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    Quote from xtremekiller

    I'm glad a real person has taken over Dwarves Vs Zombie. Robert Moran (old owner) was a horrible, horrible person who defiantly did not deserve the rights to the reigns fo DvZ. He turned what could of easily been the most amazing minecraft game ever into a freak show that only him and his posy had any control over. in all of his livestreams, all people wanted was the right to have a server with the mods that were used to start up true and whole servers or their own that were not ran by a sadistic tyrant. So once again, I, and i'm sure hundreds of other people, thank you.

    Rob is still the current owner and this person has stolen it. Rob can do what ever he likes with what he made, and DvZ is the most amazing Minecraft game ever. I don't know what you have against Rob but most people don't share your hatred.
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    Ninja Mode
    This is a mod that lets you run around link a ninja.

    You can Ninja Run, if you run and jump you will go faster and faster and jump higher till you run into something, reduces control of movement
    Jump height is based on how fast you are running
    Extended range in which you can hit blocks
    Heal faster when running at high speeds
    Glides slightly
    Takes less damage from falling

    To-Do list
    Swords = faster
    Staffs = deflect
    Nun chuck = ?
    Bandanna = Heal?
    Armor = No fall damage?
    Pants = Super Jump
    Shoes = Run faster?
    Any more ideas?

    Change log
    V1.8 updated to Minecraft 1.7.3
    V1.7 updated to Minecraft 1.7.2, code cleaned out
    V1.6 updated to Minecraft 1.4_1
    V1.5 changed movement to ninja run, increased block attack range
    V1.1 Updated to Minecraft 1.4
    V1 split from insane mode

    Current Version
    Older Versions
    Ninja Skin

    Other Mods
    Insane Mode
    Elemental Slimes




    Ninja Skin and Banners by Producezero
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    Insane Mode
    This a mod I've been working on that makes the game more intense and very difficult.

    Mobs will spawn during the day
    Mobs don't burn from sun
    Mobs can see you from twice as far away
    Mobs Jump twice as high
    Mobs have 5 more health

    Range is increased
    Arrow speed is increased
    Arrows Explode
    Drop up to 16 arrows and 1 bow

    Do More damage
    Hold and drop steel swords

    Jump farther
    Attack during the day
    Drop chain legs
    do more damage

    Explosion size increased
    Attack from farther away
    Drop chain chest plate

    Pig Zombies
    Spawn in the main world
    Have a larger anger area
    Drop Golden Apples
    Hold Diamond Swords
    Do 10 damage

    Change Log
    V3.9 mod revived and updated to 1.7.3, cleaned code
    V3.8 updated to Minecraft 1.4_1
    V3.7 updated to Minecraft 1.4
    V3.6 Split into ninja mode and insane mode
    V3.51/3.52 Small bug fix
    V3.5 Reorganized info, pig zombies, drops, health, difficulty changes
    V3 Minor Gliding, Skeletons and Zombies drops improved, Mobs spawn during the day, added change log
    V2.3 Bug fixes
    V2.2 Increased Health, Healing, Movement Speed, and Jump hight
    V2 Skeleton's arrows explode and major balancing
    V1 Initial Release

    Current Download
    Older Downloads


    Other Mods
    Elemental Slimes
    Ninja Mode
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    Elemental Slimes By Yelik
    This is a mod that adds various types of slimes. It requires Mod Loader. It should be compatible with all other mods. Each slime kind of Slime drops a different Slimeball. Right Click to throw a Slimeball spawning a slime of that type on impact. If you hit a mob with a Slimeball the slime it spawns will attack that mob. This mod is in alpha and so has many bugs and is focused on adding things before bugs. A properties file is generated in the .minecraft folder. So far it only controls the spawn rates of each type of slime.

    Fire Slimes
    Spawn: In lighter areas
    Attacks: Explode with fire, Normal hit
    Die: In water
    On Death: Chance to explode with fire

    Plant Slimes
    Spawn: Everywhere, Grass only?
    On Death: Only Splits at large sizes
    Grow: Will grow in size, grows slower when larger, won't grow while fighting

    Dark Slimes
    Spawn: In Darkness
    Health: Double Normal
    Damage: Double Normal
    Die: Burns in light, not just sun light

    Air Slimes
    Health: Half Normal
    Fall: Doesn't take damage
    Movement: Glides

    Water Slimes
    Spawn: Near Water
    Movement: Swims

    Iron Slimes
    Health: 3x Normal
    MoveRate: 1/3 Normal
    Drops: 50% Iron Ingots


    Dark slime

    Air Slime

    Fire Slime

    Plant slime

    Iron slime

    Water slime, If you look closely theres a water slime swimming under the ice.

    Installation Videos
    Mod Spotlights
    V a4.1
    V a3.0

    Known Bugs
    Slime effects are always green.
    Dark Slimes spawn during the day above ground.
    Items have no names, fixed in next update

    Change Log
    V a4.1 Iron Slimes are slower and have more health, fixed properties file, added readme
    V a4.0 Iron Slime, Water Slime, Properties File
    V a3.0 Plant Slime, balancing
    V a2.0 Initial Release


    Current Version
    Old Versions

    Other Mods
    Ninja Mode
    Insane Mode

    Special Thanks To
    Jaster, for pics
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    Quote from Fruloo

    How about these hills for the nether?


    They seem too smooth to be hell.
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    Could you make one that works with all mobs?
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