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    Username: YoungTimer
    Age: 20
    Favorite Part of the server:

    The Emoji movie is considered a cinematic masterpiece, the movies characters are believable, they grow and have flaws, they are a look into reality as we know it. Gene is a flawed character, and he wants to make himself better, by the end of the movie he has realized he is fine as he his, and has done his duty to make alex, the owner of the phone, happy. Jailbreak does something and she does it good. And Hi-5:

    HI-5 is one of the best characters in the history of cinema. He grows with you, you can feel him when he mourns, your next to him when he cries. He is not a fictional character, he is a real life friend who will always be there with you.

    The plot is emotional, its sometimes is too intelligent for my brain to handle, even anyone sophisticated enough to make an entire book out of emojis will be stumped, its just that complicated. The plot surpasses the complication of the tetris movie, its just that good. The plot is too complicated for me to put in a paragraph, so please get the deluxe edition on blu-ray, its worth your time.

    In end, critics loved it, audiences loved it, a sequel is guaranteed.
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