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    posted a message on [Current] Share your Minecraft Pictures here!
    Not really something I created, but still a funny kind of visual bug I wanted to share.
    Industrialcraft adds a lot of stuff, one of those are nukes; bit more powerful than TNT. Used creative mode to blast a big cave and then this happened:
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    posted a message on Who has the best avatar out of the two above posters?
    Caaaaaaaatface, he's got a big cat face, he's got the bo-...sorry.

    Anyway: Jimmy ftw.
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    posted a message on Need Ideas For House.
    In my world I've made a lot of use of the Minecraft Furniture site. It's helped me out a lot, also given me some ideas for new rooms. Go check out the site, or my world (decorative stuff is in 'town', use the minecart station to get there ;) ).

    Quote from NomzDeCreeper

    Wow, wish I knew how :P Not that I need a bathroom.

    Check out that website. :)
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    posted a message on Colored Light! (originally the 'Colored Glass!' topic)
    Wow, that is one awesomely thought out concept. =)

    Wish I had anything to add to it, but as of now nothing springs to mind. Also, 66 pages of comments have preceded me so it'd probably be repetition. :P Will +rep when I'm allowed to again. xD

    Just wanted to say that it's awesome and: w00000t, that way I'd finally be able to make stained glass pictures in a huge cathedral. =D
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    posted a message on MOB'D [1.5.1][24/7; Whitelist; ANTI-GRIEF; FRIENDLY; EVENTS; 14+]
    In-game name: Yanel (forum name is same as here)
    Age: 24
    Location: Land of ze Dutch
    What do I bring: Me, myself and I. Builder, explorer, all-round "funny" and "likeable" person.
    Telling you about me: 6'2, long hair, blue eyes. I'm guessing that wasn't what you wanted, but those are the facts. Everything else is subject to either interpretation or personal opinion.
    Why do I want to join: Never been on an open MC server before, mostly just done LAN and single player. Wanting to try it out.
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    posted a message on Help?
    Are you running vanilla MC? Have you checked whether it's a 32 or 64-bit OS you've got?

    All worlds give this problem, too? Does it also happen when you just stand around, doing nothing (in MC) for 5 mins?
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    posted a message on Minecraft opens but wont play the game
    After you've updated Java you should go to Control Panel => Java.
    You'll get a window with a couple of tabs, go to Java. Click view and make sure there's only 1 line there, it should be 1.7.

    If there's more, you have several versions of Java installed which can cause trublz as well.

    If you're not sure what to do about it just uninstall all Java's you have and download the latest one from
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    posted a message on Help?
    How long have you been building? Best way to improve in -anything- is to practise, practise and practise some moar.

    Also, getting some inspiration isn't a bad idea. There's a ton of building maps (and screenshots/vids) on this forum for that.
    My map has some stuff too. =D

    Aaaand, Youtube can help a lot. Maybe some tutorials on styles of building, some walkthroughs of awesome buildings etc. etc.
    There are also a lot of sites out there like that contain ideas for decorative building, practical building and more.
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    posted a message on Optimize performance?
    Playing on a laptop?

    +1 for BSOD's being really srius bisnizz! Since you've got those, I'd say it's a bigger problem than just a case of "minecraft needs optimizing"

    But, if not; might wanna take a look at this thread:

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    posted a message on Need a bit help
    Soooo....your question is how you can automate farmable stuff with Buildcraft/Industrialcraft?

    For pumpkins/melons/sugar cane, there's no need for those mods. They have no need to be replanted and can easily be automatically harvested.

    It's been a while since I've used Buildcraft and I've never heard of Forestry before, but I did manage to find a couple of youtube vids, maybe they could be of some help.

    Usually all the wiki's do is give some general information. Not nearly enough to know what you can really do with certain mods or items. Youtube or written tutorials by players are most of the times a better source of information.

    Good luck!
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    posted a message on Who has the best avatar out of the two above posters?
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    posted a message on Bad FPS
    Got the latest drivers for your vid card (and everything else that could influence FPS/performance)?

    Laptop not overheating? (No vents blocked or something like that, laptops are really viable for that particular problem.)

    What are the specs for your old pc? Might give a reference point.

    What Optifine are you using? Light, smooth, HD, ultra etc.

    Not completely sure, but I believe there are different Java versions for 64 and 32-bit OS's. Got the right one?

    Mostly to isolate some stuff and perhaps there's a solution somewhere in there.
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    posted a message on Good unused minecraft usernames
    Conzegratzupalations on your very own, (possibly) self-invented Minecraft name! :D

    Now gtfo with that kind of sarcasm when people are taking their time to answer one of the more stupid questions I've heard or seen today. >.> (Which is quite something....)

    Sorry about that, ticked me off. :(

    Edit: I now realise it could've also been something like: "Thank you very much for your time, but alas it was for naught. I still appreciate it though." Sooo, if that's what you meant, just disregard my rant. :P

    I read it as: "Thanks for nothing."

    I still like Tee-eNTee better, though.
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    posted a message on Who has the best avatar out of the two above posters?
    Quote from wiler5002

    whens the last time youve seen a generic mc avatar besides me. I havent.

    Go back 2 pages on this thread. :P
    And, it's not really the fact that they're as common as's just that imo they're a bit lazy and uninspired. Yes, we're on a Minecraft forum, yes we all like Minecraft. It's too obvious. :P Or well, that's what it is for me at least.

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    posted a message on Minecraft trap room ideas.
    2 doors/levers/whatever (1 being the "right" one and 1 being the "wrong" one).

    A sign in front: 1 of these will always lie, the other will always tell the truth. The truth is the right path. (or something along those lines)

    Both doors have a sign:
    1 states: The other door will tell you I'll always lie.
    The next: The other door will tell you I always tell the truth.

    Which door is the right door? (Could possibly be too easy, original riddle required asking a question to find out which is the right one but it didn't tell you the question so it was rather hard. Now you're being pointed in the right direction from the start....)

    Hope it's a bit clear. :P
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