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    posted a message on Factions 1.7/1.8 ⇨ MC.RAIDHEAVEN.COM ⇦
    IGN: Yandros
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    posted a message on ⚔FermentedPvP⚔ [Semi-Hardcore] ➳ [Factions] ➳ [1.7.5] ➳ [No MCMMO] ➳ [Buyable Kits] ➳ [Fresh Map!] ➳ [Mc.FermentedPvP.Com]
    Ign: Yandros

    As well as my friend navar44.

    Looks like a great server and I can't wait to try it.
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    posted a message on ♕Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer - THE ORIGINAL RPG SERVER (2010)! - [Heroes-Townships-PVP/PVE-RPG]
    1. In-game name: Yandros
    2. Location and Age: Northeastern US, age 17
    3. Previous Bans from other servers (explain): None
    4. Referral(s): Navar44
    5. Have you voted for Herocraft (No? do so here! http://hc.to/vote): I have
    6. Have you subscribed to our Youtube channel? (optional!) I have not
    7. Do you agree to the Herocraft EULA and ToS? I do
    8. Special Key: Do NOT leave blank. HCY7
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    posted a message on Dedicated SemiVanilla 1.6 Server (PVP/GRIEF/RAID)
    IGN: Yandros
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    posted a message on TerraKingdoms.com -- [Chaos/Anarchy] [Vanilla] Faction-oriented hardcore PvP server
    Greate looking server. Very little lag, and great familiar plugins we all depend on in our day to day minecraft experiences. Extremely friendly staff who are open to suggestions and are dedicated to improving the overall outlook of the server. I would highly recommend it to both old hands and new players alike. Try it it out today at terrakingdoms.com:25565
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    posted a message on Tales of Camelot [Closed]
    Out of Character

    In Game Name: Yandros
    Age: 16
    Timezone: Eastern Standard
    RP Experience: I have Roleplayed on many servers
    Reason for joining: Navar44 sent me here, plus I really enjoy roleplaying :D
    Skype name? (feel free to send as PM if you do not want it public): Yandrospep
    Did you read the rules?: Yes :DPA:
    Any questions or comments?: No, I understand the rules

    In Character

    Name: Desther Kaer
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Class: Soldier
    Backstory: Desther was born to the lower caste peasentry, in a small hamlet outside of Camelot. From a young age, he desired to be greater than his father, who was content as a farmer. He trained whenever he could, talking to mercenaries and guardsmen who travelled through the hamlet on their way to the city. Farmwork made him strong, and he enjoyed helping out around the hamlet. However, when he turned 18, his father declared that Desther had to either set aside his dreams of being a warrior and work as his father before him, or leave and stop living of his father's bread. Desther chose to leave, and travelled to the city, taking with him Ethan Core, a friend of his who also wanted to travel to the city. He then worked in the city as a mercenary guarding various shops and merchants. He then applied to be a soldier of Camelot, and promptly joined with the other aspiring fighters.
    Strengths and Weaknesses: Desther is very strong, and decently agile for a man of his stature. He also can keep his wit about him, and has talked his way out of many a situation. Despite this, he feels that he is bound by his honor, (one of the few traits he took from his father) and will never choose to cheat or lie to someone. He also has never been formally trained in swordplay or any of the fine combat arts, putting him at a disadvantage to a trained foe.
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    posted a message on (CLOSED) AKAVIR: The Elder Scrolls Minecraft ✧✧ {24/7}{Serious RolePlay}{MMORPG}{Nations}{Dungeons}{Player-Economy}{Land Ownersh

    GN: Yandros

    Age: 16

    Why us?: I am a big fan of Skyrim as well as roleplaying, and I thought it would be an enjoyable experience.

    Have you voted for us at Planet Minecraft?: I have

    Define Role-Playing in your words: (See front page for examples) Acting out a specific character or role usually with other people. Even more fun when there are many people, and you can create an entire world of roleplay.

    Define Meta-gaming in your words: Knowing things you learned out of character and acting on it in character. (hearing someone whispering across the city.

    Define Power-gaming in your words: Making yourself more powerful than you should be, like suddenly summoning a demon that can raze a city.


    Name: Cedric Stormborn

    Nickname: (Optional) Ced

    Age: 25

    Gender: male

    Race: Half Nord/ Half Imperial

    Appearance: Cedric stands tall, a tribute from his nordic father. His hair falls long to his shoulders, reddish brown. He wears leather armor with bit and pieces of metal on it. He usually also prefers a helmet. His complexion is somewhat ruddy, as standing in the brisk winds for too long has left him quite roughened. He is known to carry a broadsword or an axe at his side.

    Personality: Cedric is rather serious for his people, accepting a drink, but never toasting to one. He laughs little, but is slow to anger. People frequently however take advantage of his mild temperament, and those who do soon learn just how many ways an axe can be used to kill a man. Despite this, he makes friends fairly easily as he travels, never staying too long in one place.

    In-game RP example: (Include dialog) Cedric steps from the ship, raising a hand in greeting to the customs officer waiting with quill and paper in hand. "Hail friend, can you direct me to the nearest inn?" Ignoring the glare he received from the man, Cedric wrote his name on the ledger and slowly ambled down the street.

    Background: (Detailed and in-depth, 2 paragraphs. Also, explain how you came to be in Akavir.)
    Cedric was born on a long-ship, a fitting birth for one of his heritage. His father was Nordic, the captain of the long-ship. His mother, an imperial who was traveling on the same ship, left little of her appearance on him, although he tended to act more like her. Despite his ******* heritage, the crew never gave him trouble, and even taught him how to rig and sail. He traveled the seas with his father until he was 16, at which age his father cast him out of the ship to find his own path in life. His final remarks were "Fight well my son, and when we next meet, it may be in the halls of Sovngarde."
    After that, Cedric made a living as best he knew how, serving on ships traveling to and fro around the coasts. It was on one such trip that he heard of the prosperity that was to be had in Akavir. He set out immediately, seeking battle and good fortune, maybe even a hall of his own. 3 months later, he stepped off the ship, leaving behind the life he knew, and stepping into the path that would carry him into the rest of his life.

    Skooma kills!
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    posted a message on Kingdom Wars [Factions][24/7][PVP][Clans][Unique][Dieties]
    Age: 16
    Ign: Yandros
    Tell us about yourself: I have played minecraft for about 2 and a half years now. I love a good rp server, and especially servers with fun and unique ideas/plugins. I usually can devote around an hour or two a day to play on the server.
    Will you consider donating? Any more donator perks you would like?: I will donate at some point
    Anything that needs clarification?: Looks good to me
    Do you understand how the server works?: I do and am excited to try out the server!
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    posted a message on 1.4.6 Survival City/Fresh New Server
    IGN: Yandros
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    posted a message on [1.4.6] Restormel: Reborn [PVP, RPG, Factions, Economy, Quests, Dungeons, Conquest]
    1. Minecraft Username: Yandros
    2. Location and Age: 16 Eastern U.S.
    3. Referral: none
    4. Any previous bans? (If so, please explain): none
    5. How did you hear about us? Through your MC Forums post
    6: Reasons you should be accepted: I have experience with RPG and related servers, and can offer much to the community that you are building.
    7. Do you agree to our rules? I do
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