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    1. Minecraft username; Yadidle

    2. Skype (or alternative means of contact); Yadidle1 (Skype)

    3. Age; 18

    4. How often do you play Minecraft?; Been spending a lot of time on the Christmas Steam Sale games, having another go a MC. I haven't given it as much time as in the past.

    5. Why would you like to join?; I need some community if I play. Singleplayer is a bore because of this. I have a group of 4-8 guys I might bring over if this server is a hit, we'd love to construct a town.

    6. Name your strengths/skills on Minecraft?; I'm great at spelunking. I find it more enjoyable than grinding away in a mineshaft. I also enjoy the farming aspect of minecraft.

    7. On a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate your skill at building?; Eh, I have some aesthetics, but I'd rate myself a 6-7.

    8. Tell us about a Minecraft creation you've been proud of (it can be anything at all, no one is judging hurr); My steam friends used to run a private server, and we made a mineshaft the size of one minecraft chunk, and called it the lag hole. It was both impressive and hilarious at the same time, for we'd always punt each other into it.

    9. Is there anything on servers/Minecraft in general that really grinds your gears?; Non stop PVP.... man..... I really hate that.
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    Great idea. Fun so far!

    Slow start, but really fun once you get into it.
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    It's a single texture....

    If this is too much of a deal for some people, life is not going to be very easy on you....
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    posted a message on Minecraft's End (Doom to acheive its general purpose and failure for it's Iack of Ingenuity

    Wait for it....

    *hand raises*

    Oh here it comes!

    To my face!

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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    I would be a very happy man if this was implemented...
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    Quote from DragonHeroBlaze

    Hay blocks were a disappointment to me due to their lack of craftability back into wheat.

    You can't craft them back into wheat?

    Wow, I thought that was the whole idea. More support.
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    Eh, I've been playing this for awhile.... I see a lot of weird stuff.

    1. Farm animals finding their way into my home, cave, strip mine, everything....
    2. Endermen that act all cool, and then a good time later come after me like I killed their entire family...
    3. Skeletons picking up my gear after I die and coming after me with diamond enchanted armor and a diamond enchanted sword....
    4. Pigmen forming a vendetta on me just because a Ghast missed me and hit a big pack of them....
    5. Friendly Creepers that later turned on me for no reason.....

    Countless other things I could put.... Minecraft can be weird sometimes....
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    Option number C.
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    My crew and I were boating around on one of our multiplayer servers. It was highly populated, 100 some people on at a time. We were all laughing and having a good time...

    We came across a smaller island, and decided to check it out. On the island we found a small sign that was titled " Pen Island".

    We weren't sure what to think of it, until on of our guys stumbled into an underground chamber and found a giant shlong recreated in green wool.......

    Pen Island........ Ahahahahahahahahaha

    That has to be the best and strangest moment in my Minecraft multiplayer experience.
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    Quote from Firewaffle

    Sonic the hedgehog

    Nailed it.
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