and you will be on your way!
    What is your minecraft username(will be used for skin):
    What do you want the icon to look like(type surprise me for me to chose):
    How do you want to receive your finished product:
    What's 9+10:
    Anything else:


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