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    This is very extremely confusing...
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    I would recommend looking at tutorials on YouTube. Typing it out here would be confusing but I'll give you a link and typed out tutorial for you.
    YouTube Tut.
    Okay. So once you have the file downloaded from minecraft.net you need to download Hamachi, (Google search it). When you have Hamachi your friend needs to have it too. then you guys need to connect by creating a network in Hamachi. Then while Hamachi is open look near the top of the window to figure out your IP. Once you know your IP open the minecraft.net file then enter your IP into a minecraft server slot. Then your friend should enter your IP also and you two should be able to play together.
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    Can someone please try to find a seed where there's a hospital really close by 'cause I can't find one! Thx
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