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I sorta did this in interests I guess :P yay stuff! haha ^_^


I like programming things, figuring out how the work and then doing it on my own. I like the outdoors, but not with other people because excersize is meh. Pondering is fun. But nah, let's go with "musing". Musing is light and airy. Anime is cool, but don't get TOO obsessed. Gotta be a well-rounded nerd after all. Reading is also quite enjoyable (not that I read all day, that time's better spent wasting my life in front of a computer). Gotta get my lotr on, study up on my legendariums. See? Well-rounded. Also, go references. No references, no cake (see and that's a reference too! It's just, ah! So punny!). Oh and gg cats. They be awesome. And hey, I'm cool with dogs too they're awesome as well. Geeze people never believe me when I say I have one of both. But don't name your neko neko. Shiro went from best to worst paladin because of that (reference). Ok I've been educated by Trude's avatar. His Neko was named Kuro. My bad :P Hey, if you read this, good for you. Also, got any good guild names? ;)

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