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    posted a message on Need a bit help
    Soooo....your question is how you can automate farmable stuff with Buildcraft/Industrialcraft?

    For pumpkins/melons/sugar cane, there's no need for those mods. They have no need to be replanted and can easily be automatically harvested.

    It's been a while since I've used Buildcraft and I've never heard of Forestry before, but I did manage to find a couple of youtube vids, maybe they could be of some help.

    Usually all the wiki's do is give some general information. Not nearly enough to know what you can really do with certain mods or items. Youtube or written tutorials by players are most of the times a better source of information.

    Good luck!
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    posted a message on Don't you miss the good old days?
    Possibly, most of what you miss is just being a general newb and having the feeling of awe when you first entered the game. Not knowing what to do and every corner was a new exploration.
    Now, you log in, run for a tree and start planning on how to build stuff or how to best survive or how to get to diamonds asap.

    I've had this with a lot of games, very much so with WoW. The feeling of epicness just fades away because now you understand it all. :P

    Yeah, I do miss some old features, and stuff like crouch has kinda trivialised all my old pre-crouch skybuildings. But it's a growing/changing game and (unlike WoW) I'm glad there's a possibility to roll back your game to the version you loved the most.
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    posted a message on A New Gamemode: Suicidal
    Sounds like a good idea, I probably wont use it myself that often; I'm more of a builder. :P

    Possibly add some more stuff to make it even more challenging but not fully mob-related:
    - Less damage from weapons/mobs have more health
    - Less time to breathe
    - Anything to ramp up the difficulty

    Maybe it's even possible to implement some sort of customisation; slider bars for your own health, weapon strength, additional options to turn on or off etc. etc. Sort of like how you can adjust the settings of a map in an RTS.

    Might be going a bit far, but I've seen a lot of difference in personal opinion in how to add the most fun in Minecraft. That way stuff like (for instance) tornadoes or tsunami's -could- be implemented but you could just turn 'em on or off without any effort.

    Quote from Kingjohn


    I'd like to point you towards:
    Everyone should read that, btw. It hasn't been pinned for naught. :P
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    posted a message on Good unused minecraft usernames
    Quote from XxcreeperpwnerxX

    1 you come up with an idea for what the winner should get
    2 make da names coool

    Why should there be a winner? The biggest one is you; you'll get yourself a name. =D We're all doing this for you 'coz we're such a big bunch of snuggly, wuggly, loving Minecraft players.

    And, they -are- cool. (Pointing out the subjectivity of "cool")
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    posted a message on Good unused minecraft usernames
    "The winner of my name will be Abel to hang with me on Skype and minecraft as long as you want"
    You do know how arrogant that makes you sound? :P "You can win some awesome fun-time with me!" xD




    They're awesome because they're from me! *cough*hypo*cough*crit*cough*
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    posted a message on Light levels and Mob spawning
    Quote from TonyAbbott

    You are wrong. I have tested with this.I put a room with redstone torches (Light level of 7) and another room with complete darkness. After building the two, I turned the difficulty to peaceful and back to normal. I then went around 30 blocks away for the mobs to spawn. After 20 seconds, I checked how many mobs spawned in the two rooms. Light level 7 room: 6 mobs Light level 0 room: 17. Notch said that they were the same spawn rate but in fact he never implemented that. And btw slimes can spawn on any light level. truly believe that after 1 single experiment, in 1 instance, you can actually call "wrong"? Spawning is a bit too random for that.
    Afaik, the only thing checked in the code for spawning is whether it's possible or not. To know this for sure, though, you'd have to take a look at that.
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    posted a message on better animals engine+animals traps!
    Quote from malkzay

    wow you are a nice guy! the idea of a trap is that u can just make a machine and have un endless amount of meat/wool/lether/feathers/chicken, about the difficul- minecraft should be hard, and the idea about borning animals is very helpfull

    When you put yourself (and your ideas) out there you can expect criticism. Any person who takes the time and effort to give criticism clearly cares, or (s)he would've just ignored it.

    Plus, in your opinion "borning animals is very helpfull". It's nothing more than that: your opinion. Don't get 'upset' because people don't agree with it. :P Same with "minecraft should be hard". Oh, and yes...bumping is rather frowned upon, so expect negative reactions whenever you do it.

    On the whole, I kinda like the idea of animals requiring a patch of water in their pen. Even though it would make my breeding machine rather useless (or I'd have to replace the animals in it every single month >.>).

    Mob traps are already sort of available, there's no real way of luring them in there (yet) though. But then again, items despawn after 5 mins so you'd still have to go and replace the item once in a while.

    Personally I like how it's been done now; basic and simple. Makes getting food/resources from them not so much a chore and also makes it easier to create contraptions for quick, fast and large scale animal farming.
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