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    posted a message on T.F.A. Mod (Techno Futuristic Additions) [WIP] For MC 1.7.2

    I will be having a new update to the T.F.A. Mod soon. (maybe a month or so) There will probably be some more of the planned features going in.
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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    This is so cool! I hope that they add this kind of chunk system to minecraft!
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    posted a message on Hedge aka Leaf Fence
    This sounds like a great idea! I really hope Mojang adds this to the game soon, because it is such a great idea.
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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]
    Wow. You did such an amazing job with this shader. Diamonds for you!:Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    posted a message on Custom NPCs
    This is such a great mod! Thank you very much for this mod! I love using this mod when I play minecraft.
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    posted a message on Forge 1.8?
    It should be out in a couple of months, but i hope it will come out sooner.
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    posted a message on T.F.A. Mod (Techno Futuristic Additions) [WIP] For MC 1.7.2
    The T.F.A. Modification
    There are currently only a few features implemented, but there will be many features to come in the future. Here are the current features:

    Command Block Recipe:
    Fake Ladder Recipe:
    Lightning Sword:When Right-Clicked, Lightning will spawn.
    Lightning Sword Recipe:
    Gold Wand:(Portal Activator)
    Golden Stick:(Portal Activator)
    Also, Please refer to the old thread for some additional features I did not list here.
    There are also many planned features, including:

    Factory (Structure [Spawns in City])
    T.V. (Block)
    Flat-screen T.V. (Block)
    Factory Worker (Mob)
    Techno Dragon (Boss [Spawns in Future Dimension])
    Future (Custom Generation Dimension)
    City (Biome)
    House (Structure [Spawns in City])
    Car (Ride-able Vehicle)
    Truck (Ride-able Vehicle)
    Race-car (Ride-able Vehicle)
    Race Track (Structure)
    Human (Mob [Sorta like a villager but spawns in cities, defends itself, and doesn't trade])
    Time Machine (On Right-Click Opens Time Machine GUI [Can send you to the Past or the Future])
    Past (Custom Generation Dimension)
    T-Rex (Mob [Spawns in Past Dimension])
    Dinosaurs (There will be many types of Dinosaurs)
    Prehistoric Plants (There will be many types of Prehistoric Plants)
    Ice-Age Biome (Will spawn in Past Dimension)
    Mammoth (Mob)
    Ice-Age Mobs (There will be many types of Ice-Age Mobs)
    Ice-Age (Dimension)
    Asphalt (Block)
    Road (Made of Asphalt and spawns in cities)
    Cement ({sidewalk}Spawns on the side roads)
    Police (Mob)
    More about the Car and Truck: When you are at a high speed and go into a wall of 2 or more blocks high, it causes an explosion.
    Robot (Mob)
    And Much Much More...
    Currently The mod Is using MCreator so I could get at least some basic features out. Any other updates will not be using MCreator.
    Here is the download link to the mod. TFA Mod
    please feel free to post your questions and comments!
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    posted a message on Current member title list
    Thanks! All of these titles are AWESOME!!! :D Thank you so much! :)
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    posted a message on TFA Mod - OLD Thread
    The T.F.A. mod (Techno Futuristic Additions) is currently in a stable pre-alpha state.Right now I am using Mcreator, but I will actually code it later (just got to learn to code java first :)) If you would like to do a mod review, please do and send me the video so I can try to put it into the thread.

    Some of the features are,

    (The dimensions are named by the portal block they use.)

    The Wood Dimension

    The Cobweb Dimension

    The Techno-Block Dimension

    (not sure about this next one i cant really remember if its in it or not.)

    Iron Ore Dimension

    And Some Other dimensions (i think)

    A Few Biomes

    Angry Mobs (for example angry pig, which tries to attack you)

    One Boss

    Some Items

    Some Blocks

    A command Block Recipe (Just put bedrock in a crafting table)

    and some other things I can't remember

    Here is the download link for anyone who wants to try out the mod.

    T.F.A. Mod For MC 1.7.2
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    posted a message on Skin won't change!
    To change your skin, go to minecraft.net/profile. Then under the "Change how you look in Minecraft" section, Click choose file to select the skin file you want. Then all you have to do is click upload after you have selected the skin file you want.
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