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    very cool. Aren't enchantments the same? only simpler? No need to craft, just collect and choose.
    Granted, you're idea is very cool because you collect bonus features as you progress that can be used to make better weaponery. But wouldn't it be easier if those bonuses were enchantments that the player unlocks by gaining achievements:

    Killed 10 Enderman: Awarded the bow teleportation enchantment as an available enchantment.
    Mined (100/200/300/500) blocks: Awarded Efficiency level (1/2/3/4) enchantment as available for 20 points of xp only on pickaxes.
    Survive or kill a charged creaper: Awarded "Explosive strike" enchantment. Struck npc is hit with knockback and extra damage.
    Catch 10 ghasts with a fishing rod: Awarded "Ghast Tamer" for fishing rods. When catching a ghast with this rod, you can ride it across the nether.

    And stuff like that. No need to add complicated and unneccesary recipes. Just achievments.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Elemental Gems - v1.0.2 (New weapons and equipments with special effects)
    Very cool.
    Do you plan on buffing mobs a bit so they don't get slaughtered?
    Or maybe these ores could be made as rare as the emeralds coming out in 1.3?

    Rubies only in lava pools. Sapphires only rarely found under ocean biomes. Topaz found only rarely on earth above sea level. All have a chance of being found in dungeons.

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    posted a message on The Twilight Forest (v2.3.5: Wrecking Block)
    Can this dimension mod be made as a biomes mod to the already existing minecraft surface world?

    Height is no longer an issue with the new Anvil world generator. Maybe weather can be set to give these biomes a "twilight" feel without having to create a whole parallel world to change the sky.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5]Dark day mod!
    What's so special about these 21 unknown mobs?
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    posted a message on [Forge] Father Toast's Mods (Special Mobs, Mob Properties, and More!)
    Very cool. Keep it up. I'd love to finally see mobs spawn in lava, it sounds like spawning octupi.

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    posted a message on [1.1]Deep Dream 0.3
    Quote from Viktor_smg

    But you havent seen the moon... how are you going to imagine it???????
    You have to seen some places and thins to imagine it...-The moon(you see it during night :biggrin.gif:),meteor hitted somewhere...,also,it is "random"-there may be,or not diamonds,or a ore... a rare,or not so rare or,creatures,or no such things,atmosphere,or no( i think its possible in minecraft :tongue.gif:)

    I'm sorry, I meant no offense. But in a dream you can imagine anything. And since man has landed on the moon, taken pictures and graphical imaging and used it on tv countless times, it can be imagined just as easily.
    Or perhaps we should simply say sci-fi and fantasy don't exist because we lack imagination.

    To imagine is to do the impossible within you're dreams (even day dreams). I don't see why this mod should be like the nether.

    (My last reply to this irrelevant line of talks.)
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    posted a message on [1.1]Deep Dream 0.3
    Quote from sombrastudios

    your idea is great and i'll try to make that, but at the first time i need to make this mod 'okay'.
    if so many things which i need to change (currently working on the bed) andi really WANT to realese these things so fast that i can, but i also want a special aspect in this mod: the trading with the bubblers (a new mob that i want to make)
    and the taming and training of them, so what about this idea: you can go to a special bubbler and this guy gives you orders, in this case the orders would be the adventure, for example get a diamond or something like this, in this case i wouldn't make new generation of biomes every time you enter the dimension, but i'm not sure, acctually i want to realize both things. i can't decide, at the moment i'm working on plan A, if i'm finish with this i can write some codes which changes to mod to plan B (your version). so, i'll try to make something which changes the dream mode, but it's still A LOT to do, what did you think about this plan?

    Oh, and you arn't annoying, it's nice to have comments, so thank you!

    Your idea is far simpler than mine. It's a standard RPG style game. It doesn't have to be a dream. I suppose these bubblers could be programed to store a list of generated challenges.

    The world is generated with challenge areas (like a dungeon, an abandoned mine shaft, a volcano, the end of the world etc..). A bubbler stores the fact that such a challenge has been generated and the direction to it relative to his own X,Y,Z position. When steve talks the bubbler, it will send him to one of these challenges and tell him what he wants from the chest. The rest of the loot you keep. In exchange for giving the quest item to the bubbler, he will give you XP orbs and will pick another challenge for you.

    Quote from Viktor_smg

    You should make the dream world be generated based on where you were in other dimensions or the overworld...
    Also it would be possible it to generate things based on other mods(when they are installed)!

    Why? You're dreaming. You can be on the moon for all you care.
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    posted a message on [1.1]Deep Dream 0.3
    I suppose. The fun with minecraft is the random generation of adventure and creation.

    In your dream mod you can take these concepts much further by actually making different dreams generate.

    What I suggested were examples to the types of dreams you can generate. No dream is ever exactly the same. You can be somewhere new every time, or somewhere familiar but not quite the same. Your goals in the dream can be anything, but once you start on a goal it normally stays until the dream ends.

    In my opinion, your mod should be like a bunch of minigames for minecraft itself, selected randomly while sleeping.

    Sorry, but I'm being a back seat driver (Giving advice when I'm not doing anything to help). You seem do be working on a very big project. Find a partner. Ask for advice and code from other modders who have done similar things to what you're trying to do.

    Good luck,
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    posted a message on [1.1]Deep Dream 0.3
    Good mod. Best part is the work done between the modder and the commenters.


    1) If you generate falling blocks randomly, and a dreamer walks on them, he falls. (The Falling Dream Aspect)

    2) Generate "Challenge" islands. Islands filled with dangerous blocks (like lava, cacti falling blocks, Impossible gaps between blocks)
    or mobs (Creepers, etc.) to gaurd a chest filled with loot. No order needs to be given to these blocks when they are generated,
    because it's a dream. (The Adventure Dream Aspect)

    3) Generate towns with fortifications. Around the town have mob spawners generate a limited amount of invading forces. (The War Dream)

    4) The dream dimension shouldn't be too big. It's a dream. It should exist only for the time that steve is asleep.
    When steve goes to sleep a dimension is generated. This dimension should be limited to the size of a single biome (Grass4Hoppers
    biomes would do). Once It becomes morning in the real world (or steve dies), Steve wakes up. The dream world is deleted.

    hope I'm not being annoying.
    good luck,
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    posted a message on [1.3.2]LCTrees & LCCrops [v1.4.6] [Forge][SMP][Bukkit][+36 Trees][+7 Biomes][+10 Flowers]
    Yes, I really like this mod. It's original, aesthetic and like the apple trees, possibly very cool.
    Good work. 8-)

    Quote from miner_man117

    great mod you could have some of the trees from industrial and build craft and also shouldent the tree in the desert have no leaves because its in a desert

    Honestly? How can a tree live without its leaves? The trees that survive with little water are generally short, with allot of small leaves, but underground they have very extensive roots going all the way down to water reservoirs.

    Could the trees come with roots in the next update next update?
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    posted a message on Cleaning Up The Forum
    There should also be an index of mods.

    This way modders can work together instead of working on the same ideas in parallel.

    It would also prevent some of them to repeatedly update their page so that it pop-up on top again. This happens so much that other mods get lost.

    The current mod progress page is fine, but it can't be as informative as we'd like it to be.

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    posted a message on My First (Hopefully last) Question
    Quote from Sennyotai

    I actually wouldn't suggest just swapping jars around like that if you do it often. At least if you care about statistics and achievements. If you're on windows, there's a simple way of doing it. Batch files! :biggrin.gif:

    If none of the mods alter the launcher then put the exe into a folder like.. C:\Minecraft\

    Then open notepad and put in the following:
    @echo off
    set APPDATA=C:\Minecraft\AdventureCraft

    The click File > Save as..., change 'Save as filetype' to 'All Files (*.*)' name it AdventureCraft.bat and save it in C:\Minecraft\

    Just double click the batch file and a command prompt window will pop open for a sec before closing and the Minecraft login opening. Logging in after this will place the game as C:\Minecraft\AdventureCraft\.minecraft instead of where %APPDATA% usually points.

    Repeat for each unique minecraft you wish. Each one is isolated to itself so there's no crossover.

    You can then just make shortcuts onto the desktop for each batch file and tell the shortcut to use the exe's icon :3

    Similar process can be done for mac and linux.. but I don't know their shell scripting or enviroment variables :tongue.gif:

    Thanks, good to know how to do it on windows. 8-)
    But yes, I am actually stuck with Linux. If anyone else could help with that.

    Thank you anyway 8-)
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    posted a message on My First (Hopefully last) Question
    I wonder...
    I like Minecraft.
    I like playing survival on server.
    I like playing creative off server.


    I also like adding mods. But the moment a new update for minecraft comes out, they are rendered useless until updated. The modded worlds are rendered useless until updated.

    There are also mods that do not complement each other. Such as Adventurecraft with any other mod. It's essentially a game engine, built from a game engine (minecraft) that uses the same account.


    I am given these 3 choices:

    1) Update Minecraft upon every change and enjoy it, and out the other mods world on hold until then. Unfortunately, this also means I can't have adventure craft there at the same time.

    2) Save 3 .minecraft.jar files. One for mods, one for adventurecraft and one for minecraft unchanged (vanilla?). This requires replacing the .jar file whenever I want to toggle between them. I"M TOO LAZY FOR THAT!!!

    3) Ignore mods forever :sad.gif:

    Is there a way to have all 3 separate versions of minecraft running separately?
    Can't there be the option of making Adventurecraft a standalone game/app? with it's own icon and its own .minecraft.jar file?
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