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    That was really fun! The ending got me, lol. It's really hard to get me to fall into a trap, so good job!
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    Quote from muuurgh

    This is just a post to promote your maps which you already made posts about..... and because you did this I will NOT try your maps or give you ANY feedback EVER.

    Good day sir!

    Wow. Hate to be rude, but someone needs some chill pills.

    There is a great doctor to go to for those...what was his name again?
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    I’ve never seen a tutorial like this on the forums, so I thought I’d make one.

    The 9 Steps of an Adventure Game by Yellow9
    In this tutorial, I will explain how to make a successful Minecraft game as well as make an example game.

    Step One: Type

    What type of game will your game be? Some common types include:

    For my example game, I will make a very simple adventure game.

    Step Two: Plan

    This is by far the most important step. Yes, even more important than actually building the game.
    The best games out there were carefully planned and NOT thrown together randomly.
    This means that you should grab a piece of paper and sketch out a plan or make some blueprints in your mind. If you make it up as you go, it may not make a lot of sense.

    For my example game, I will have a starter house, a cave that leads to three trials and then a victory room.

    Take your time planning out a game. If you plan it quickly, it may not be as good as it would be if you planned it out for a while.

    Step Three: Story

    Before you even generate a new world, be sure that your puzzles or challenges match up with your storyline. This is very hard to do.
    If you have no storyline, then don’t worry about this step. It’s always nice to have a good storyline, though!

    For my example game, I will use a very overused storyline.
    You are an archeologist that has heard of a room full of awesome artifacts. You set up a house next to the entryway to this room. But first, you must pass all 3 tests.

    Step Four: Tools

    Before you build, be sure you have a way to get items. I recommend INVedit of TooManyItems, but you can mine all of your materials if you want to.

    For my example game, I will use INVedit and MCedit.

    Step Five: Build

    Yes, we’re finally at the fun part: building your adventure game. A successful game isn’t too easy or too hard. Be sure to test EVERYTHING!
    Also, be sure to add enough supplies. If your adventure game is in a dark cave, be sure to give the player torches near the start or a pickaxe to mine coal!
    For my example game, I will use INVedit to get materials for the house and use MCedit to make rooms for the three tests.
    Remember to go by your plans! Don’t just start building stuff at random or your game may not turn out very good!

    Be sure to be creative. Everyone loves new and creative puzzles and challenges, not just the same old jumping-over-lava challenge.

    Step Six: Check

    Check to make sure everything is in the right place. Make sure you put those torches in the chest and are not still in your inventory. Make sure the signs make sense! Make sure the texture pack works with your game if you include one.
    Also, check for originality. If your puzzles are exactly the same as another person’s puzzles, then it WILL be seen as a copy. So, be careful! You can still use ideas from other games, just be sure to change them so they aren’t copies.

    Be sure to make rules very obvious and clear.

    Step Seven: Test

    Before you publish your game, be sure to test it! You want to make sure everything works as planned.
    If it doesn’t, change it and then test it again. Keep doing this until your game is how you want it to be.
    BE SURE to test it with monsters on, so you can see if too many or too little monsters spawn.

    If you have an available friend, have them test it, too! It’s always a good idea to see how other people will play your game.

    Step Eight: Publish

    Now that your game is done, you can put it on the forums!
    There are three things that you will need in your post:
    -Description: What is your game about? Why should we play this? If you want a lot of downloads, add the rules, a changelog and a very detailed description to your post.

    -Pictures: What does your game look like? You’ll get a lot more downloads if you include pictures!
    Photobucket is a nice place to upload pictures. Just copy the image code into your post and you’re good to go!

    -Download: If you don’t have a download, how do you expect us to play it? =P
    Mediafire is a great place to upload your game! Just upload it and copy/paste the link into your post.

    Step Nine: Update

    So, it’s time to get popular and get a million downloads, right? Wrong.
    People may reply with bugs or problems. They may also reply with reviews or feedback. Use all of this information to improve your game. The better your game gets, the more downloads you’ll get.
    I also like to make an easy mode for players who have trouble with some challenges or puzzles. If your easy mode is too hard, though, be sure to make everything a lot easier. To reduce mob spawns, add a giant dark room.
    People also like to see new content in updates, not just updates. Add new side quests or more treasure! Add a new puzzle that is especially tricky for players who like to take risks! Use new content from Minecrat updates to draw players to your game! Use new ideas and make interesting puzzles/challenges!
    Now you know how to make a successful Minecraft game. I hope this helped!

    If you wish to download my example game, here is the download link:
    Feel free to take it apart, blow it up, use it as a blueprint, etc.
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