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    Hello, I would like to apply for helping you on this map.

    I have emailed you previously just so you know who I am.

    I am a hard worker, free a lot, love minecraft, part time programmer, i'm mature, and would love to help you out with this project.

    I was hoping that you could help me along with helping you with command blocks and such, but that would be extra nice assuming you accept this application. Anyways I want to help you out and be part of something great so, ya.

    Other Qualifications and About Me

    - I have skype, am open to teamspeak, can use curse, email, and have steam

    - My ign is YoloBro18

    - My email is [email protected]

    - I know bits and pieces of Java Script, Python, Java, and am just good with computers in general

    - I have ALWAYS wanted to make a minecraft map

    - I would say I am decent at building

    - I understand redstone

    - I understand logic

    - I am amazing at listing things that you probably don't care about


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