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    posted a message on what is wrong with my mc?
    Also: what's the error? It's kind of hard to try and find what's wrong when we know next to nothing about the circumstances of the crash.

    So, try to be as specific and give as many details as possible. Better to give out too much info than not enough, it's always possible to skip over redundant additions in cases like this. ;)
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    posted a message on YOUR CREATIONS
    Most of the ideas I've had (or got) are in some way implemented in my map. Maybe not fully finished, but at least the lay-out has been....laid out. Or there's a sign reminding me what I want there. :P
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    posted a message on Don't you miss the good old days?
    Possibly, most of what you miss is just being a general newb and having the feeling of awe when you first entered the game. Not knowing what to do and every corner was a new exploration.
    Now, you log in, run for a tree and start planning on how to build stuff or how to best survive or how to get to diamonds asap.

    I've had this with a lot of games, very much so with WoW. The feeling of epicness just fades away because now you understand it all. :P

    Yeah, I do miss some old features, and stuff like crouch has kinda trivialised all my old pre-crouch skybuildings. But it's a growing/changing game and (unlike WoW) I'm glad there's a possibility to roll back your game to the version you loved the most.
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    posted a message on A New Gamemode: Suicidal
    Sounds like a good idea, I probably wont use it myself that often; I'm more of a builder. :P

    Possibly add some more stuff to make it even more challenging but not fully mob-related:
    - Less damage from weapons/mobs have more health
    - Less time to breathe
    - Anything to ramp up the difficulty

    Maybe it's even possible to implement some sort of customisation; slider bars for your own health, weapon strength, additional options to turn on or off etc. etc. Sort of like how you can adjust the settings of a map in an RTS.

    Might be going a bit far, but I've seen a lot of difference in personal opinion in how to add the most fun in Minecraft. That way stuff like (for instance) tornadoes or tsunami's -could- be implemented but you could just turn 'em on or off without any effort.

    Quote from Kingjohn


    I'd like to point you towards:
    Everyone should read that, btw. It hasn't been pinned for naught. :P
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    posted a message on Good unused minecraft usernames
    Quote from XxcreeperpwnerxX

    1 you come up with an idea for what the winner should get
    2 make da names coool

    Why should there be a winner? The biggest one is you; you'll get yourself a name. =D We're all doing this for you 'coz we're such a big bunch of snuggly, wuggly, loving Minecraft players.

    And, they -are- cool. (Pointing out the subjectivity of "cool")
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    posted a message on Simple suggestion inspired by item frames.
    Still sounds good, but there's quite an extensive thread about it already:

    It's got a sig pic and everything! :D
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    posted a message on New potion ideas.
    Quote from Badprenup

    Why would I want to waste XP on enchanting a piece of armor only to make it into a maximum of 3 potions?

    Maybe so you can wear something else whilst still being resistant to explosions?

    But, I do tend to agree, sacrificing a piece of armour for a couple of pots doesn't sound really great to me.
    The ideas themselves sound nice. Being able to blast stuff whilst mining sounds awesome. :P Making bigger tunnels becomes a lot easier like that. Also uppening your blast resistance for more safety during TNT-mining sounds nice as well.
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    posted a message on PvP arena
    Yup, wrong section. Probably better in

    Apart from that, it's looking rather nice. :)

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    posted a message on Good unused minecraft usernames
    "The winner of my name will be Abel to hang with me on Skype and minecraft as long as you want"
    You do know how arrogant that makes you sound? :P "You can win some awesome fun-time with me!" xD




    They're awesome because they're from me! *cough*hypo*cough*crit*cough*
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    posted a message on How do you Organize your Hot bar?
    1. Torches
    2. Pickaxe
    3. Shovel
    4. Axe
    5. Sword
    6. Bow
    7. Building material (usually dirt)
    8. Food
    9. Building material

    This is mostly a general set-up in survival. When building a project this can change a lot and in creative mode I don't even bother with tools o/c. :P
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    posted a message on Creative Mode is kinda boring
    Running away and trying not to die isn't the point of creative mode.
    Using your creativity is.

    There's also no rule saying you'll -have- to play it as well. If you find it boring, that's your right. But what did you hope to achieve by this thread? =/
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    posted a message on The tutorial: Teaches basic crafting and game mechanics! (MOAR pictures!)'s rather handy since Minecraft does have kind of a steep learning curve. But then again, part of the appeal at first (or at least to me), was not really knowing what to do, wandering around, getting dark, tssssssssssBOOM...after a while I found out about crafting and that's when I went haywire with it. :P Just aimlessly wandering around and exploring the 'nothing' around you can be quite fun at the start.

    Nowadays, if I start a new world I find myself sprinting towards the nearest tree and starting to automatically gather all I need asap.

    Also, there is a bit more explaining in the achievements. (opening inventory, getting wood, etc.) And you'll always have people asking stupid questions, it'll just be a bit less "noob'ish", but since a tutorial wont cover everything and people in general don't like to put some effort into getting the right information it'll never fully go away. Note: big generalisation here, coming from what I see (and have seen) over the time of several years on multiple games.

    Having said all that; I do like the idea, but it truly needs to be an option. :P (Not just for the experienced players that don't need it)
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    posted a message on How would you describe a creeper?
    No real need to describe it, everyone knows -exactly- what it is. xD

    But...I dunno; annoying? Avoidable? :P
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    posted a message on The Problem with multiple accounts and One computer
    And what would happen when you switch computers?

    Also don't think this is a great idea, plus Mojangg will most likely never implement it; less mulah for them. :P
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    posted a message on How can I get a signature?
    EDIT: barry beat me to it; your code-usage was fine. The url was just wrong.

    Oh and yeah, if you save it on your computer and then upload to imgur you'll always be assured of having the image. Using a random one that's online is fine (as long as it's not copyrighted), but when its been torn down you wont have access to it anymore.
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