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    Quote from swaglord676»

    Considering how fast ghasts will notice you before you try to kill them... ain't nobody got time fo' dat, ain't nobody got time, ain't nobody got time, ain't nobody got time fo' dat!

    I guess it will be a bit longer, because the fire charges will put out lots of fire, therefore making it easier to walk into fire... again, even within a 4x4 area. (P.S., how do you know that I generally go prepared?)

    Be prepared. Ghasts' fireballs are not that fast, and considering you are saying they hover over lava, far away.

    I facepalmed at this. Going into the nether without armor is suicidal.

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    Quote from MazeCraft»

    Other causes of lag: too many animals or villagers, too many mobs collected in a spawner killing area, too many other entites (armor stands, item frames, items cycling through item elevators or water conveyor belts), too many block entities (blocks with inventory: hoppers, chests, furnaces), too many hoppers (cause additional lag by constant checking space above them for items to suck in). To reduce lag caused by hoppers, place an empty furnace on top of every hopper (if possible) that has a regular block, slab or air above it.

    Lag can also be caused by redstone: too many pistons moving at the same time, lamps blinking, some clocks (mostly repeater clocks and comparator fading circuits), redstone torches blinking. To reduce light updates, place torches close to repeaters and redstone torches.

    For some people colored glass cause lag. Or comparators. Or huge nether portals (big number of the actual portal blocks).

    Maybe there is a hidden place where hostile mobs can fall into and accumulate over time? Several times I had many zombies in a small cave jumping in water. Every one of them was holding an ink sac.

    I have 1 big chicken farm, 1 cow farm with a decent amount and 1 pig farm with 3 pigs. 1 hostile mob farm that isnt efficient, 1 automatic food farm, that contains minimal redstone. I have 3 hoppers and I also have 1 dog and 4 cats, 1 villager. Also I play in a aerver so.. Idk. Nether portals are deactivated in skyblock. I don't have any clocks.

    This is my alternate btw.

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    Regen pots can also be good since they are cheap.

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    Is there any way of me and my cousin playing together in a survival world? We have different IPs so LAN is not an option, we can't make servers and survival minigame on servers is not what we want.. Is there any thing similar to this? I've heard of Towny but I don't know what server has Towny minigame and how it works..

    Thanks in advance.

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    For 3D modeling (changing shape of blocks) I reccomend oopl's, but remember these are VERY complicated.

    If you wanna go easy I say novaskin.me, but it's awful. I reccomend either GIMP or Paint.NET, which are both free.

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    Quote from Kawaii_Mangle»

    Finally something awesome for the Asians lmao, nicely detailed too. Well, here's an extra thing for Otakus to fangirl over. Support.

    I'm not asian myself, but I feel like this is needed.

    Quote from Kazo10»

    HEY! You missed my post please take a look. Then tell me what you think, ok?

    They're awesome!

    Quote from LoboLaker»

    Perhaps make it look less clay-ey, if you will. Make it look more architectural.

    What block should I use?

    -Alternate Acc.

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    Quote from lokiboy12»
    I like the idea but can we see a design of the shrine?

    I will add those, but I was sick so I coudln't go and build it X-x
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    Did you take a look at the images? I said the shape looks like snow. I was going to mention that if you kill pandas in the village, but I couldn't have because lack of time. The leaves falling animation will be similar to a mod's, they have a texture of a single piece of leaf, and when they come to contact, they look like that patch. Also you do know that if you kill villagers iron golems will attack you, same way works if you kill many pandas, because pandas are illegal to kill IRL, due to their race being extinct. However I'm not saying you're wrong, I just wanted to share an idea. So don't take this as if I said "NO THIS IS THE BEST IDEA SHUT UP".

    ~My alt account on iPad.
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    The lucky block's diamond tower bugs out in the nether. The blocks go away from each other, instead of making a tower. Also my screen was like flashing through white hues similar to the effect that night vision gives when it is running out during the process. I found all the clay blocks, but no diamond. Is this a known bug?
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