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    posted a message on 12w25a Snapshot Ready for Testing
    I just wish they would bring back the old Singleplayer saving system!
    What ever happened to the "Saving Chunks" screen??

    I honestly think that Singleplayer is getting ****ed up beyond belief. Also, when I installed this snapshot and loaded my Survival world, my entire inventory was deleted! I can't even restore my player.dat file back to a previous state with Windows, because when I do, Minecraft just overwrites the file, respawning me without my items (as if I died).

    I'm really getting pissed off. What the **** is Mojang thinking? Do they really think that getting rid of the "Saving Chunks" screen helps?
    I think Mojang is doing too many retarded things to Minecraft. :angry:
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    posted a message on [1.4.6] [PEACEFUL] YOG1Craft: YoshiOG1's Tiny Minecraft Server
    HAPPY UPDATE Dec 31, 2012:
    It's the last day of the year!
    Yesterday, I made a giant Christmas present, where you can go mining for all sorts of goodies (A LOT!). If the server's online, then you can go mining inside the giant present by using the command /warp xmas_gift
    I hope you all enjoyed your holiday season!! :)

    You can also check out a seed I discovered that spawns you near a mushroom island. Click here to see it.

    A really old version of this post can be found in the spoiler below:

    Server IP:



    UPDATE Nov 21, 2012: The server might be offline tomorrow, November 22, because it's going to be Thanksgiving in America. While the server is offline tomorrow, you could be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, or watch videos of .
    Also, there's a new Creative world on the server aside from the main Survival world. To access this world, go to spawn, and there should be a pressure plate somewhere in the corner.
    In this alternate Creative world, you can settle on a "planet" and start building. If you'd like me to "splice" the top of your planet to make it easier to build, just ask me, and show me where you'd like it spliced.

    If you're new to the server, and you want to build, you have to promise not to grief, because I hate griefing!

    The server is finally back online after months of not being available to the public! The IP is listed above again, and I've made a few major changes:
    1. The server run-time hours have been shortened. Instead of starting at 3:00 PM Eastern Time (USA), the server now starts as late as 4:00 PM Eastern Time, and it still goes offline at 8 PM ET.
    2. (See the top of this post to see whether it's online or offline.)
    3. The server is no longer Creative. Why? Because I can't take it when people grief. So I've changed the game mode to Survival. This makes it harder for people to grief on a large scale. Besides, I'd like to help people out while they play. Also, the difficulty is set to Peaceful, so there's not much to worry about. ...sssSSSsss...
    4. I've set some special plugin permissions for all users. I'd like everyone to have some fun, so I'm allowing all players who promise not to grief to use commands such as:
    5. /warp [warp-name] -- Warp to a specified warp location (e.g. /warp mine)
      /disguise [mob-name] -- Disguise yourself as a mob (e.g. /disguise zombie)
      /undisguise -- Un-disguise yourself back to normal.
      /afk -- Lets players know that you're away-from-keyboard (AFK)
      /nick (I forget how the syntax goes for this) -- Changes your displayed nickname.
      /hat -- Wear the item in your hand as if it's a helmet.
    Have fun, guys!! :)


    - No griefing! (Because I hate griefers!)
    • Anyone caught griefing will be banned from the server. No exceptions!
    - No being greedy / stealing from other players
    - No hate comments / cyber bullying
    • This includes, but is not limited to, calling people names, picking on people, discrimination, racism, and sexism. As for all of the previously listed actions excluding picking on people and discrimination, the only exception to this rule is if it's truly meant as a joke, as long as no one is offended by the "joke."
    - Swearing is tolerated, as long as it isn't done in a hateful way


    Feel free to try my server if there's space available!

    The server should be online from 4PM-8PM (USA Eastern Time) every day. However, it may suddenly go offline if errors occur (possibly due to the fact that I have a horrible computer). And if my dad takes the computer from me, then I can't run the server as long as he has it.


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